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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Putting Together Your Coronavirus Road Trip Kit

While a lot of people won't be traveling at all right now, I know plenty are dying to get out of their house and just see something new. Road trips and RV rentals are popular right now, so let's talk about making it safe, because Coronavirus is still out there y'all. In addition to your regular road trip items, you're going to need a safety kit. 

You probably have a lot of these things already, and in your bag or your car, but just in case, let's go over the necessities. Being safe right now and not spreading Covid should be our number 1 priorities, no matter where we are. 


There are a lot places that have mandatory mask laws in place. Make sure you bring a handful for everyone. I am still doing my part for the environment, so I've invested in washable masks that I can put filters in (two coffee filters folded in half work just as well as a regular mask-grade filter). Eric and I probably have about 6-8 masks apiece, and I would bring all of those with me on a trip, so I always have a back-up, even when I am washing worn ones. *Also, remember that social distancing is still a thing even when wearing a mask. 

Antibacterial wipes 

I always keep some of these wipes from Savvy Travelers in my bag, but any wipes are good. I generally travel with a tub of Clorox Wipes. These can be used to wipe down your car interior and outside handles, ATM buttons, hotel bathrooms and remotes, rest area toilets, gas pumps, and also clean up spills. 

Hand sanitizer

I have a variety of sanitizers, including this fantastic spray sanitizer I picked up at Target from Olivia Care. Anytime we go anywhere and aren't going directly home, we spray both sides of our hands. I also spray anything I touch, so I'm not tracking germs places, like wearing gloves can do. Plus I'm not constantly throwing gloves away. Sanitizer is also great for when you go into a public restroom and there isn't any soap available.


When you're frequently using hand sanitizer and washing your hands a bunch, your hands are going to get super dry, so make sure to keep a good moisturizing lotion on hand. Maybe bring a couple, so you can keep one in the back seat area, so everyone has access. 

Toilet paper

You never know what might happen when you travel and finding that the rest area you just walked into is out of toilet paper is not a fun thing at all. Bring a few rolls for emergencies. Also, people touch toilet paper and other surfaces, so bringing your own just makes good sense right now.

Paper towels

You probably already keep a roll of these in your car. I do, because accidents happen. I've also been in a lot of public restrooms and rest area bathrooms that had no paper products of any kind. Having gross wet hands is not...great. And using your pants as a paper towel is garbage. We've all been there though. You probably want to keep one with you any time you get out of the car, so you don't have to touch suspect surfaces, like sink taps, bathroom doors, etc.

Not shown: 

Bottled water

I either bring a gallon or 2-liter bottle full of water. It can be used to clean up messes, to clean hands, for hydration (don't forget about your pup if they're along for the ride), and any number of other situations.

Seat covers

I hate public restrooms, and right now they are higher up on the list of danger zones than eating inside a restaurant. If you're worried about cleanliness, especially at rest areas, you might want to carry a pack of seat covers when none are available in the stall for you. I highly recommend FannyPac. They are affordable, large, and come in a small package, so they aren't going to take up much room. 

So, my suggestion for those of you heading out on the road is to have an in-car pack and a "go bag" for anytime you get out to use a restroom. That way you don't have to run in and scope things out before you decide if you need stuff or not, especially if you really gotta go. Be prepared, be safe, and have fun.

Will you be taking a road trip this summer?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

How I'm Spending My Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Today's a day I'm taking off to do some me things and also to do some good. With gatherings discouraged and Covid becoming more of a problem than not, we'll be staying home and doing some reflecting of what this day should mean.

If you're also looking for ways to finish out your weekend, I've got some ideas for you. Yesterday we spent some time watching Hamilton on Disney+ (I've been waiting for the perfect time to subscribe, and this was it). We had watched a bootleg recording right when the pandemic and stay-at-home started, which was actually very good, and I was glad I was able to see both, because I saw things in that recording than in this official recording, but this sound was much better and I could see facial expressions.

