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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dad and Grad Travel Gift Guide

So Mother's Day has come and gone {Did you get your mom something awesome? Did ya?} and now we're looking at high school and college graduation and Father's Day celebrations. If the dad(s) or grad(s) on your list is into travel - I mean, who isn't? - then something fun and travel-related that will last them on many vacations is way better than, say, that engraved pen, briefcase or tie you were thinking about getting. You know one of those was on your list. Wouldn't you rather have them equate your gift with fun, worldly memories than signing documents and going to work and being a grown up? I know I would, so here's a round-up of kick ass stuff to present them with this year and be a winner + a genius. 
dad and grad travel gifts
Is your recent grad thinking about backpacking through Europe or taking the summer to "find themselves" while they're off gallivanting the globe? That likely means a lot of trains and buses, and maybe even hostels, so aside from physical things, make sure they stay safe online and in real life.

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior

This bag will come in handy on a weekend trip to Vegas, a week-long trip to visit Grandma or months in Europe. It doesn't seem like it's that large, but if you mix and match your wardrobe, then you can fit 20+ outfits in here. Perfect for when you need to carry everything with you at all times, including your laptop and other electronics. It can be carried like a backpack, briefcase or a shoulder bag. It fits under the seat on the plane, too, so that's pretty awesome. The bag expands for extra purchases along the way and has a ton of pockets to keep stuff organized. Get it on Amazon for around $70. If you need more reasons why it's cool, check out my review.

Skyroll Spinner Suitcase

This is a great bag for a recent grad and the dad that likes to jetset. It has a removable wrap-around garment bag to allow you to bring suits and other formal clothes without having them get all wrinkly in your bag. The main bag has a top pocket for your laptop (a must, right?) and a top compartment for things you need to get at easily. There's still quite a bit of room in the largest compartment for shoes, your toiletries and more. We took this bag to Europe and it was amazing. Super easy to wheel along and I knew all my belongings were safe, because it had the garment bag wrapped around it. It's a bit of an investment at $299, but it's well made and awesome, so it'll get a lot of use.

Travelon RFID-Blocking Trifold Wallet

There are so many thieves out there looking to steal your money, your identity, your credit card numbers. Protect all that stuff that's in your pocket with a stylish and RFID-blocking wallet. It fits all your cards, money, receipts and more and never gets all bulky. It's real leather and only $30

Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles by Laken

Let them carry their favorite beverage, kept hot or cold for many hours. The Laken thermoses are lightweight, but can keep things cold, with ice, for an entire 24-hour period, and keep things hot for an average of 8 hours. They're perfect for road trips, hiking and even just walking around the city. I've got two that will be traveling with me everywhere. With a price range of $12-65, depending on size and color, there's one for every budget.

Chloe Hoodie from SCOTTeVEST

This hoodie has so many functions...and pockets! So many pockets! Your lady grad will never take another jacket with them on trips to the laundromat or to Spain. For real. I love this hoodie so much, I wish it were cooler now, so I could put it on. It's stylish, cozy and lets you walk around without a purse if you want. At $90, it isn't cheap, but the construction is rugged, it's flattering and they are going to wear it all the time. If you don't have a girl on your list, SCOTTeVEST has similar ones for men, including the 10-pocket cotton hoodie, the 10-pocket microfleece hoodie and the 13-pocket Knowmadic hoodie.

Foldable Flats from Butterfly Twists

Help your girly grad pack more shoes or just look more stylish while packing light with these fab foldable flats. I wear mine all the time and my feet don't hate me. With a ton of styles, there is something for everyone, whether they are into these sweet peep-toes or are more into the a more sturdy loafer. They run an average of $50-65 and they pack super small, making them great for travel or for days at the office when you just can't take heels anymore.

Traveling Scarf by Napper

Does your dad or grad travel a lot at night or on buses or trains? I think the Napper is a must for those that need to sleep up against windows, walls or such and also like to block out the light and some noise. With this on, your head stays warm, your ears are protected and people won't ever think you want to chat with them when you so clearly don't. With its length and softness, you can use it to stay warm in winter climates once you reach your destination, too. At $58, it's affordable and really unique. 

Travel HoodiePillow

Speaking of unique, the teens will love this one, especially if they spend a lot of time commuting or roadtripping with friends. The hoodie blocks light, is fun an keeps the a/c from giving your a headache and the travel pillow part lets you sleep comfortably in the car or in that dreaded middle seat. It's so soft, and it folds up small. The price tag is totally reasonable at just $19.95.

Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag

My husband adores this bag and we kind of fight over who's going to carry it when we travel. It fits everything we need in it, whether on the plane or just out sightseeing. It adjusts to everyone and I even took it on a bike ride at one point. It's stylish and has pockets to keep you organized and it's unisex. You can't really ask for more than that, can you? The $75 price point is a bit high for a bag, but it's theft-proof and can take you from the office to everywhere else in the world. We've taken it on countless trips and it still looks like brand new.

Tracks Air Wireless Headphones from Sol Republic & Motorola

If you have a music lover on your list, they will loooooove these headphones. I mean, they work wirelessly, have a long range, long battery life, look great, fit snugly and adjust to fit even the biggest and smallest heads. Really, you'll never have to buy another pair of headphones again, unless you need some for someone else in your house. At $199, that's as good a promise as you can get.

