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Saturday, July 31, 2021

How To Get $25 for Saving for Vacation

Do you like free money? I mean, don't we all? Well, right now you can get a free $25 for doing almost nothing! Who's giving all this money away? Qapital! (use code rt7pa62x)

Qapital is an awesome app that helps you save for things in life you want, like that amazing trip to Greece you've been thinking about.
Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash

Normally, when you sign up using a referral link, you get $5, which is still pretty awesome, because that's five more dollars than you didn't have before, but right now, when you sign up through my referral link, you get five times that amount! 

Maybe you're thinking "what the heck is Qapital and why would I sign up for it?" That's valid. Qapital is an awesome app that helps you save for things in life you want, like that amazing trip to Greece you've been thinking about. Signing up is easy. You choose your preferred membership level, link up your accounts to it, create "rules" for yourself, and then start saving! Membership starts at just $3/month, but you will save much more than than in the long run.

Photo by Kody Gautier on Unsplash

Some of my favorite rules are the Round Up, the Payday, and the Spend Less Rule. Round Up rounds up all your purchases to the nearest $2, so if you spend $23.45, $.55 will automatically go to your Qapital account. The Payday Rule gives you a way to put aside a set amount of money each payday. The Spend Less Rule has you set a budget for certain things and if you come in under that budget, the remainder gets saved to your Qapital account. It's super easy to save, but also super easy to move your money back to your bank account (or your spending account if you use the Qapital debit), so you can use it on your goals. 
What if you don't have any money in your bank account? That's okay! Qapital monitors your accounts and pauses your saving when you get below a certain threshold so you don't end up in the red. They look out for you in all the important ways, and before you know it, you've got money for those things that are on the top of your list. So....not overlimit fees. 

There are TONS of rules you can set up, so there's always something that's going to work for you, plus you can pause savings when you need to, or you can add a little extra to your savings when you have extra to put away. When you make a milestone, Qapital throws you a little party on your phone to let you know how you're doing and make you feel good about yourself. I love it. I've been using it for 4-5 years now and have saved over $4,000 just by rounding up my purchases with my debit card. 

Start saving now (use code rt7pa62x) and soon you'll be planning that trip you've been dreaming about! What are you saving for right now? 

Disclaimer: When you sign up and get money, I also get money. Once you sign up, I encourage you to refer all your friends and make even more free money from Qapital!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

All Your Travel Info Organized

When you’re planning for vacation, do you end up with endless pieces of paper for hotels, car rentals and other stuff you’re doing? I know I do, but instead of printing out every last thing that I may or may not need, I now have learned that putting it all together online is a better method and helps me to know exactly where everything is and what I’m still needing. Once I go on my trip, I can print out the necessary things (3 pages vs 42 is easier to carry) and have a back-up for myself that isn’t attached to just my email.

When you’re planning for vacation, do you end up with endless pieces of paper for hotels, car rentals, etc? Here's how to get organized.

I also like to back-up and organize on-the-go, because if my camera gets stolen or I lose it, I will cry my eyes out over all the photos I’ve lost. This is why uploading at the end of each day to “the cloud” or an online program is fancy, convenient and helps eliminate the needless worry of impending photo loss. 

Don’t let tragedy make you sadder than it has to. Use a back-up – or several – to keep everything within your reach, even when you lose papers, cameras, your laptop, phone or all your worldly (travel) possessions are stolen.

TripIt.com – Don’t you hate carrying around a novel worth of confirmations and check-in sheets with you while you’re in transit? Sometimes, it takes up so much room, you could have fit in an extra outfit. I have a secret, which is not SO secret anymore, but if you don’t know about TripIt, then you will jump up and down for joy. Okay, maybe just on the inside. Not only can you add an infinite number of things to your itinerary online, but you have space to write in confirmation numbers, phone numbers, addresses, times, who you talked to and how much it all cost you (helping you keep track of your budget…effortlessly!).

Are you dreading now having to input all that stuff more than carrying the stack of papers around? This is the coolest part: You can email your confirmations to TripIt, via their special email address and they will suck all the useful info out for you and instantly updates your itinerary. It says it can take a few hours, but when I’ve done it, it has been a matter of minutes. It’s magic, I tell you! Now, it doesn’t work with all confirmation emails, but many of them. I haven’t tried dining reservations, but I’ll be doing it for sure on my next trip.