I'll also be watching some other things that feature POC and give me a bit of a history lesson (I say bit, because even large things in our history only seem to be a drop in the bucket). Some things you might want to view:
  • Just Mercy (iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, FandangoNow, OnDemand)
  • Selma (iTunes, FandangoNow)
  • Antwone Fisher (FandangoNow)
  • The Hate U Give (iTunes, Amazon Prime, FandangoNow)
  • Strong Island (Netflix, YouTube)

“We’ll never be free until we end slavery.” -Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton

I'll be donating more to Black Lives Matter and other social justice organizations. If you can, here are some to choose from:
If you don't have money to donate, you can still make a difference by playing games and streaming music. Check out the links on BLM Carrd.

I wanted to help the protesters and people who are fighting the best way they know how, so I donated money to Philando Castile's cousin who owns a vegan restaurant in Minneapolis and hands out free meals to protesters. VegNews has a great article and link to the restaurant where you can donate on Paypal. Make sure you send it as a gift, so he gets the full amount of your donation.

    We didn't forget about LGBT folx during Pride Month, plus we're always fighting for their equality as well. If you'd like to focus some of your money that way, here are some wonderful organizations:
    I encourage you to learn more Black and LGBTQ history, because we have been severely mislead by whitewashed and cis-gendered history books. I realized all my education ended in this manner "...and then the Civil Rights' movement happened and everyone was equal with voting rights, etc." or "...and then slavery ended!" Nobody thought to tell us all the gory details that happened after that, because racism and modern slavery are still being fought against. 

    If you have children, now's the perfect time to fill in some gaps of their education. Create a book "club" where you each buy a different book, read it and talk about it with your family/kids, then pass it on to another family, until you've read all the books, and you haven't spent a fortune on them. At the end, you can pass them on to others to spread the knowledge.

    I'd also like to end with this, because I'm hearing so many people crying about statues being pulled down, removed by the city, or vandalized. I never once learned anything from a statue that I remembered after I walked away. Also, books and museums exist for us to learn history. In fact, if these statues were removed and we replaced them with tiny historical libraries/museums, I think we'd learn a lot more. 

    I hope everyone had a great 4th and doing their best to stay happy and healthy. Remember, we're still in a pandemic. Wear a mask to keep others safe, wash your hands, and keep your parties small and physically distanced or online. We already have been banned from the UK and Europe, and several states have quarantine orders for visitors, so if you want to travel anytime soon, we need to do our best to get our numbers under control and prove that we care about everyone, not just that we can go eat in a restaurant.

    How are you spending your weekend?

    Wednesday, July 1, 2020

    What Travelers Are Doing In the Wake of Covid

    With news changing daily regarding Covid-19 and travel, I won't be traveling at all this year. As someone who loves to travel, you'd think this would be distressing to me, but I'm looking at it as an excuse to stay near home and enjoy all the outdoor things that Portland has to offer: food trucks, outdoor art, and green spaces (not hiking, because I am not a fan, but we have some great places to do that, too). 

    The European Union has banned American travelers now that they've reopened borders today. Canada will close its borders to us as well. Some states will require visitors from others to quarantine for 2 weeks. Some states are re-quarantining. Until we actually get the virus under control, we should be sticking closer to home or traveling to unpopulated places. Camping and RVing is becoming more popular right now, as have self-catered getaways. Here are some stats on what others are thinking about 2020 travel and Covid.

    infographic credit

    I've seen the new stat that only 44% of Americans are considering leisure travel in 2020, and over 70% of those traveling are planning to do so via road trip. 78% of travelers will limit their trip to 4 nights or less, and around half of them will be traveling for a family event, including holiday travel. 

    Please stay safe and don't forget to pack a selection of masks if you do travel, so you have ones when you're washing others to wear again. And don't forget to wash your hands, and then wash them again, and also wash them again.

    Have you planned or cancelled any travel for 2020?

