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Saturday, March 31, 2018

When Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel is never truly inexpensive, unless you camp or stay in hostels. Most of us are more interested in sleeping in hotels or going on cruises. Nobody likes to be screwed out of their hard-earned money by unforeseen circumstances beyond their control and travel insurance can prevent that from happening. 

Now, you may have been traveling for years without taking this precaution, or you may have been in a situation where you wished you had taken out insurance to protect you. Fortunately, travel insurance can be affordable and easy to add on to your trip, but when do you really need it?

Look into the right type of insurance

There are many different types of travel insurance, including illness, injury, lost luggage, theft and more. You can also get basic coverage that includes many of these things, but you will want to get the one that suits the trip you are going on. If you are going to hike Machu Picchu, you will need a different insurance than if you are going on a European cruise.

You bought a package deal

When you purchase a vacation package, it is all tracked under one company name. You can usually get internal travel insurance with them, or you can purchase you own, in case the company goes out of business or their insurance doesn’t cover last-minute tragedies like a death in the family.

The vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime trip

Sometimes you go on trips that cost a lot more than you normally pay for a vacation. There is a big difference in price between going to Napa for the weekend and going on a week-long Kenyan safari. If you have to cancel or rebook your trip to Napa, it probably won’t break you in the long run, but if something unexpected happens and you can’t go on your safari – weather, natural disasters and health issues are almost never something you can predict – you will be very sorry to be out thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars that you can’t recoup without insurance.

You travel often

Travel insurance will generally cost 5-8% of your total trip, but if you do more than just take a yearly vacation, then you might benefit more from buying yearly travel insurance plans instead of paying for each trip separately.

When you do insure your trips, make sure you know exactly what each policy covers. When something happens and you have to make a claim, take notes on everything that happened and who you talked to. If a theft has occurred, report it immediately and make sure you are tenacious if the insurance company seems to drag their feet on paying out. Obviously, they make less money if they have to pay out on a claim, but if you know what your rights are, you shouldn’t have a problem getting what’s owed to you.

Remember, if you make any changes to your travel plans, alert your insurance company as soon as possible, so you can be sure you are still covered for everything you need. While you may not need coverage for all your trips, make sure you don’t automatically rule out insurance before you look into the ways it could benefit you and your travel group. That way you always know your vacation and money are safe from unexpected complications.

Have you ever not gotten travel insurance and wish you did?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Minimizing Your Travel Toiletries

It has been a really long time since I've traveled with a full-size health or beauty product that I brought from home. (I've had to purchase a few things along the way.) I know I don't need a giant bottle of shampoo for two weeks, so why pack it and have to pay to check my bag when I don't have to? When you travel, you need to learn to be a little bit flexible, and that extends to the products you bring.  

Instead of seeing the TSA rules as an obstacle, I think of it as a way to help me pack light and more efficiently. When someone says "You can't fit everything you need into a quart bag!" I respond with "Challenge accepted!" You know why? Because when you're creative, you can get everything you need into that little bag. 

There are lots of places you can find small sizes of your favorite products that will make your travel bag lighter and will allow you to fit everything you need into you 3-1-1 liquids bag.
photo credit
The Makeup Counter
If you shop the makeup counter for your beauty products, make sure to plan your visit when there's a free gift (Clinique and other large beauty companies advertise these several times a year). This is when you'll end up with trial sizes of some of the products you already use. Pop them in your travel bag and leave your large sizes at home. I find that most trial sizes, even if they are really small, still have enough for a week or two. 

Sephora always offers minis when you spend a specific amount (whether you shop online or in-store). Become a Beauty Insider (if you aren't already) and accrue points for purchases that you can trade in for deluxe samples. Before you get to the check-out, you can find tiny versions of some of their popular products, which might also be items you use everyday. This might be a dangerous way to shop while you're waiting in line, but it can also be useful.