Once you have your whole trip planned and input into TripIt goodness, you can share it with everyone you like (although, you can do that anytime) and even post the less detailed version on Facebook, so everyone you know can be jealous…and start plotting the raid of your house. Print out your complete trip plan before you go and whittle down your paperwork from War and Peace to a funner version of Pat the Bunny. And if you want to go totally paperless, get the app and view it all on your smartphone.

Shutterfly – If you take a ton of pictures like I do, it would be a serious tragedy if you lost all of them while on vacation. You would not see a meltdown so big unless I was shot in the leg or found out I had some sort of incurable disease. This is why I do multiple photo uploads on my travels. It may not be every day, but it depends on how many I took that day. The more often you upload, the less time it will take. 

I travel with a laptop, so when I get back to my hotel/apartment/timeshare/ship cabin in the evening, I pull the SD card out of my camera and dump all my photos. Once I have internet, I select and copy all of them to my Shutterfly folder. This way, if something happens to my netbook or my camera or my SD card all is not lost. I have also started using SmugMug, which is a paid program online, but it organizes your photos much better.

Dropbox – I can’t even tell you how much I love Dropbox. You start with 2GB of space for free, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but you can save so much stuff in there. I use it for my blog photos, all my budget travel book info (media contacts, revisions, cover images, marketing ideas and everything else associated with it) and all my personal things I don’t want to lose, like my resume and important documents. And I still haven’t used up all my space. 

Essentially, all your files are on an online drive, but you can add the dropbox folder to all your computers, your iPad, your phone and whatever else you might have to store info and have access to it anywhere you are and on whatever device you’re using. If you are just out wandering around and need a file, you can log on online and still be able to get to it in a matter of seconds! You’ll love it, sign up.

It’s good for travel because you can make copies of your passport, visa, credit cards and add a document in there with all the important info you need, like hotel addresses and phone numbers, contacts you might need to get in touch with and anything else you deem important. This way, if something unsavory happens to your belongings, you aren’t completely lost. You can find everything you need wherever you are. And it’s more secure than keeping it in an email folder.

Evernote – I am a devoted Evernote user. I love it. Not only can you use it across all systems like Dropbox, but you can also edit and post to your blog from within it, copy links, pictures or full webpages with a click of a button and even share things to your social networks. I use it on my phone most often, though I’ve taken to writing blog posts with it, too. I have a long-running grocery list (paperless!) in a note, as well as party menus in another and add things that I find that I want to do on my vacations to another. If you see something that looks cool, but can’t really explain it, clip the whole page for later instead of writing down some code and months from now you don’t have to figure out what a Scottish Historic Monument Pub is.

You can have an endless supply of notes and access them anywhere. You can also speak your text into your phone for translation to type, but so far that has only be a source of amusement for me, because if you don’t speak super slowly, you get some really random things that do not make a good blog post. It’s pretty hilarious though!

Anyway, Evernote is great for everything and is a spectacular app for your phone, because you can jot things down if you think of something while you’re sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, waiting for a movie to start, getting your oil changed. Pretty much whenever it’s convenient to send a text, you can be making a list or blogging. So much better than the notepad, too.

Hopefully, you will get a lot of use out of these sites, as well as the two in my previous post. It’s never a bad idea to back up all your important info and things you like to have access to all the time. Emergencies happen, but you can be more prepared to deal with them now. 

What are some of your favorite apps you can use for vacations?

Monday, July 26, 2021

Stay Dry & Comfortable with WAMA Underwear

When you travel, you probably do a lot more walking and sweating than usual. I know we do. Having appropriate undergarments are important and the difference between feeling sticky and miserable or happy and comfortable. I am always looking for better clothing and underwear to make my trips more enjoyable. WAMA uses sustainable hemp to create soft and pretty basics for your everyday life that are also perfect for travel.

WAMA uses sustainable hemp to create soft and pretty basics for your everyday life that are also perfect for travel.

Why? Because hemp is sustainable - meaning it's good for the planet - and it's anti-bacterial. That means when you sweat, it eliminates any yuck bacteria and odors. It means your downstairs will be healthy and happy. Even if you walk all over the city, your underwear are breathable, giving you the perfect conditions. 