    Saturday, June 27, 2020

    6 Reasons to Choose a Self-Catered Getaway

    This year is super weird, and a lot of us aren't going to be taking traditional vacation, because many states have seen huge upticks in Covid-19 cases, some states are imposing a two-week quarantine, and even if you can visit, there won't be anything to do, because most states aren't out of Phase 1 yet. Last week I talked about self-catered vacations, and we might take advantage of one as well. I love a vacation rental and I usually use Airbnb {<--use that link for $40 off!}. 

    There's a time and a place to opt for a hotel, but as a budget traveler, being able to save money on food and saving my sanity by not being in everyone's pocket 24/7 is very important. Here are my 6 reasons to choose a vacation rental.

    You get a kitchen

    This means you can cook your own meals! Now, keep in mind, I don't go on vacation to cook, especially since cool new foods are the best part of traveling to me. I do, however, hate getting up super early, so I tend to load up on breakfast foods. This allows me to spend a little more time in bed, plus I save money on morning dining. We usually spend at least one dinner in, either making something easy or eating leftovers, which we were able to bring back, because we have a fridge and an oven.

    In many rentals we've stayed in, they've also included grills, so we could BBQ if we wanted. This is great if you are traveling in the warmer months. If you travel with kids, having a place to prepare and store foods can be imperative for your sanity and saving money.

    You (generally) have a separate bedroom

    Listen, I don't need to have a different room with a bed, but it's nice. I'll settle for separate, defined spaces, just so I can get away from my travelmate(s) for a minute. I adore my husband, but we don't always want to be in each other's faces. A hotel room normally has a bed and one chair. If you're lucky, you get a tiny table or a desk. Even if you bring back leftovers, you can't really sit anywhere comfortable. If you have to do work or just want to play on your laptop, there's not a good place to do that either. 

    I don't always go to bed at the same time as people I travel with. It's nice to have a table where I can type away, a couch to relax on, a bed for sleeping purposes that doesn't also double as a terrible chair, or a room where I can just hang out alone in that isn't the bathroom. 

    You can choose your amenities

    I have a small list of must-haves when I travel: WiFi, TV, a shower (if I'm traveling to Europe where not all places have one), and laundry facilities. I get these things in a timeshare property, but I can also choose these things specifically when searching for a vacation rental. For example, we're going to Edinburgh and London in the fall and I want to pack light. Because of this, it's especially helpful to have access to a washer and dryer. I've had to go to the laundromat in the past and while it wasn't the most annoying thing, it cost quite a bit in London. 

    You can choose your price range

    Sure, you can do this with hotels, but for the same price, you can search for a vacation rental that is in a location desirable to you, plus includes all the amenities you hope to get in a place to stay. If you can get all this for the same price or a little more, you're still saving money on baggage fees, food, laundry, and possibly entertainment, because you have room to spread out and play games and/or watch movies.

    You can feel at home

    This is the number one reason I enjoy a vacation rental over a hotel. Feeling weirdly displaced when you travel is hard. I like to feel like my space has a home. I don't need a maid to come in and clean up after me every day. I want my space to feel cozy and comfy and lived in. I can make a rental feel like my home until I leave. I can spread out my stuff, not worry about anyone coming in to clean (where I have to clear up things before I leave each morning). 

    Having what equates to a small home or apartment makes me feel like I'm a traveler instead of a tourist. Like I'm living like a local. Some come with free parking, some are in buildings with extra security, some have pools or gyms. The best part is that if you don't want these things, you rent a different place and don't pay for them, unlike when you stay in a hotel that offers them for everyone.

    You have a true local on-call

    One thing you usually don't think about is having someone you can contact for an inside look at your destination. Yes, there's the front desk or concierge at a hotel, but when you rent from a local, it's easy to pick their brain to find out where they like to go and what they'd recommend seeing to an out-of-towner. They probably aren't rich and they certainly don't get kick-backs for pointing you in the direction of an activity or restaurant. Some live steps away or welcome calls/texts or leave detailed folders with all the cool stuff for you to peruse. I always get awesome suggestions this way. 