I go to Target all the time, but maybe you frequent Rite Aid or CVS or Walgreens. They all have a travel size aisle. I find these the best place to find deodorant, bottles, toothpaste, contact solution and other generic minis. If you use regular shampoo brands found in drugstores, you can often find travel sizes of these, too, like Loreal, Pantene and Garnier. 
Looking for more upscale brands? 3floz specializes in these, but in sizes that specifically fit into your travel bag. Whether you need a small packet of facial wipes, a fancy eye cream or makeup remover, you can find them on this site that ranges from selling natural brands like Yes To... to more expensive products from Dr. Dennis. You can pack a miniature spa in your carry-on to help you feel at home and pampered wherever you go.
photo credit
So, there are lots of products you can't find at a drugstore even though they exist. You are almost guaranteed to find them at Minimus. Not only can you find a huge range of beauty products here, but you can also find health items (aspirin, antibacterial cream, anti-diarrheal chews, vitamins) and even food products (single-serving snacks, salad dressings, condiments).  I have bought quite a few things from Minimus, including a variety of useful medicine cabinet necessities to put together an emergency kit for when my sister-in-law went off to college.

I have a collection of travel bottles, spray bottles and jars. If I can't find a travel size of my fave product, I decant. And sometimes you just don't need all that much of something, like moisturizer where a little goes a long way, so you don't need a large jar of it, so you can downsize even further by putting it a contact case or something similar.

With these tips, you can easily fit everything you absolutely need in your 3-1-1 bag and toiletry bag to help you go carry-on only. What's your favorite way to stock your travel bag with minis?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Review: BeWell Travel Blanket from Lewis N Clark

I don't know about you, but I'm either freezing on the plane or sweating. There doesn't seem to be an in-between. I also have the problem with wanting to bundle up when in our room, because we have the air conditioner on and the difference between the heat outside and the temps inside are vast. I almost always travel with a blanket of some sort, or I'm scavenging for the spare blanket in the linen closet to curl up on the couch with.

Lewis N Clark debuted their new BeWell collection at the Travel Goods Show this year and I knew that I wanted to try the new packable blanket. It comes in its own zip-up pocket, so it's easy to carry with you and also wrangle in your bag. It's compact when zipped up and thin. It's not going to take up a lot of space in your carry-on when you need that for other essentials.

The fabric is light and very soft, but it holds in heat at a comfortable level, which can be hard to find in a blanket. Not only that, but it's made from hypoallergenic, responsibly-sourced, sustainably-harvested materials. I'm into that, because it's nice to find travel products that aren't actually ruining the world we want to see. The lightweight construction means you won't be adding much weight to your bag as well. So, if you need to carry a few of them, you won't have to worry about bulk. 

This isn't the largest blanket you'll find for travel. You won't be using it on the bed to use as a full layer, but it works for a lap blanket or a large scarf, and sometimes that all you really need on the plane. If your shoulders are cold, or your neck needs warming up, or your legs are chilly, you have something to cover up with. Maybe you aren't cold at all, but want to catch some Zs. In that case, you can use this blanket zipped up as a soft pillow. 

I was able to cover most of myself when sitting on the couch at home, how I normally curl up anyway. This blanket kept me warm and I didn't feel the draftiness of my house. This would be perfect as a full-size kid's blanket, if you travel with your littles.

I'm also loving the color and texture of this blanket. It's not a boring blue, but a soft grey with a geometric weave. The weave gives the fabric a bit more area and better heat conduction and the color is pretty, but also great for anyone. Very classy and chic looking, so you'll be excited to pack it whether you're traveling for fun or for business. 

Unlike other things that are able to zip into their own carrying "case", this blanket isn't impossible to repack. In fact, it's really easy, even if you're trapped on the plane with minimal elbow room. You won't just give up and scrunch it into your bag to deal with later. I've definitely had those sorts of items and it just makes getting off the plane even harder. Also, because it zips into itself, you can't lose the bag it comes in. Convenient!

I adore the direction Lewis N Clark is taking to make my travels (and yours!) more comfortable and efficient. They know exactly what you need and they deliver. I'm already packing this blanket in my carry-on for my next trip. Get one for yours as well.

Additional details:
Where can I buy it? The Lewis N Clark website
How much is it? $22.99
more specs: 50in x 38in

Like what Lewis N Clark is doing? Get social: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Disclaimer: I was provided with the BeWell Packable Blanket for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Travel Like a Local Instead of a Tourist

When I vacation, I like to immerse myself as much as possible in my destination. I know a lot of people find it hard t get into the swing of how things work when they go somewhere new, but it can be the best way to really feel where you are. If you're constantly in your home state of mind, you're never going to get the most of your destination. 

There's quite a difference from embracing a new place and being a traveler and trying to hit everything on your must-do list as a tourist. Doing your research before you leave can certainly help you make the leap.