I have had my WAMA undies for 2 weeks now and have loved wearing them. I have the hipster, the boy short and also the triangle bralette. I wanted to try a little of everything. I work all day in a warehouse, so the temperature fluctuates and I'm lugging around boxes. My WAMA are always comfortable and dry. They don't ride up and except for a bit of a pantyline from the hipsters, they are a perfect fit under clothing. I generally wear jeans, so that's not an issue, and unlike with some other underwear, the thicker edge doesn't dig into your skin when wearing close-fitting garments. (No one likes to look like they're still wearing underwear when they're not wearing underwear. Am I right?)

One of my favorite things about WAMA is that they don't have annoying tags. Don't you hate having scratchy tags on bras and undies? Nothing like doing the itchy tag dance because you got a stabby tag rubbing your derrière or jabbing you in the ribs. Nope, WAMA puts all their tag info, including wash instructions, right on the inside of the fabric. They have a little logo made of the same soft hemp fabric, so it doesn't interfere with your comfort at all. 

The hipster: WAMA run a bit small, so ordering a size up (go by their actual size chart) is advisable. This gives you a little bit extra room, but not too much. I didn't notice any friction or sag. The waistband is soft and perfectly stretchy. 

The boy short: These are the ideal length and don't have a seam up the middle like a lot of similar underwear for women that make them super uncomfortable, because they ride up in your most sensitive places. 

The triangle bralette: I am small-busted, so I usually wear a bra with an underwire for support. Most bralettes don't have any support whatsoever, so I end up looking even flatter than I am. I was dubious of this one, but I tried it anyway. It's soft and adjustable, which is pretty rare, plus it has a dart sewn on the bottom of the bust, so it gives you the little bit of lift you want without padding or wires. If you're a t-shirt person, this is your bra, and because that darted fabric is on the underside, you don't have a weird line that people can see through your shirt. Hook and eye closure on the back.

I'm short, and even though that means I have to cinch the straps more than other people and the fabric comes up a bit closer to my armpits than one would usually like, it's not awkward and there's no chafing. Big bonus. The band is the same as you'll find on the underwear, though maybe a little thicker, but it doesn't move at all and you never have to adjust it as you're going about your day. Also, it's nice and wide, so it gives you support without digging into your ribcage. 

The boxer brief: I asked to try out the boxer brief because Eric is hard on clothes and super picky about underwear. In fact, he pretty much only has a drawer full of one brand, because they are the only ones he thinks are comfortable, supportive, and moisture-wicking. Well, that's probably going to change, because he really liked these. It's been relatively hot here and he goes for regular walks around the neighborhood. He went on an extra-long one with his sister while wearing these and he wasn't soaked through. He said that he was dry when he came back home, so these are definitely a win for him. Comfortable, snug, but not tight, supportive, and they breathe well, so no extra sweating, which means no chafing or rashy areas.

Right now WAMA only comes in a small range of solid, neutral colors, but they are all lovely and great for under any clothing. They look and feel natural, because they are. They should get softer with more washings. I've only washed them a few times, but I'll definitely keep track of how future washes change the feel of the fabric. 

If you're looking for new additions to your travel bag or a functional gift for kids going off to college or hoping to travel soon, WAMA is a great start to that, because (almost) everyone needs underwear.

Other details:
Where can I buy WAMA? On the WAMA website
How much are they? hipster: $20 | boy short: $20 | triangle bralette: $38 | boxer briefs: $24 

also available: in thongs, bikinis, high waisted, boxers, briefs, trunks, and you can also buy packs. Sizes go up to 4XL

Sign up for their newsletter for 20% off your first order + you can use Afterpay to make payments on your purchase.
More info: Made from hemp that is mostly grown on small family run organic farms. WAMA partners with factories that improve their employees lives with fair wages and quality working environments. Approved vegan, eco-friendly fabric. Sustainable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, natural UV protection, durable and long lasting (hemp is one of the world's strongest natural fibers), and super breathable. 53% hemp | 44% organic cotton | 3% spandex

If you love the look WAMA, follow them on social media:

What are some of your biggest gripes when it comes to vacationing and your undergarments?

Disclaimer: I received a selection of WAMA Underwear for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Things to Splurge On In Vegas

As you know, I'll be heading back to Vegas in September after two years of absence and I'm looking forward to not just visiting family, but doing some new things that I've been waiting to travel for and trying some new food places. I'll talk about those things later, but for now, let's look at some of the things I've done and are worth the splurge.

