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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free and Cool Las Vegas - Part 1

It appears that Las Vegas during the summer is now the norm for us. Last year we made the trip in June to visit family and this year we made it July to catch the NBA Summer League games (and also visit family while we were there). I can't say the weather is all that lovely in the summer. 110 is not particularly enjoyable, but luckily most of the things we do are inside. This trip I did quite a few free activities on my own while Eric and his friend Alex spent the day watching basketball. I had already done two full days and was ready to do some Vegas stuff. We also got off The Strip for some meals and other stuff.

Now, you know I like to do as much interesting free stuff as I can in order to offset the prices of paid things and dining, which can really add up quickly in a place like Vegas. We are also lucky to have family that works at the MGM resorts, so we can get discounted shows and attractions when we go too. You can get some of these same deals if you know where to look.

Awesome Free Stuff
Believe it or not, there are quite a few free things in Vegas to keep your attention for at least a full day and evening. A lot of the old freebies are gone, like the MGM lions (sadness), Rio's Carnival in the Sky (more sadness) and Treasure Island's Sirens of TI (good riddance to that), but there are plenty left. Here are some of my favorites:

Bellagio – I think you can get the best bang for your non-existent buck here. You can spend a lot of time not spending a dime, though at some point you probably will want to eat. Window shop at the upscale fashion shops at the Via Bellagio corridor that leads to Caesar's Palace. This is where you'll find stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada. It's worth taking a stroll along this stretch of the resort just for the window displays and the wall and ceiling decor. All day you can watch runway videos from Chanel fashion shows, giving you a front row seat at some of the most prestigious shows in the world. 

Head to the lobby and take in the amazing Chihuly floral sculpture that spans the majority of the ceiling. There are also some beautiful fountains and other sculptures to check out before you enter the conservatory and botanical garden. The greenhouse ceiling is amazing and the theme of the conservatory changes with the season and holidays, so it's always different when you visit. When I visited, it was adorned with giant garden tools, snails and frogs made of flowers and tons of sunflowers. There are also ponds filled with koi and live entertainment throughout the day. The great thing about the conservatory is that it is open 24-hours a day, so if you feel like looking at plants and fish and birds (did I mention there's an aviary with adorable finches?) at two in the morning, you can!

Beyond the conservatory, you'll find some specialty shops and Jean-Phillipe Patisserie. It sells delicious coffee drinks, hand-made pastries, crepes, sandwiches, wraps and salads. The focal points of Jean-Phillipe are the breathtaking wedding cakes on display and the World's Largest (and most interesting) Chocolate Fountain. Though not cheap, this is a nice place to order lunch and then sit overlooking one of the hotel's pools.

Obviously, there are other shops that are reasonably priced and at night, you can watch the dancing fountains. if it's too hot (and crowded) to go stand outside to watch, head up to the shops that overlook the water and you can get a great view from above and also hear the music, with the benefit of air conditioning.

Caesar's Palace – this was another on-my-own activity. After the Bellagio, I meandered over the Caesar's to wander the Forum Shops and watch the Fall of Atlantis. It's a free animatronic show that plays every hour throughout the day. I won't say it's phenomenal, but there's water and fire and thunder and it's a fun way to waste 10 minutes in between shopping, because one can only peruse H&M's three levels of chaos before you have to get out. 

If you don't mind waiting around for ten minutes near the Fountain of the Gods, then you'll get a decent spot and can listen as everyone else freaks out that they won't be able to see or that someone is standing in front of them. It's all above your head anyway and if you miss it, you can come back in an hour. For watching a free thing, I was quite amused by everyone's grumblings.

Of course some of the best freebies at Caesar's are decor-related. Go outside and check out the amazing fountains, columns and statues then go inside and look up as you walk around. It's truly the details that make the experience. They have named their concert venue The Colosseum. While you can't go inside to see what it looks like, the outside is all Roman architecture. It's pretty awesome.

Once you've saved your money by doing the free stuff and shopping the sales (that's what I did), splurge on a fabulous lunch at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. Choose from traditional British dishes with a fun twist. Eric declared his Coronation chicken "worth $17", which tells you something, because I don't think he's ever said that about anything he's ever gotten anywhere. You're obviously paying for the name, and nothing is spared on the decor either, but the portions are large and you don't leave hungry. In fact, we both finished our meals and were a little disappointed we couldn't add an order of sticky toffee pudding to our bill.