Go Off the Beaten Path

I love seeing tourist attractions, even in my own city, but I don't want to fill my whole itinerary with them. I enjoy research, so I will spend quite a bit of time looking at all my options. If you aren't into that, keep space in your trip plan to go interesting places. I have asked waiters at restaurants, the renter of my Airbnb, people I've met in line, hotel staff, employees at museums and tour guides. Sometimes I ask which I should do if I could only do one of a few things, sometimes I ask where they like to eat and sometimes I just ask for tips in general. If nothing else, get out of the touristy areas and see new neighborhoods, cafes and shops.

Learn the Language

You don't have to learn everything and be completely fluent, but it helps to learn key phrases that might help you if you're out to eat, shopping or at a museum. People will be impressed you try and want to help you. You have to remember, even though much of the world can speak at least a little English, it doesn't mean you should assume they do. You're in their country, so they aren't there to make you comfortable, just as they wouldn't expect you to know their language if they came to visit America, Canada or the UK. Get a phrase book, a set of Pimsleur CDs or an app on your phone to learn things like "Please", "Thank you", "Where is the bathroom?" "How much?" and "I would like..."

Get a Vacation Rental

Instead of staying a in a hotel with hundreds of other tourists, stay in neighborhoods in apartments, condos and homes. Not only will you get more of a sense of what it's like to live where you visit, but you'll even feel more at home and save money, because you'll have a place that is more lived in and probably has a kitchen and possibly laundry. There's nothing better to me than coming back from a long day of sightseeing and making a snack to eat while watching a movie and doing a bit of laundry. Am I weird? Maybe, but I love feeling like I really live somewhere for a week or two. This leads me to...

Shop the Farmers' Markets and/or Grocery Stores

Because we often stay in rentals and have a kitchen, we plan to make our own breakfasts when we travel. This gives us an excuse to hit up the local grocers for necessities. We've found some unexpected things when we shop and also things we love and bring back home with us. Before we head off anywhere, I check out local markets in the area where I'll be staying or sightseeing. Getting produce that's grown nearby is always awesome, plus you can get handmade goods, foods and even an affordable meal. It's a perfect way to interact with locals and ask them questions about things they make and grow.

Don't Forget to Be Flexible

Not everything is going to go as planned whenever you travel, but don't let those times get you down. You might also find that someone gives you a suggestion that is too awesome to not take. Sure, maybe you were going to go to that Michelin-starred restaurant and then that famous landmark, but instead have the chance to go see some local ruins or go ice skating with new friends and try food from the nearby night market. I like to make daily schedules, so we can get to things we definitely must do, but we aren't so locked in that we can't skip things or move stuff around to do something else instead.

Eat Local

Dining venues near tourist attractions are going to cost more than other restaurants and are generally not that good. There are exceptions, of course, but it's always smart to wander about a little further from your sightseeing. You never know what you might find if you just walk a few blocks away. Look for restaurants that serve up local favorites and you'll save money, but also will probably find some new yummy foods. Not sure how to pick a good place? I go by two rules: If there's a line, you know it's good. Food trucks/carts = win! Some of the best foods I've had in Paris have come from a cart. Some of the worst foods I've had anywhere were because I was too hungry to do any research and ate at the first place that served something edible. This also leads me to a different tip: Always keep snacks on your person, so you don't make a bad decision based on necessity.

Ask Facebook Friends

Chances are you have some international friends on social media you may not have met in real life, but can give you great tips for your upcoming trips. I have done this several times, asking for suggestions from my friend in Vancouver BC for my 12-hour layover or sending questions about a friend's recent trip to a place I'm headed to. This can also be a good chance for you to meet up with your previously unmet friends and you can let them show you around their favorite places when you get there. Not only will it be fun, but you'll see something less touristy than you would if you just went by our guide book.

Get Lost

I'm fantastic at getting lost, but instead of seeing it as a curse, I use it as an opportunity. Some of the coolest things we've done are because we stumbled upon them when making a wrong turn or getting off at the incorrect stop. Just as many times as we rent cars, we rely on walking and public transportation. Going at your own pace can afford you the chance to see things you wouldn't if you took a cab and stayed on the main thoroughfares. It also lets you meet people when you have to stop and ask for directions or pop into a cute little cafe for a bite or a cup of coffee. 