If you're planning a cool trip to Las Vegas, here are some things I've done that are splurge-worthy.

Great food

There's nothing like great food and Vegas is full of it. They are also full of meh food, but reading reviews can usually help you root out what's worth the money and what's not. I have tried lots of restaurants in the city and can highly recommend the following:

  • Any Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I especially enjoy Pub & Grill inside Caesar's Palace. 
  • JJ's Boulangerie inside the Paris. The Paris's buffet is also worth the money, though I suggest looking for a Groupon, as they are usually available.
  • Wicked Spoon buffet brunch at the Cosmopolitan. You can get every breakfast thing you want here. It's spendy, but super worth it. Everything comes in bite-size portions, so you aren't putting a ton on your plate and wishing you saved room for something else or wasting a bunch of food if you don't like it.
  • Bardot Brasserie at the Aria. I've only been here for breakfast, but it was certainly delicious, so if you are a fan of French cuisine, I recommend checking it out for other meals.
  • Hash House A Go Go inside The Linq, where 2-3 people can split one entrée, making it actually a great deal. We ordered chicken and waffles for the two of us and still took leftovers away.
  • NoMAD at The Park MGM. Right now it's closed due to Covid, but it's gorgeous. If you aren't open to spend that much, go to NoMAD Bar and get a drink and a couple appetizers.
  • Where to save and still eat well:
    • Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen at the SLS. They're open 24/7 and have some of the best breakfasts I've had in Vegas. I highly recommend the banana pancakes.
    • Bruxie Waffles at The Park outside New York New York. They have BOGO deals once a week if you follow them on Instagram.
    • Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips, Maxie's, Virgil's BBQ on the Linq Promenade. 
    • Hard Rock Café. Yes, maybe this is bougie, but you always know what you're getting, are served large portions, and each location has a "local eats" menu. 
    • Happy Hour at House of Blues, where you can try a bunch of foods for the same price as two entrees.

Wayne Newton's mansion

Even if you aren't a big fan of Wayne Newton, Casa Shenandoah is an awesome, sprawling estate that's worth the visit. I learned quite a lot about him and his good works. We only chose to do the museum and plane, but you can also choose just the house or the entire estate. We were the only ones on our tour, so the guide took us over to see some of the animals. If I go back, which I probably will, I'd choose to do the entire tour. It may take half a day, but I honestly think it's worth it. This is another one where you should look for a Groupon.

Monorail tickets

While not that expensive, the LV Monorail is one of my favorite ways to get around. I generally buy a multi-day pass when I am in town for the Travel Goods Show, but I also spring for a pass when we are in town for the NBA Summer League and I don't want to pay to park in any of the garages that charge, which is almost all of them now. It's a quick way to get down the Strip and it's air conditioned. 

The Neon Museum

When hotels/casinos decommission their signs or close down, the Neon Museum tries their best to obtain the sign and then work with a volunteer group to get them refurbished. Some of their signs are positioned downtown on the street to see, but bigger signs like for the Stardust, Treasure Island, and more are held outside at the museum. At night, the ones that can be lit up (there are usually between 6 and 8), are, giving it a different vibe altogether than the daytime tour. There's not much shade, so if it's hot, try to get in on the earliest tour of the day. I've been to the museum twice, once for the daytime tour and once for the nighttime tour. Both had their pros and cons, but I recommend doing both if you can. If you can only do one, do the daytime tour, so you can see all the signs clearly.

The High Roller at The Linq

This giant ferris wheel has large cabins that can accommodate quite a few people at a time. You get awesome views of both The Strip and the mountains. A full rotation takes 30 minutes and the narrator is amusing and gives you some really cool history and facts. You can choose the daytime or nighttime ride and there's also an option to ride in a cabin with an open bar. That seems excessive to me, because not only is it more expensive, but you pay for all your drinks in there. This is another thing I'd suggest trying to do both during the day and night. Look for Groupons, some of which give you the option of two rides in a day.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour Bus

This is one of my favorite things to do in a new city. Las Vegas offers two different routes for their buses: The Strip and Downtown. I have taken both, and I highly suggest you take one full rotation if you like your guide. We see everything there is to see first (usually takes about an hour or so) and then we get off at stops on the second go-round. Your ticket is usually good for 24 hours, though they may break between day and night in Las Vegas. If you've already seen a lot of The Strip, do the Downtown route. It's really cool and informative. Not that The Strip one isn't. I learned a lot on that one, too. If you can afford both, it's worth it. If you can only afford one, I would do Downtown, as it's a whole different side of Vegas and there are more interesting stops. (This might be another to watch out for Groupons for.)