The Flamingo – As many times as I've been to Las Vegas, I don't remember ever going to the Flamingo. The whole place is packed with slot machines, which is awesome if you like to gamble. They also have several affordable restaurants including Carlos 'n Charlie's. Right across from the food court and next to the bar are the doors that lead out to the Wildlife Habitat. It's open 24-hours a day, but it's best to visit during the day, so you have a better view of the resort's flamingos, ducks, swans and other animals and can witness one of the two live feedings. You'll also see a lovely waterfall and flamingo fountain among the shaded walking paths and bridges.

Obviously, there's more to do for free in Vegas, but we'll get to that next time. What are your favorite things to do in Sin City?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: EXO 2.0 Hardside Spinner Carry-on from eBags

If you’re a chronic overpacker, then you’ve had the experience of wrestling your bag into the overhead compartment only to realize its bulging makes it impossible to shove it in and sit down. While everyone is giving you the stink eye for taking up space in the aisle to drag it back down to unpack the outside compartments, you vow to never pack too much again…you know, until it happens again. As much as I love those outside pockets on my carry-on bags, it can be too tempting to stuff them full of things that didn’t necessarily fit inside. Then I get the angry look from both my husband and other passengers, so it only happened twice before I stopped doing that.

Does your carry-on take you sitting on it to get it closed, even when it’s expanded? Then maybe you need to try a hard-sided case. The EXO 2.0 from eBags is fantastic. It has all the inside features you want along with all the necessary outside requirements with the exception of extra compartments and an expansion zipper. Think you can’t get everything you need into this bag? Think again.

I put together all the clothing I would need for my trip to the East Coast this fall and decided to find out if I could get it all in the EXO 2.0 Hardside Spinner. Believe it or not, everything fit, including two packable rain jackets, sandals, a large travel towel and toiletry bag. Above you’ll see both my travel wardrobe and my husband’s laid out. Because the weather is going to be both warm during the day and cold in the evenings, I needed to pack both pants and shorts, so this was an especially challenging packing job, with layering being necessary for both ends of the weather spectrum.

Eric’s clothes take up more room than mine, which is fine, since I can normally pack his and then fit mine in the nooks and crannies left. It’s nice to be able to organize your clothing though and be able to open your bag and immediately find what you need, even if you’re just totally unpacking when you get to your destination. This carry-on is perfect for you if you like this as well. There is an adjustable divider/shelf on the one side that can be moved into a variety of positions to separate your items. In my case, I used it to put Eric’s heavier clothes on the bottom and my lighter ones on top. As you can see, it’s easy to see whose clothes are where, as the divider fits perfectly, plus it’s very sturdy, so if you haven’t packed your bag totally full, even when things are jostling around a bit, your belongings stay on the right side.

Compress your clothing to make sure it all fits snugly by using the innovative six-point adjustable tie straps. They seem to work better at evenly compressing your clothes and eliminating that wrinkle you might get with the traditional tie-down straps in regular luggage. This means you don’t get that side crevice either, giving you the illusion that you can (should?) actually pack more.

The other side of bag has a great mesh zippered compartment, so you can see the contents easily. I always use this side for sandals, flip flops, undergarments, socks and swimsuits. I found that it had more room than the usual mesh compartment, so I was also able to pack it in such a way that my toiletry bag fit inside and also my travel towel and waterproof phone case (for when I go to the beach or pool).

I’d also like to take a second to address the fact that the inside of this bag isn’t black, so it’s not like packing your clothes inside a cave. The light reflects off the inside fabric instead of sucking it all in and making it impossible to differentiate between articles when the room isn’t all that bright to begin with.

Though it might seem pretty straightforward, the outside of the bag is just as awesome as the inside. You have eight large and incredibly sturdy spinner wheels on the bottom, giving you an amazing rolling experience on all types of surfaces, including being able to glide your bag down the squishy airplane aisle without banging into everyone’s shoulders and/or knees like when you have to hug your regular rolling bag to your chest, because it only wheels one way. As much as I would like to be strong enough to carry it over my head, I’m not, and I’m sure that would create different sort of issues.