    So, while you may have to forgo much of your normal vacation activities, you can at least go out and take a city tour (walking or driving) and see the outside spaces and have food from new restaurants, even if it's just take-out or delivery. 

    Will you be taking a self-catered vacay this year? If so, where?

    Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    LGBT-Friendly Travel Brands for Your Next Vacay

    Happy Pride Month, you guys! I've been doing my best to be an ally and get some info out about great travel destinations, and now I'd love to talk about some awesome travel brands that have the LGBT community covered by contributing to great organizations, sponsoring Pride events, and making sure their companies are both inclusive and diverse, creating a safe space for all people, no matter their sexual orientation, identity, and gender. 

    photo credit
    This is by far not a complete list, but these are some of the most outstanding brands when it comes to inclusivity:


    From their inclusive television commercials to their destination overviews for gay and lesbian travels, they offer the chance to read up and then book right on the site.
    Need a one-stop shop for LGBT-friendly hotels, resorts, destinations and events? Orbitz offers up their own guides to make your vacation the best ever.


    A member of the IGLTA, an active member and contributor to LGBT nonprofits and community campaigns, airberlin takes pride in have a diverse and inclusive staff from over 60 countries.
    Pride flies nonstop with Alaska and they have a list of resources for great Pride celebrations in cities they fly in/out of, including an events calendar and special discounts. 
    American is one of my favorite airlines, but they are also a fantastic company on the inside. They the first airline to include sexual orientation (1993) and gender identity (2000) in its nondiscrimination policies for employees, it has criticized anti-gay legislation, and scored 100 on the Human Rights Campaign index.
    Pride Takes Flight Here at Delta and they offer plenty of resources for folx to find the perfect vacation destination for them and also tout their employee equality culture and denounce anti-gay legislation and discrimination.
    The first airline to allow same-sex couples to accrue airline points together also supports amazing non-profits like the Trevor Project, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, and sponsored the Pride events their HQ of Long Beach, CA.
    Southwest is the official airline of several LGBT organizations, including GLAAD. Their tagline is "we support the LGBTQ Community, because we are the LGBTQ Community." Learn more on their LGBTQ Outreach page. 
    The only other airline to earn a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign index, United is a gold partner of IGLTA and airline partner for the Gay Games of Cleveland.
    The entire Virgin brand is headed by Richard Branson, a proud and loud ally. They are an official sponsor of San Francisco Pride.


    I love a good vacation rental, and I'm a big fan of Airbnb. They have Project Lighthouse to uncover and overcome discrimination throughout their community and rentals. They also offer lots of experiences for LGBT folx.
    Caesars Entertainment Corp.
    Not only do they partner with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and IGLTA, but they also have scored 100 on the Corporate Equality Index many years in a row and even have their own microsite for their LGBT travelers. 
    Choice Hotels
    In 2019 Choice Hotels was named "Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality" for 9th consecutive year. With another perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index, they have a long list of resources for employees, including Choice PRIDE that aims help create and maintain a supportive work environment.
    Commune Hotels
    Commune has a brand called Joie de Vive that has sponsored the San Francisco Pride celebration for many years, their Thompson Hotels on the east coast offers specials for NYC's Pride celebration. Both brands are TAG-approved, an LGBTQ-owned and operated Travel Advocacy Group.
    Hilton Hotels
    Stay Hilton. Go Out. Like several other companies, Hilton received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and is a platinum partner of the IGLTA and an official partner of the Washington, DC Pride parade and GLAAD media awards. Check out their Hilton Pride microsite.
    Hyatt Hotels
    Not only does Hyatt celebrate equality, but they have a Facebook page dedicated to it entitled HyPride, that promotes their HyPride program and their LGBT initiatives.
    IHG Hotels (Intercontinental Hotel Group)
    While fighting for marriage equality and and against anti-gay legislature, IHG joined the Human Rights Campaign in their efforts for LGBTQ rights, and has sponsored Atlanta's Pride festival since 2011 (as that is where their headquarters are located).
    Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group
    The first hotel to sign on as the first national hotel sponsor for the Trevor Project, is also a member of IGLTA and is TAG-approved. All of their employees are given yearly trainig on how to make their hotels more gay-friendly and accepting.
    Marriott International
    In my photo above, I'm wearing one of Marriott's #LoveTravels shirts. I saw my friend Troy wearing one (Troy writes for a lot of travel sites and also runs The Gay Traveler, where he specializes in LGBT travel) in an Instagram post and I asked about it. He was kind enough to send me an extra. Not surprisingly, Marriott also received a 100 score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. You can read more about #LoveTravels here.
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts
    Starwood's W Hotels were the first to offer same-sex marriage packages in New York, but also frequently support Pride events and LGBT organizations around the globe.
    The vacation rental booking site is owned by Expedia.