What are some of your best tips for being a traveler instead of a tourist?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Review: BauBax Travel Bomber

When I travel, I always take a coat with me. I mean, unless I'm in Vegas in the summertime, there's almost always an occasion to use one, especially on the plane. BauBax has created the ultimate travel jacket for you and it comes in several different styles. Their most popular is a hoodie and it may very well become your favorite over your current favorite now. With that in mind, I asked to try the more structured bomber jacket, which has a heavier fabric and is waterproof.

The bomber, just like the hoodie, comes with 15 different functions that are unique and all very useful when traveling, whether you're on a plane, train, bus, or even just heading to a festival in your hometown. The jacket features 9 pockets, all of which have a function. 

The design of the bomber is a bit more form-fitting and runs a bit small. I seemed to be in between sizes, and I chose the large, which fit just a little loose, but will be perfect for layering, especially in the winter and fall and sweaters are necessary. I like my jackets to be a little roomy, especially if I'll be using it instead of a purse, which you can certainly do with this one.

Now, I'm short, 5' 1", and this hits me right at mid-hip. If you're taller, it may hit you at your waist. I think it's a comfortable fit and keeps all the important stuff warm.

The bomber has these lovely built-in gloves that I love. Usually, only outdoor clothing features these, but they really help in keeping your hands warm. It also has hand warmer pockets, lined in this same fabric, to help you stay warm even when outside for long periods. If you don't want to use them, they can easily be pushed back into your sleeves. 

Let's get to the other awesome pockets this jacket has. There are 5 on the inside: 
  1. On the top left you'll find a sunglasses pocket. This also has a fun loop to hang your glasses on when you want them to use them more often than not.
  2. Below that pocket is a much larger one that will hold your tablet. You're going to use it on the plane, so why leave it in your bag? This pocket zips, meaning it won't accidentally fall out when you're reaching down to put your bag under the seat. 
  3. On the other side on the top, you have a zipper pocket for your phone. You'll see that there are loops along the jacket, so you can keep your earbuds from jumbling up in a pocket, plus they are out of the way, coming up behind your back and hanging over your shoulders by your ears. You won't get all tangled in the cord, nor will you need to search for them when you want to listen to a movie or music.
  4. Below that you have two more slip pockets. The first is for your battery back-up.
  5. The second is for a travel blanket, because you still gotta think about your legs on a cold flight.

Your pocket for your glasses also comes with an attached glass cloth. Now you don't have to use your shirt to get clearer vision. That's pretty awesome, right?

Aside from your two handwarming pockets, the outside of the bomber has two additional pockets. There is a zipper pocket that's the perfect size for your passport. In fact, you could keep more than one in there if you're the responsible one in charge of keeping all the important things safe. Or, when you're out and about, this is where I would keep my Metro Card, or my city pass, or my theme park ticket, or some spare cash for purchasing small items. Anything you need handy that you're going to use multiple times.

The last pocket is a snap pocket that can double as a drink holder. A small water bottle or a soda can will fit snugly inside. If you're sleeping on the plane, you won't have to worry about spillage, since the pocket keeps your drink upright. It's also nice for walking around, because it lets you keep your hands free.

The hood of this jacket zips off if you're not expecting rain and you don't want it attached. I think more coats should have this option, because sometime a hood just gets in the way. You'll also see that there's a button in the middle. That button keeps your neck pillow in place (though you might find this a bit bulky and annoying and want to stash it in one of the other pockets). 

The cool thing about this neck pillow, besides how lovely and soft the fabric is, is that it hides the inflation hole in a zipper compartment. It also inflates with just two or three puffs and then deflates with a push of your finger. Nobody likes being that person who sounds like they're dying trying to inflate their pillow, or the one who has to start deflating it under their arm 20 minutes before the flight is over. 

I also like that there are snaps on the front, so you don't have to worry about it falling off when you move. 

And now let's get to the totally unnecessary bonus that BauBax added, because they are cool people who know what people need during a flight: A stylus that is also a telescoping pen that clips onto your zipper with a tiny caribiner. That's crazy rad! 

Closed, the stylus is small and non-intrusive at all. Use it for your phone or tablet and then use the pen when you want to do the crossword or have to fill in those annoying customs forms. 

This jacket isn't just great for the plane and keeping all your electronics contained, but it's also fantastic when out sightseeing. You don't need to carry a purse if you don't want to and you always have a place to put smaller purchases, eliminating the need to carry a bag around all day with you. That makes it extra eco-friendly now, doesn't it? 