Springs Preserve

Though not actually that expensive, you do have to either drive or get a ride outside Vegas proper. You can easily spend half a day here and it's especially great if you have kids. Plus, if you're a member of a your local garden and it is on the Reciprocal Admissions Program, or you're a member of the American Horticultural Society, you can use your membership here. You'll learn about the Hoover Dam construction, the animals native to the area, general fun science activities, plus their are hiking trails and a tram. I really enjoyed this, even though it was a billion degrees out. I also highly suggest grabbing lunch at their café, because it was one of the best meals we had on that trip. Their gift shop has great items, too, so we brought home some awesome things for ourselves and others.

Mob Museum

Located downtown, the Mob Museum tells you the history of Las Vegas and the role the mob played in it. Spoiler, it's all of it. Through artifacts, videos, history and interactive exhibits, you'll know more about Las Vegas and Paradise than you ever knew possible. There's a speakeasy in the basement that has awesome food and really creative drinks. Plan to spend at least 4 hours here. 

Things not on this list, but I'm planning to splurge on:

Because all trips to Vegas are unique, I look for new things to do each time I visit. 

OmegaMart: This interactive museum has been on my list since before it even opened in Las Vegas. I've followed the original MeowWolf museum in New Mexico and have been dying to visit for years. Now I don't have to make a special trip, though OmegaMart is totally different.

Museum of Dream Space: Another new interactive museum that uses light to create gorgeous artscapes that you you can be part of.

Lunch or dinner at Hells Kitchen: Yes, it's a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, which I covered above, but it's new-ish and I'm excited to try it.

If you're looking for money-saving ideas, check out my other posts on budget Vegas On The Strip and Off The Strip.

Is there something you have wanted to do in Vegas but aren't sure if it's worth it? Ask me in the comments!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Looking at Travel Trends for the Rest of 2021

With travel restrictions easing in the U.S. and some other destinations, you're probably in the process of planning a trip or thinking of actually taking a trip. Many people are looking to stay close to home this year, but if you're like me, you like to know what people are doing and talking about when it comes to traveling. 

Many people are looking to stay close to home this year, but if you're like me, you like to know what people are doing and talking about when it comes to traveling.

What are you looking for when it comes to your next trip away from home?

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

What's your number one problem with traveling more? Well, I'm going to guess that it's money, otherwise you probably wouldn't be here. I'm just like you guys. I have to pay for most of my own travel. We don't have unlimited funds. I rarely get "paid" to travel, though I know people think that, because I get asked about it a lot. I wish I got paid to travel, but then again, you probably wouldn't trust anything I said if I did, right? I know I wouldn't. So, how can you save for travel when it seems like you don't have any money to spare?

You don't have to totally turn your whole life upside down to save money for your travels. Changing a few little things can add up in big ways.

Believe it or not, it can be easy to save, even when you think you can't. I have a lot of ways I've used, with much success. I've lived paycheck-to-paycheck most of my life, too, so don't think you can't do it. You might also remember my best friend who has six children and live on one income (because they'd need 5 incomes to pay for childcare, so instead her husband stays home), they pay two mortgages, and vacation at least a couple times a year. When I last wrote about how they did a Disney vacation they only had four kids, which is still more than most people I know. They haven't slowed down their traveling and they are creative in how they do it. In fact, they have also done a 2-week trip to Hong Kong and a 1-week all-inclusive trip to Mexico. If they can do it, then you can do it!

Here are some easy ways you can save for your travel dreams:

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Pay yourself first

You know how when you invest in something like a 401-K and it gets taken out of your paycheck before you even see it? And you never miss it? Do this with your vacation fund. You know when you get paid, so set up an automatic deposit, either through work or on your own online, to go to that separate account. Even just $50 per paycheck can quickly add up and it's not so much that you'll notice it's gone. If you can afford more, change the dollar amount that goes, even if this is a one-time occurrence or permanent. A few dollars more is better than no dollars more.