    I saw these Portland Trailblazer shirts at a Pride event several years ago and went home and immediately ordered 2.


    You can Ride with Pride with Amtrak and they also want to help you Ride to Pride, by showing you all the great destinations with awesome Pride events that are worth traveling for. They even provide a great link for more LGBT education.
    Carnival Cruises
    Carnival Cruiselines strives to treat everyone equally and extend the FUN to every single cruiser. The earned a perfect score in the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index and participate and sponsor both the Seattle Pride Parade and Southampton Pride.
    Lyft does their best to support and employ the LGBT community. With equality in the workplace, they also contribute money to important organizations like StoryCorps' Stonewall OutLoud campgain and the ACLU, and they put their commitments out there with upLyftOut.
    Not only do they get you to all the Pride events safely, they also sponsor Pride events in major cities in the US.

    I hope you're all having a wonderful June and Pride Month, even if festivities are postponed this year. Just remember, Pride isn't cancelled, and you can find ways to support the community and also celebrate safely. And if you want to plan your trips beyond how to get there and where to stay, check out this list from journey of 12 LGBT+ monuments celebrating history. 

    What are your favorite LGBT-friendly travel brands?

    Saturday, June 20, 2020

    Planning a Coronavirus Summer Staycation

    Well, ya'll. It looked for a minute that we might be getting close to being able to travel this summer, and if you're into outdoors and hiking, then you might be interested in road tripping to less populated places like National and State Parks. For the rest of us, who want to travel, but are also seeing worrying spikes in destinations we want to travel to, and know that most borders are closed to us, here's what we can do close to home.

    Head to the beach/lake

    While we can't go on our annual Vegas t
    rip this summer, we have been thinking about what we can do close to home. Many beaches and lakes are great alternatives, because there are much fewer people, especially during the middle of the week. You're able to social distance while still getting away from home and soaking up some sun. I'd definitely try to keep away from the popular areas, just to stay on the safe side, but being outside is really helpful, too. 

    Take a self-catered break

    If you don't mind making your own food and your own entertainment, then this might be the way to go. Since many things are not open, or aren't safe to do, your vacation is going to feel a lot different. By staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel, you'll get a nice change of scenery without being around a ton of other people. Bring your own cleaning products to sanitize throughout your stay. A lot of travelers are going this route right now, just to get away from home and relax and recharge.

    Create an outdoor oasis

    Take a portion of your vacation budget and invest in making your backyard, porch or balcony a space you want to hang out in and enjoy. Whether that means new furniture, a firepit, a movie screen, cool lighting, or an above-ground pool. Make it a space you are excited to hang out in, and then order some delivery food and it'll be super relaxing and also can get your kids out of the house and off their video games. get some backyard games out there and you've got the makings of a summer full of awesome family memories.