Have you heard of those people who’ve been robbed out of their carry-on while it was in the overhead and they were sitting four feet away? If not, apparently this has become a problem on some flights, because people never know whose carry-on is whose and nobody suspects someone is going to try to sneak things out of other peoples’ bags on a plane full of people. I’ve never been the victim of this, but if you’re worried, this bag has your back. You can lock the zippers without making the TSA mad. Anyone can take a set of clippers to a zip-tie, and they are only one-use. The cross-over X zipper pulls lock easily and restrict access with a number lock. TSA can get in quickly with a universal key, but the lock is found on the side in the middle, so someone would have to pull your bag almost all the way out of the overhead to even try to open it and steal your stuff. Foiled!

And while we’re talking about the zipper, let me point out the fact that it is self-healing, in case someone attempts to break it open with a pen – because that’s how some thieves do things. You don’t have to cry and buy a new bag. Just run the zipper back over the broken part and then watch it repair itself when you re-zip it. eBags has used the strongest zipper available, so even if you pack it a little too full, you won’t ruin it by pulling on the zipper a little too aggressively.

There are two heavy-duty handles on the outside – one on top and one on the side – making it easy to carry up and down stairs, get it into the overhead on the plane and also get it in and out of the trunk. On the side that doesn’t have a handle, you’ll find four recessed feet, so you aren’t putting your bag directly on the floor and possibly damaging the polycarbonate shell (though the pattern on it also reduces the chance of you scuffing up the outside and making it look super-used).

Are you tall or short and travel with someone who is the opposite, or at least a noticeable enough difference that when you drag a bag behind you the handle may not work right for one of you? This can be a problem for us. The EXO 2.0 adjusts to three different heights, so everyone can pull it comfortably.

And can we talk about the colors? I picked this bright yellow and I love it. It is easy to see, no one will mistake it for their bag, even on the baggage carousel, and it makes you excited to pack. Black, blue and red bags are becoming the norm. Don’t you want one that stands out and makes you happy? I sure do. This bag fits all my criteria. I even like the giant eBags logo on the back, because when people like something, they always want to know where you go it. Now they don’t have to chase you down the terminal to ask you. If only more bags had bigger logos that won’t catch on things and then fall off after your third trip with it.

More information
Size: 21.75" x 14" x 9" | 7 lbs, 3 oz
Colors it comes in: Black | Blue | Yellow (shown) | Crushed Graphite | Celestial Bronze | Grey | Purple
How much is it?: $149.99
Where you can buy it: eBags website or Amazon  The 2.0 is no longer available, but the 3.0 is an upgrade and cheaper at $132.99 or less - Purchase on ebags website or Amazon
Other specs: 100% pure polycarbonate shell

Like eBags? You can also find them on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Right now is the perfect time to buy the EXO 2.0, because Ebates is running a great deal:
Save an extra 10% off + free shipping + 12% cash back (that's 2x the usual!). If you haven't signed up for Ebates, do it now quickly and easily and start saving big!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the EXO 2.0 Hardside Spinner Carry-on for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why I Love the Farmers' Market

Fresh fruits and vegetables are awesome, aren't they? I totally think so. I also think being able to get local produce is pretty awesome and there's no better place to get such things than at a farmers' market. We make a point to hit up markets wherever we are if we can. Sometimes, they are just cute little roadside markets that sell yummy things, but often there are many merchants gathered with their goodies in a formal market. Some are open everyday and some only sell on certain days. Our local farmers' market, which we are lucky to be very close to, is open only on Saturdays and then on Wednesday evenings during the summer. A lot of markets we've been to have limited days like this, but they are worth the effort if you can go to them.

Try new foods
I'm all for trying new foods. How else will you know if you like something? This is the next best thing to picking it yourself. It's super fresh and probably a better deal than getting it at the supermarket. Likely, it doesn't have pesticides on it either. Produce I buy at the farmers' market always tastes better than the same things I buy at the store, which is why I frequent ours two or more times a month. Local foods are a great way to learn about a place, too. Have you ever tried dragonfruit or fresh papaya? I have, in Hawaii!

Buy staples for meals
You're staying in a vacation rental, right? Of course you are, because you like having more room and saving money. Well, that means you have a kitchen and can make your own dishes. If it works out, head to the market near the beginning of your trip and then you have fresh veggies, spices and herbs to make dishes with. Woo! Not sure if you can make entire meals with what you find? You can, and soon I can show you as I'm currently working on a travel cookbook. It'll be full of recipes on things to make before your trip and while you're on it.