Not only is the bomber very useful, but it's great looking and won't target you as a tourist either. That's exactly the kind of clothing you want with you on a vacation. In fact, this may become your new favorite jacket, whether you're traveling or not.

Additional details
Where can I buy it? On the BauBax website, but there is a new Kickstarter campaign to get in on the 2.0 which will have even more and cooler features!
How much is it? $179.99 for the bomber, but the hoodie and windbreaker are $149 for either men's or women's sizes.
What colors does it come in? Bomber Blue (shown) | Black | Bomber Red (shown at top)
Other specs: 100% polyester, machine washable (don't forget to remove the stylus and the neck pillow), BauBax ships worldwide!

Loving the innovation of BauBax? Keep up with them on social media:

Disclaimer: I was provided with the BauBax travel bomber for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review: Coolmesh II Tab Sock from Wrightsock

As a frequent traveler, and frequent buyer of new travel shoes, I am not a stranger to blisters. Let me tell you, getting a blister from walking all day makes walking all day like torture. It's the worst when all you can think about is how terrible your feet feel and wish you could just cut them off and get new ones. 

Since you only have one pair of feet, you're going to want to treat them better when you travel and Wrightsock has you covered, literally. Their performance socks were designed for runners and hikers, and makes them ideal for travelers who maybe do those things on vacation, or just walk several miles a day sightseeing like I do. 

Wrightsock realized that travelers loved their socks as much as athletic folks, when they found out a good portion of them were purchasing them from their local outdoor store. I'll be honest. I always thought it was my shoes that were the problem. While that might be partly the issue (they either fit incorrectly, don't have good arch support, or haven't been broken in properly), since I've been wearing these socks, I've found that my socks (or lack of) maybe have played a big role in my hurty feet. 

Wrightsock guarantees no blister in all of their stocks and styles. Well, who can say no to that? If you get a blister or are unsatisfied for any reason, they have a 100% money-back or replacement sock guaranteed. I had to try them for myself and went home from the Travel Goods Show with several pair to test out. I enjoy these ankle socks, because they work with all my walking shoes and it doesn't matter what color they are, because they barely show. Also, see that ribbing around the middle of my foot? That's a stabilizer zone that keeps the sock from sliding all over like other socks can do. Genius!

All the other ankle socks I've had have either rubbed on the back of my heel or have just given up and scrunched under my heel, which is the absolute worst! As you can see, these socks don't show with my shoes that I wear for work (where I am constantly walking back and forth in a warehouse and lifting boxes). 

Not only that, but they have that nifty notch for my ankle bone, so it eliminates friction there as well. As you can see, they go along the natural line of the shoe and the line of your foot. Runners won't end up with scrunch or slouch, and walkers won't either. Your foot stays nice and dry, no matter how much activity you are engaging in too, because the sock is comprised of mostly Dri-WRIGHT, which wicks the moisture from your foot. My feet don't sweat at all, and when it is cold, they keep the heat in. 

Wrightsock uses a double layer system, so it's like you're wearing two pair of socks. These two layers are knit together at the ankle and toe, but are free within the rest of the sock, which is what give it its blister-free feature. These two layers also release moisture and excess heat; two things that also will cause blisters.

You don't just have the option of buying the ankle sock in varying classic colors, though they do come in the fun pink as shown at the top and a blue that is just as vibrant, but they have taller socks as well. In fact, I came home with a pair of pink striped crew socks as well, and they are just as awesome, but keep my ankles warm (though not too warm) in the cold weather we're still having. So, whether you want to wear them for running, hiking, sightseeing or everyday use, these socks won't let you down. I've only been wearing them for the last two weeks and I have not been disappointed. I think Eric is going to love his on our trip to Vegas in July, so I should probably order him a few more pairs. 

Have you been looking for a good pair of travel socks? If so, I think we have a winner!

More details:
Where can I buy them? Purchase at Wrightsock website, your local REI or Amazon
How much are they? $13+, depending on the style. The Coolmesh II Tab I'm wearing is $13.
What colors do they come in? All the classics and a bunch of fun colors and stripes as well. 
What else do I need to know? Come in sizes to fit size 4 in women's up to men's 14 (US), made in the U.S., mix of Dri-WRIGHT, nylon and lycra. 