    Participate in Zoom activities

    Whether you want to learn a new activity like cooking, get fit, or mix and drink and participate in pub trivia, there's so much available through Zoom right now. We host a weekly brunch for a group of friends, just so amid the monotony of working from home and getting grocery deliveries there is at least one thing that's fun to look forward to. Often we choose a theme and we dress up or find an appropriate background, then we share what we made four our meals and just chat for an hour or so. 

    Have a small "Quarantine" party

    Last weekend was my husband's birthday, which he was sure was going to be lame, but I wanted to make it special. Usually we do something fun, like have people over for a party or go to an escape room and out to eat. I was seeing a lot of people doing drive by parties and graduations, and people bemoaning not getting to travel, so I came up with a travel party. I purchased some props, including an airplane backdrop, decorated our front yard/house, set up a snack and drink cart and then made some antipasto skewers and two different kinds of sliders that I wrapped up in tin foil and served in to-go containers with a Biscoff cupcake (like the cookies you get on the plane). 

    I told everyone we would be wearing masks and social distancing. When people arrived, they got their picture taken "in the plane" and were served food and they could either leave or hang out on the lawn for a while. Souvenirs were available (we gave out sleep masks and passport stamp books) as a thank you for coming to celebrate. We had about 14 people rotate by, and it was really fun and safe. 

    Tips for your party: Keep it short and manage expectations. I let people know that we'd be out between 12 and 3 and they could come by anytime during those hours, say hello, get some food in a to-go container, and have a little fun. Keep it outside and let people know that social distancing will be observed. By letting them know this and to-go containers will be available, it lets people know that you won't be letting people in the house if at all possible.

    Sightsee in your own city/state

    I bet there are a lot of outdoor things in your city you haven't seen yet. Beautiful parks you haven't visited. Street art you didn't know was there. History you haven't absorbed. One of my favorite ways to see the city is through a virtual scavenger hunt. You download to your phone, solve puzzles to get clues to the next spot, and learn about spots you've never even seen. Do some research or ask friends for suggestions on what to see near you, charge your phone, gas up your car and go check it out. I mean, I walked around my neighborhood to find joy, you can do that, too.

    What are your plans for summer vacation?

    Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    Doing the 30-Day Challenge to Get More Site Traffic

    This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Traffic Secrets”. The opinions expressed below are my own.

    I've been blogging for nearly 10 years (on Shereen Travels Cheap - I have had blogs before this one) and gaining traffic has always been a big challenge for me. I have been wanting a tried and true way to increase my traffic, and the 30-day challenge of Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers 

    Russell Brunson is the author and CEO of software company ClickFunnels that has made hundreds of millions of dollars to date. By using tried-and-true methods that work on and off the internet, he and his partner, Todd Dickerson, have amassed a following of over a million entrepreneurs, so if it can work for them, why can't it work for my little blog? The purpose of this book is to show how sales funnels can keep customers buying more, whether you have a book of your own, software, a product, or a service. 

    Traffic Secrets walks you through what to do every day for 30 days in order to connect with your Dream 100, gain more subscribers, own your list, and get those on the list to buy from you; hopefully, more than once.

    I have tried other methods, half given to me during webinars that then ask for an outrageous amount of money at the end for the "true step-by-step", but Russell Brunson gives you every step you need in this book, plus you can get the other two books in this series for just the amount of shipping, if you want to become an expert in sales funnels. 

    In just the first half of the book, I learned to identify people I want to be connected to, work with, and hopefully even get them to promote me. It's called the Dream 100. Basically, you make a list of your dream customers, who you then try to develop a relationship with before you ever sell yourself (or your product) to them. 