Pick up fixings for a picnic
Travel during warm weather deserves to be celebrated with a picnic! If you can't find bread, cheese and meats to make sandwiches with, I'd be really surprised. Grab a bunch of carrots or other favorite veggie to have on the side. Delicious! 

Find food products you can take/ship home
You know those fancy jams, pastas, dried fruits, candies and stuff people always bring home with them? You can do it, too. Sure, you can buy them in specialty shops, but at the markets they are normally all in one place and you can sample them to know what you actually like. If the items are liquidy, like jam or wine, put them in your bag and check it back home, unless it's cheaper to mail them back, then do that. It'll be like Christmas after you get home.

Food trucks
This might not be the norm, though I've seen food trucks and carts more often than not at outdoor markets. Ours has a few and also a coffee truck, which makes morning so much better when you're up early enough to find a parking space (people here really like the market) and aren't totally awake enough to drag around your heavy bag of freshness.

Meet with the locals
Engaging with the locals is a fantastic way to learn more about your destination. You can ask them questions about good places to eat (when you aren't making your own food) and cool places to visit. You may even make a new friend. If you're in a place that speaks a different language, this is a great way to practice, too.

Support the economy
Supporting the local economy is important. Even better than shopping small businesses is giving money directly to the growers and makers of things. You purposely chose your destination for a reason, so maybe spend more time going to local shops and restaurants than chains and you'll be doing your part as a good tourist.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Save Money on a Waterfront Vacation

You may be thinking about going on a beach vacation this summer, but many other travelers are planning the same thing. Do you really want to try to relax on the beach by elbowing your way through the crowds to find a space big enough just for your beach blanket? That doesn't seem very relaxing or fun. Avoid the crowded coastline and still get a beachfront vacation by heading toward the lake. You can do a lot of the same activities as you could at a traditional beach, but usually it is cheaper and much less crowded, so you can really relax.

Find A Quiet Lake Cabin
People can visit brokenbowlakecabins.com to learn more about having a quiet vacation, or they can visit a similar place for relaxation. There are many ways to take a vacation, but the family that needs a rest should invest in a quiet lake cabin that is going to provide them with all of the amenities that will make the trip enjoyable. A quiet lake vacation can be just the thing that helps them rest and recharge.

More Room
The space in the cabin can be organized in a number of ways. Travelers can set up everyone in the rooms any way they want. The kids can stay up in a loft and the parents can rest in a quiet room on the first floor. The fireplace can run every night and they can relax on the couches while they watch a little TV. Your family may also want to rest out on the porch by the lake to get a little bit of the fresh lake air.

The Lake
Your travel group can take a small boat onto the lake, or can make your way onto the dock to simply relax. Many of these cabins have private piers to give you a little place where you can relax on the water. The cabins may have a boat, or vacationers can bring their own boat to go out on the lake. 

The Amenities
These cabins come with washers and dryers so your family can wash their clothes when they are on a long vacation. The kitchen has all the appliances that are necessary for cooking full meals, and it is easy for you to wash dishes after a huge party.

These cabins are designed to keep your family in as much quiet as possible. They are lined up on the lake with other cabins, and your family may make friends in the cabins next door. The families around the area are also looking for quiet, and everyone can relax together after they have gotten away from home. Families will be recharged once they return from these amazing vacations.

What are some of your favorite ways to get away from it all when it's crazy crowded at the traditional summer spots?

Disclosure: This is sponsored post, but tips and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fun Ways to Entertain Yourself on the Plane

Trapped on a an airplane with barely any legroom is not the time to realize that you have five hours of free time and you can't fill it with sleep (unless you're like me and can sleep anywhere at any time). There are only so many times you can read the magazine articles about places you probably aren't going to to or flip through Sky Mall (that a lot of flights don't even bother carrying anymore) before you want to lose your mind. You could make it your mission to commit the safety codes to memory and be the emergency master if your flight ever goes down. The chances of that happening are very slim though. 

Here are some ways to occupy yourself (and your travel buddies) without being the weirdo who just stares into space or annoys the crap out of your neighbor by talking them to death. If you missed how to amuse yourself on a layover, click here.