Tip: Having a separate account is key. Don't make it the same as your regular savings account or checking account. Make it harder for you (and everyone else contributing) to spend it!

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Open a high-yield checking or savings account

Just like I say above, make sure it's separate from your everyday account. While your money is just sitting there, you could be earning more each month for doing nothing more but keeping it in the bank. Free money is good!

Use a fantastic saving app

I just started using Qapital when they were brand new. It's really changed the way I spend and save. You set up a goal, or multiple goals, and then set up rules in order to save for them. I've saved for multiple things, including our trip to Edinburgh and London. I have two rules set up usually: One is the $2 round-up rule, so any time I use one of the cards on file, they round up to the nearest $2. That means if I spend $4.50, $1.50 will go into my Qapital account, to make up $6, which is the next denomination of $2 after $4.50. I also have an IFTTT rule that says anytime I check into a place and use the hashtag "coffeetour", it transfers another $1 to my account. I haven't used this in a while, because coffee shops have basically been closed to indoor seating for a year and a half.

You can change your rules at any time (and there are a lot of them to choose from), the app starts at just $3/month for the basic account (but will save you much more than that to make it worthwhile) and super secure, you can take your savings out whenever you want/need, so you can use it at will, and if your balance on your connected bank account dips below $100, your savings are paused in order to avoid overdraft. You can use it on both Android and iOS. Start saving now! (and you'll get $25 free for using my link!)

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Make a list and stick to it

When I go grocery shopping, I make a list. I try to plan my meals around the same ingredients with some variety. Chicken, noodles, potatoes, carrots, beef and beans are all great staples, because you can make a ton of things with them. Buy enough to make twice as much as you plan to eat and freeze so you have dinners for future nights and can save money in the coming weeks, or have easy food to make when you return from vacation. 

Don't forget coupons and store rewards programs. Use those apps and coupons to guide your shopping for the week or month to save even more. Tally up how much you saved and put that money in your vacation fund!

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Keep the change

If you're like everyone, you have a ton of change just sitting in your car or the bottom of your purse. Make a jar or container at home to throw all that change in at the end of each day. You wouldn't know it, but all those cents can add up over the months and you might find you have a spare $100 or so that you can use as spending money!

Fill your free time

Do you find yourself sitting in front of the TV for an hour or two? Earn points through Swagbucks. You can use these points to earn money and gift cards. It's easy to accrue a lot of points in an hour or so and you can trade them in for travel cards, Amazon gift codes and even Paypal cash. Download the app on your phone to earn even more. It's super easy and totally mindless. 

Get cash back

You're going to buy stuff. You just are. Rakuten lets you save money on your online purchases by offering you a set amount of cash back on participating retailers, including a lot of travel sites. If you're going to spend money, you might as well save as much as possible. Rakuten (formerly Ebates) sends you cash back payments four times a year, either by check or deposited to your Paypal account. It's super easy, and those payments can be used as spending money on your trips. Use my link to sign up and get $30 deposited to your account when you make your first eligible purchase.

Drive past the coffee shop

Getting your morning coffee can set you back $3-5, which easily adds up to $60-100 over the course of a month. I love a professionally-made cup of Joe as much as the next person, but I know they can really be expensive. If you want a fancy cup of coffee, think about investing in an espresso maker or French press and frothing whisk. You'll work the cost off by the end of the year and might even find you like your own coffee better. You'll definitely save calories. 

Don't worry, I think it's perfectly acceptable to break out once in a while and splurge on a grande triple macchiato with whip. (We spend most of our extra money going out to eat, but since the pandemic, we've cut way back on that. We do delivery now once a week.) Maybe your weakness is fast food or going out to lunch. Plan your meals ahead of time and/or bring your lunch to work instead. You'll be surprised by how much you spend.

You don't have to totally turn your whole life upside down to save money for your travels. Once you do a few of these things, you'll find it easier to incorporate other ways to save without feeling like you're missing out on anything or being too restrictive. Maybe instead of going to the movies one night, you pick up a Redbox or find something old that's streamable on Netflix. Soon you'll have a little pile of money that grows into a bigger pile of money that will surprise you.

I'd love to know what destinations are on your travel wish list! What trip are you saving for next? 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which help me keep the blog running.
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