    By leveraging Facebook groups and other social media platforms, and then signing  up for newsletters, and reading blog posts that your Dream 100 may have written, you get to know them and their product, so you can know how they can help you and you can also help them. You want to create a symbiotic relationship that's beneficial to both of you, and then you do that over and over again before you start to market to them. 
    So, it can be a lot of work, since much of your "homework" is actually research, but it also helps you network and learn more about yourself in the process, giving you the tools to implement these lessons with every product you have, no matter how the internet or social media changes. This is what everyone wants: an evergreen system that helps them gain customers, the right customers, no matter what they're selling.

    I'm about 2/3 of the way through the challenge and am finding so many good ideas that I never even thought of trying for gaining readers. While I've made connections with other bloggers, I've not gone through to make a list of ones I want to emulate or connect with on a higher level. I've also not utilized Facebook groups in the way I should, because I always put it off due to not having enough time. Apparently, I'm wasting my time consuming social media instead of producing social media.

    At first, I found this offensive, but the more I thought about it, I realized that it made sense when you think about your name being out there more often. Stop scrolling endlessly through Instagram and post more to Instagram. Stop engaging on so many other posts, when you can be more engaging and thoughtful on fewer posts. I think that makes a lot of sense when you really dig in.

    I will be making more time in my schedule to go back and do some of these steps more thoroughly, because I think that's important, especially when I'm given every tool I need and just need to do my part of it. Seeing how this has worked for so many others, it will definitely be helpful to have put in all the effort when I really need it, and also when I start doing the same for a company I work for. I feel more empowered and armed with a lot more useful knowledge, thanks to Traffic Secrets.

    I can't wait to get through the last third of the book and learn every secret. You can follow along with my 30-day challenge on Twitter. You can also get your free copy of Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, you just pay shipping costs and then you're on your way.

    What are some of your biggest struggles in gaining traffic to your website or your product page?

    This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Traffic Secrets”. The opinions expressed above are my own.

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    How To Choose Who To Go Travelling With

    If you’re spending quarantine planning your next big adventure, whether a road trip or a luxury hotel visit, you might be wondering who to take with you. Travel can be a test of a friendship or a relationship, and no matter how well you get on with someone at home, that can all change when you’re sharing a hotel room. Here’s to choose the right travel companion. 

    Image - free for commercial use

    Choose Someone With Common Interests

    If your idea of a good vacation is exploring the local area and checking out museums, you need a travel buddy who enjoys the same things. If your vacation companion would rather stretch out by the pool all day, you’re likely to have arguments about what to do, and end up getting on each other’s nerves. 

    Choose someone who enjoys the same things as you, or at least someone you are happy to compromise with and take it in turns to choose different activities. Before you agree to go away with someone, check out some travel advice for the area you’re thinking about visiting and make sure there’s something for both of you there. 

    Discuss Your Budget

    Everyone has different ideas about what is reasonable to spend while you’re on a vacation, and it’s important to discuss the limits before you go. If you have more disposable income than your friend and like to treat yourself to expensive dinners and cocktails while you’re away, you’re going to fall out with a travel buddy on a tighter budget who prefers to seek out a bargain meal. Have a chat about budget first and agree on what you’re willing to spend when you’re out together. You can always take yourself out without them if you’re looking for a pricier treat. 

    Match Your Personalities

    The fastest way to fall out is to head off on vacation with someone too different from yourself. If you like to plan everything in minute detail, you’ll definitely end up annoying a free-wheeling friend who prefers to just head out and see where the day takes them. Make sure you choose travel companion who you have lots in common with, feel comfortable with, and are able to talk to for hours a day without running out of things to say. 

    If you go with someone who has a similar personality to you, you’re more likely to agree on what you want to do, where you want to go, and be able to spend all that time together without finding one another irritating. 

    Avoid going away with anyone who is too opposite to you. At home, their zen-like approach to life might be a great counter-balance to your talkative, excitable nature, but if you’re together for an extended period without a break, these differences of personality can easily lead to clashes. 

    Choosing the right person to travel with is important if you want to have a good time together and still be the same good friends when you come home. Much like living together, enjoying each other’s company socially is not a guarantee of success. 
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