Love what they're doing? Check out Wrightsock online: Facebook | Twitter

Disclaimer: I was provided with several pairs of Coolmesh II Tab socks for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Review: Convertible Backpack/Messenger from Lewis N Clark

I'm always on the lookout for multipurpose travel items, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of awesome items I saw at the Travel Goods Show earlier this month. Lewis N. Clark has been designing fantastic new bags each year now that they have branched out in their products and I've got one to show you that may just change the way you travel. 

Are you one of those people who wish all bags could expand and be more useful whether you're traveling or just living your regular life? The new Secura Destinations messenger converts into a backpack and I'm loving it! Use it as a messenger on the plane and around town and then convert it to backpack when you're out and have purchased a little more than you want to carry or on your way back home.

The look of the bag is very attractive. It has classic colors that work for everyone and the design is sleek, so it doesn't matter if you're using it for work, travel or a trip to the zoo. It looks great everywhere and it won't target you as a tourist.

Let's look at how the conversion works. While most bags that have this feature have different straps, the messenger uses just one strap, so there's nothing to lose. The strap has anti-theft slash-resistance, is adjustable, and wide enough to be comfortable, but not too wide as to be annoying (you know what I'm talking about). Use the top rings for wearing as a messenger, but move the strap to the bottom rings when wearing as a backpack.

The awesome ring on the front of the bag unclips to allow you to unfold your bag. The shoulder strap then slips through the ring and it fits comfortably against your back. As you can see, it's not too big and it's not too small.

The bag has anti-theft locking zippers, so no matter how you carry it, you don't have to worry about getting robbed. The bottom of the bag has a slash-resistant fabric, too. It's easy to wipe down as well, which is nice if you've set it down on the ground. The adjustable strap has locking clips, giving you the 

I've been using the convertible bag as a messenger for the last week or so and I have found it fits everything I normally carry with me, but also any extras that I may need, like a notebook, magazine
 or a snack for work.

There's a large RFID-blocking pocket for passports (and both of ours fit in there with room to spare). I have been using it for my credit cards, because this is a big problem in public spaces. . There are two larger pockets. One meant for your tablet, though you can use it for anything you want, and one that works for a larger tablet or laptop when used as a backpack. I fit an entire magazine in there, but for travel it will probably get used for paperwork, because it fits really flush against the back of the bag when being carried as a messenger, so everything will stay neatly together and you won't find receipts and confirmation pages spilling out into the main bag.

I also love the lip on the zipper, making it more water-resistant and also making it difficult for anyone but you to know where the opening of your bag is. The locking zipper makes it even more secure.

As a backpack, this bag has a ton of potential space, but only a few different sections, so you can keep things separated, but not have too many pockets to take up unnecessary room, like some bags. I packed it like I would if I were taking it on the plane and it fit quite a bit of stuff in it.

Though my laptop didn't fit in it (it's very large at 17"), it will fit most other laptops up to 15". Instead I used it for our big tablet and my pouch for paperwork and receipts and a spare magazine. The middle size pouch is the perfect size for my smaller tablet. Everything else I like to keep with me on flights also fits: my toiletry bag, my 3-1-1 bag, things I normally have in my purse, a wrap and snacks. 

The front of the bag has a great pocket for things you want to keep close at hand. I tossed my battery back-up in there and my camera. It also has a locking zipper. This is an excellent pocket for all the things you have in your pants pockets when going through security. Shove it all in there and zip it up and then you don't have to put it all in a bowl.

Need a bottle of water to take along with you? We always have one with us when we travel or are out for the day, so the mesh pocket on the side of this bag is a lifesaver. Although I don't mind putting it inside my bag if I have to, I'd rather it not take up space if it's not necessary, plus Eric can get it when he's thirsty without asking me for it.

I can't wait for my next trip to show you how fantastic this bag works as a personal item size. It's going to be a home for all my electronics and snacks and it's going to be very comfortable to carry in addition to my other bag and keep my hands free for shopping at the airport and using my phone.

Who doesn't need a multipurpose bag like the Secura Destinations Convertible Backpack/Messenger?  

Additional Details
Where to buy: On Lewis N Clark's website
Cost: $69.99
Colors: For now, it only comes in the gray and black shown
other specs: Water-resistant dual woven twill exterior, heavy-duty nylon bottom construction, lightweight, flexible, and slash-resistant Magnaloft™ fabric panels in crucial compartments, 16.5in x 11.5in x 4in

Love what Lewis N Clark is doing? Keep up with their new products and innovation on social media:

Disclaimer: I was provided with the convertible backpack/messenger for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 
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