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Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Los Angeles Wish List

For the second time in a year, my vacation plans have taken a turn and I'm finding myself having to go with a back-up plan. Family things have me not being able to visit Las Vegas next month as planned, but Eric is still going and I'm changing my own plans to visit Los Angeles in August instead. I've been working on a Los Angeles wish list for a future trip and now I might be able to make a bit of a dent in it.

I had planned a solo trip to Disneyland, which I wouldn't have been unhappy about, because how can you be sad at all at Disneyland? A friend of mine has never been to Disneyland and was able to get a few days off from work, so I get to show her the magic. I find that very exciting. Here are some of my plans in addition to the Mickey and Universal Studios (Wizarding World, here I come!).

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Paramount Coffee Project

You know I can't go anywhere without trying some awesome coffee. I have been researching shops near where we'll be in downtown LA and this shop seems to fit the bill for having excellent coffee, a cool atmosphere and lovely staff.

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OUE Skyspace LA

I love a place that has amazing views of the city. I've been hoping to visit Skyspace since it opened. It has sweeping views and for an extra fee, you can slide down a glass slide on the side of the building. Awesome, right?

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Gallery 1988

I took to Facebook to ask my readers and also my local friends about unique things to see and do in LA. Gallery 1988 was suggested to me and I was immediately drawn to it. Not only is it free (yay!), but it appears to be a fantastic pop culture museum with advertising and more. My friend is an amazing artist and I think this will be a great treat for both of us. 

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The Last Bookstore

If you love books, then surely you've seen the walk-throughs of this very unique book store. It has tunnels and caves and archways made of books. It has several stories and tons of books for sale. It's basically just a nifty way to see the love of books in a somewhat museum-like atmosphere.

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Clifton's Republic

This is another recommendation from a friend. This is a restaurant that serves for cafeteria style, but has trees and taxidermy animals inside, making it appear you're in a posh forest. The prices are affordable and the reviews of the food and drinks are fairly high. 

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Snow White Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall eatery was another recommendation. It's a diner with diner food, but it's supposed to be delicious, plus it's a local hangout for the old Disney crowd. It gets its name from the mural above the door that was painted by the artist that worked on the original cartoon.

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Old LA Zoo

Years and years ago the Los Angeles Zoo moved, but the cages and enclosures were abandoned. The animals have long since left, but you can now wander the zoo and view graffiti-ed walls and nature, as the space has now been turned into a park, with hiking trails and picnic tables. It also looks like we can walk to the Hollywood sign from there.

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Cauldron Ice Cream

So, this is technically not in LA or Anaheim, but in between in Artesia. I've been following Cauldron on Instagram. Their rose ice creams and puffle cones are drool-inducing and I've been hoping to go there for quite some time. This might be the trip for a s'mores ice cream in a puffed waffle cone  or something with cereal on it. 

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Rubies + Diamonds Coffee

Another coffee shop I found that sounds like a must-visit. They have chandeliers and yummy sounding brews, is located near things I've got on my list and has scrumptious food, too.

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Trader Sam's

I'm a lover of tiki bars, and I've meant to hit up this bar at the Disneyland Hotel for years. Eric doesn't drink, so going and just sitting there for a evening beverage and drinking alone seemed a bit sad. Now I'll have someone to enjoy a drink with me. The menu is full of Disney names, like the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Punch. I'll drink to that

So, those are the things I have on my list right now. We'll see how many we can get to outside of Disneyland and Universal. If nothing else, I'll be brandishing my wand for a few spells in Hogsmeade and outside of the Wizarding World. Accio, fun trip!

What do you think? Are there other things I should add to my trip or do you have suggestions on must-dos for a first-timer (adult) to Disneyland?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Your Daily Goodie Box

You may already subscribe to a few monthly boxes, maybe for your favorite fandom, clothes, beauty products or almost anything else. Health and food boxes seem a bit harder to find, and it's nearly impossible to find a free one. Usually, to get a free box of goodies, you have to fill out a bunch of different forms online and get everything one by one. Not with Daily Goodie Box.

Daily Goodie Box. It's more than just Free Samples! 

Unfortunately, you can't just sign up for DGB and get a box right away. Pretty much you sign up, cross your fingers and then get an email when you're eligible. This is my second one and it is packed full of small and full-size samples for me to try.  I love finding new products that I can use at home, but I also love to get sample sizes that I can take with me on vacation, because it helps me pack light.

Each box is a pretty good size and packed to the brim with things you probably have never heard of. I was especially excited about this one, because it was going to feature Yumbutter's new flavor: chocolate espresso. 

This box had a theme throughout: Organic. From this organic blister balm, to organic mouthwash, to organic peanut butter spread. You name it, this runs the gamut. There were even three coffee pods for my Keurig, which I happily used immediately. 

Each box comes with an average of 10 items. All that's asked of the receiver is to try the items, log back into your DGB account and review them, good or bad. My box also came with a men's spray scent, like AXE, which I hated and it leaked in transit. I promptly dumped it in the trash, but everything else was interesting and things I'd happily try.

My last box came with a different sleep aid, and this one also came with one. I've not had any sleep issues lately, so I haven't tried it yet, but these little samples of night creams from Goddess Garden are lovely. Although the Yumbutter is very dry, as was the original peanut butter I tried from them, the flavors really combine well and I'll be trying it in a protein shake. It might also work really well with a complementary jam in a sandwich or in cookies!

I'm pretty excited to see if the EssentialOxygen toothpaste and brushing rinse whitens my teeth. It is fluoride and alcohol-free, contains no gluten, is vegan, not tested on animals and a woman-owned buisness. It contains a bunch of fresh, organic ingredients: mint, aloe, lemon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon. Sounds delicious to me!

Not only do you get a load of cool items, you also get a few coupons thrown in and cards that tell you all about your new samples.

You don't have anything to lose and only free products to gain, go sign up for Daily Goodie Box and wait for awesome stuff to show up at your door. Now, there's no guarantee that you'll get a box, because of limited quantities, but if you do, try your products as quickly as possible so you can give your feedback. This feedback is shared with the companies that are sharing their products with DGB (and you). Like me, you may find some new favorite things, for travel or otherwise.

What's the best free trial product you've ever received?

Like what Daily Goodie Box is doing? Find them on their website and on social media:

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Daily Goodie Box for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

If you're interested in any of the items in June's box, here is a link to each item: 

Prince & Spring -  Organic Coffee Pods

Goddess Garden - Daily Facial Routine 

Van Holten's - Pickle-Ice

Volo Vitamins - Energy Stickpacks 

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