Puzzle Books
I'm a lover of puzzles. I tend to spend the time I get on the plane to the time I am allowed my "approved devices" doing the crossword puzzle in the airplane magazine, but if I'm on a long flight, I also bring along a book (or two) of logic problems. My favorite books are the Pocket Posh Puzzles series that are compact and come in all things puzzle including sudoku, which I'm notoriously bad at, cryptograms, codewords and word search. These fit in just about any pocket of your carry-on, in your purse or in your jacket pocket and have a fancy little elastic bookmark, too.

Card Games
A good card game can keep you entertained for hours. We always bring a couple with us and at least one regular travel game. Not only are they great for the plane, but we have played them while waiting for laundry, waiting for our plane and waiting for our food at restaurants. One or two are easy to slip in a pocket of your carry-on and don't take up too much space in a day bag either. Play on the beach, on a picnic and even keep your kids occupied when having some downtime in the room. Our favorite games are Fluxx, Chrononauts (you can play this one alone or with others), Zombie Kids board game (yes, this is good for the littles, too) and Cranium Zigity. These are quick-play games so you don't get bored and they can fit in most spare moments. 

There are lots of fun travel games out there. We try to pick ones that don't take up much room, don't have a ton of pieces and isn't loud. Unless they are magnetic, you might find you lose half your pieces when turbulence happens. I know a lot of people like Bananagrams, dominoes, Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity (which is definitely not kid-friendly). Want more options? Just head over to Amazon and find something that fits your and your travel group. If you find an awesome one, please share with us!

iPad or Tablet
The tablet is one of the best creations of technology. How else can you you bring hundreds or thousands of books, all your magazines, games, movies, TV shows and unlimited note paper? If you tried to bring everything you stuff your tablet with, you wouldn't be able to lift your bags or even get on the plane. I take our iPad mini with us on every trip and use it to read and play games – somehow I always end up taking notes on things I think of to write about later – and then we use it to get online and check emails when we get to our destination, too. If you have a tablet, it's a great travel item. 

Maybe you just like to read. I do. I seem to always be reading something and I find it relaxing on my trips when I can just sit back and not be bothered just to read. i know a lot of people have now graduated to the Kindle Fire, but I love the original Kindle – and it still works fine – and like that I can't get distracted by apps. The paperwhite background can't give me a headache or annoy my neighbor and has no glare. The battery lasts for days, too, which means it isn't going to run down, even on the longest flights.

Watch movies
You don't always have the choice of watching movies unless you're on an international flight or a long domestic flight, but if you're lucky enough to be on a plane with a TV screen, you have the option of watching something for the majority of the flight. I'm not sure how many flights still offer overhead screens, but more often than not there are individual screens in the seatback, so you can watch different things. Sometimes you have to give a credit card to watch certain (or all) programming, which I'm not willing to spend money on, because I have my own entertainment. 

I read a hack not too long ago that I haven't tried yet. In order to get free watching time on flights where they require you to pay, you can use any card with a magnetic strip (your Target card or a gift card of some sort) before takeoff. It seems that the system needs an internet connection to charge your card, which means it doesn't try until you land again. If this actually works, you can get totally free movies and games! If it works, you're welcome. If it doesn't, I'm just passing along information I found from another traveler, so please don't yell at me if you weren't able to game the system. Make sure to bring your own headphones, too, so you aren't forced to pay $3 for those crap ones they sell onboard.

You can't always rely on electronics...and sometimes you just want to flip the pages of a magazine in real life. This is my chance to catch up on my Entertainment Weekly editions as well as other magazines I've picked up with interesting articles. You don't have to bring a lot. Two or three is perfect. If you do it right, you can pass them around your travel partners (and possibly your seatmates would be glad to have new reading material). Once you're finished with them, Either leave them in the seatback or hand them off to the flight attendants as you're leaving the plane. They enjoy some free reading as well. Look at you doing good deeds! My goal is to be done with all my magazine reads by the end of my vacation, so I'm only bringing home new stuff, like the in-flight magazine.

It's not hard to pack your carry-on with things to keep you busy on the plane. It's just something you have to think about and add to your packing list so you don't forget. Packing a notepad and a pen is always a smart idea, too. I like to jot down ideas, write down my thoughts on things or even play a game of dots, hangman or tic-tac-toe. Once at my destination, it's handy for writing directions down or getting phone number and email addresses of businesses or people you meet. 

