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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When's the Best Time to Buy Airfare to Save?

Do you hate trying to unravel the mystery of buying airline tickets without getting screwed on pricing? Does figuring out the best time to buy and the best day and the perfect amount of weeks/months before you travel give you a headache and wish someone else would just do it for you? Perhaps, like many of us, you think that as soon as you buy a "deal" the next day there will be an even better deal and make you curse that you chose to fly at all. Well, lucky for us there is a "sweet spot", though there is still some unknown as to whether or not you should buy months out (for those that like to plan everything as soon as possible like myself) of weeks out (for those that just fly to their destination and decide what to do on-the-go). Well, right now you might be looking forward to fall, winter or holiday travel. If you are - and even if you aren't - Angie's List has put together this infographic for you to help you save on your trips.

What's your biggest pet peeve about traveling or travel planning?

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