What are some of your favorite ways to entertain yourself on the plane?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get Ready for Your International Trip

So, you're getting ready to leave the country? I've had some experience with international travel. I'd like more, even though it's always a little daunting trying to remember just what I need to do and what to take. Sometimes you can buy things you need at your destination, but sometimes you can't. In the past, it's been difficult or totally impossible to buy: socks, an iPod charging cable, batteries and contact solution. While these are less important than underwear or a passport, I still stress out a bit when packing. Other problems when traveling internationally, and sometimes even domestically, can be jet lag and influenza. Don't freak out when you have a big trip planned. Make sure to be organized and prepare correctly. How? Well, this infographic from Off To See The World is really helpful in getting you off on the right foot.

How do you prepare for your international trips? Share you tips below!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Amuse Yourself During a Layover

Flying is not always fun. I know, shocking. Sometimes you end up flying for the better part of a day. Sometimes you're so excited to get home - or to your destination - only to be thwarted by a long delay. Whatever the case may be, you always want to make sure you are prepared to beat boredom and not just with electronic devices, because your batteries might die and then you'll be stuck sitting around staring at a wall. When the unforeseen happens, or even when things go totally as planned, you want to be ready.

With more people traveling solo and with kids, airports have finally realized that they need to be more of a destination than a pit stop. Lucky for us, that means they are adding things to do, places you actually want to eat and giving us things we need like free WiFi, more outlets and places for our dogs to pee that aren't a hundred miles from the gates.

Do your research. Researching your airports before you leave and even downloading the app can make all the difference in saving time knowing what is available if you have a long time to wait for your flight to take off. I like to know what each airport has to offer for food, entertainment and services and view it as a destination rather than an inconvenience.

Get some cultureA lot of airports now have art galleries or terminal art of some kind. At the Vegas airport (McCarran - LAS), in addition to slot machines in every open space, there is a small aviation museum where you can view vintage airline memorabilia as well as the small plane that set the flight endurance record (64 days with twice-daily fuelings from a truck below). It may not be big, but it has quite a bit to look at and read. At Phoenix's airport (Sky Harbor - PHX) they have a fine art gallery and companion pieces throughout the terminal.

Browse the specialty shopsAlmost all airports have at least one shop that sells items you can only get in that state/city/region. Portland (Portland International - PDX) has several shops that are specifically Oregon, including The Real Mother Goose for handmade decor and trinkets and Made in Oregon for foods, wine and gifts.

RelaxTravel can be stressful, but you can combat that with a stop in at a spa or salon in the terminal. Why not pamper yourself a little bit with a massage or a pedicure. Seattle (Sea-Tac - SEA) has a Butter London salon where you can grab a quick manicure or polish change.

Get some exerciseMaybe you've been flying all day and just need to stretch out. Wear your walking shoes or pack them so they're easy to get to and make use of airport walking trails and gyms. A few airports are going even further and offering yoga classes. San Francisco (SFO) opened the first airport yoga room so you can salute the sun and curl up in child's pose without having to do it on the dirty floor and get weird looks from other travelers.

Let the kids run wildWell, within a confined area. If you're traveling with your little ones, they are bound to want to run and yell and throw stuff. This isn't acceptable on the plane. In fact, people pretty much have that more than the totally cramped seats and no legroom. If an airport has a kid's play area, take them there and let them run out their energy for as long as possible. Maybe they'll sleep the rest of the way to wherever.

Try the local foodPortland is also famous for this. With our million microbreweries and wineries, PDX is full of restaurants that offer for those and regional cuisines made with locally-sourced ingredients.

Bring stuff you like to doTraveling in the early morning or in the evening might be easier and cheaper, but you may find that a lot of things aren't open while you're there. No problem, remember to pack fun activities. We bring card games like Fluxx (our personal fave) or magazines or puzzle books. I've also seen people bring knitting and crochet projects to fill their time. Might as well be productive.

Sit in first classIf you really have a lot of time to fill and have work you could be doing or just need to get away from the crowds and chaos, spring for a day pass to your airline's lounge. You'll have Wi-Fi, snacks, workspace and more at your disposal. If you are an elite member of any airlines, you may already get access to the lounge for free. Take advantage of such perks!

How do you like to fill time at the airport?
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