Of course there are lots of other fun gifts for the traveling dad and grad if you are looking for something more versatile. Peep this list from the holidays with gifts for all budgets. Do you have a successful travel gift you like to give for big milestones?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Time to Hit the Road

Now that the warmer weather is here (for a lot of places), it's time to start planning your road trips. I mean, I love it when I can hop on a plane and arrive at my destination hours later, but nothing beats a great road trip with stops along the way that make it fun and memorable. As a child, our family packed up the car an awful lot. Of course, I am an only child, so there was no sharing the back seat or fighting with siblings. I'm not sure if that made it more or less fun, but I always had a good time and was able to take stretched-out naps while on the road instead of scrunched up against the window {if you have to share, the Napper is actually a lifesaver for backseat snoozing}. Whether you have one kid, five kids or zero, there are always ways to make ever road trip more awesome. 
Where should you go?
There's an endless number of roads to travel on. If you want to see some of the most beautiful vistas in the U.S., check out this cool list from Afar. Once you've made the plan, create a custom travel map on Google maps. Kevin and Amanda show you how to do it. Drive to some cool amusement parks. Roadtrippers has all the best ones in America. 

photo credit

Make sure you plan a lot of stops along the way
A road trip isn't fun if you don't get out of the car once in a while. Look for those funky roadside attractions that might be interesting to check out. Sometimes, he kitschy ones are the best and most memorable, so don't pass up on the world's largest ball of twine or whatever you see. AAA books can help you find these places and they're free for AAA members, just go in and pick them up or order them online. I also like this awesome list from Roadtrippers of "international" destinations found in the U.S., so you feel like you're actually traveling abroad. They also have this amazing map that shows you all of America's best roadside attractions.

Plan some entertainment
You'll probably bring electronics, but make sure you bring/plan offline things to do, too. Books, magazines, notebooks and crayons are always good to keep on-hand, as are travel-sized games and things like license plate bingo that everyone can play. Create a binder for your trip that has printable games. This is a fun (and organized) idea from Glue Sticks Blog. I also love audio books for keeping entertained in the car. Sometimes you just need a break from music or when you're in between radio stations.

Bring a map
I know, you probably have GPS or you plan to use your phone to stay on track, but sometimes electronics don't work properly or the batteries run own. If that happens, then you have the old standby to help you get where you want to go without getting lost if you make a wrong turn.

photo credit

Get the apps
You probably won't break down and have no way to keep your phone charge, which means apps are a must. They make traveling so much easier when you need to find the nearest bank or public restroom or landmark or gas station. CoolMomTech has a fantastic round-up for family trips. And if you have kids, then downloading some apps just for them on your tablet is fantastic idea. CoolMomTech has a good list of those, too, which include educational ones, so they can learn something while you travel.

photo credit

Pack food and snacks
It can be fun to stop at greasy spoons along the way, but you don't want your family to live on crummy unhealthy food for days, so it's important to pack a cooler with some nutritious and homemade foods. I like to pack sandwich fixings that can be put together wherever you are and delicious sides like veggies and potato salad. You'll want to pack things that taste good cold, like chicken legs, salad stuffs, cheese {for crackers}, as well as fruit. Foods you can eat with your hands are the best. Make sure to keep necessary items on-hand, like a roll of paper towels, baby wipes (for when life gets a bit messy), paper plates and plastic forks. And don't forget bottles of water and/or juice boxes. Freeze them before leaving the house and you won't have to use ice that gets everything soggy. Need some inspiraton for food? Check out this post from KidsActivitiesBlog, these premade sandwiches that travel well from PopSugar and Brit + Co's list of epic road trip snacks. Also, pack your cooler better with these great tips from OneGoodThing by JilleeTip: Bringing your own food can also save you money and free up some funds for those fun stops along the way.

photo credit

Make sure to stay safe
Being safe and getting your car serviced and checked out before you leave is really important. There's nothing worse than breaking down from something that you could have fixed at home. If you have roadside assistance, make sure you have the card handy, so you can call if you have any problems. If you don't have roadside assistance and your road trip is going to be a long one, now might be the time to invest in AAA.

Keep hydrated along the way with a thermos from Laken that will keep stuff hot or cold for a whole day! They are totally worth the price. Need more great ideas for your epic road trip? Check out these fun hacks from BuzzFeed. You can also browse my Pinterest road trip board for even more road trip awesomeness. What are some of your favorite road trip tips?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Can Travel Make Your Life Better?

Of course it does, but why? And what places make up peoples' top wish list destinations? There are hardly many things I would choose to do if travel were also an option. Obviously, paying bills is important, but saving to travel the world is right up there on my must do list. Here's what others had to say:

travel is good for your health
photo credit

Would you rather stay at home than travel if  you had the chance and money to do so?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 Summer Staycation Ideas for Kids

Summer is coming, and if you have kids, you can't really travel for the three months they have off. First of all, you probably have a job. Second, you don't have bottomless pockets. The one thing for sure is that no matter what happens over the summer, there will be a time when you hear those dreaded words: I'm boooooorrred. Urg! You hear it echoing in your head already, right? As an adult you think "If you don't go outside to play and keep yourself busy, there's plenty of stuff inside to keep you busy, like cleaning out the garage..." Well, if you put themselves in their shoes and remember what it's like to be a kid, then you know that they are kept busy almost 24/7 between school, homework, extracurriculars and chores, the other 9 months of the year, so doing the same things isn't fun. It's up to you to figure out ways to make their summers extraordinary. Believe it or not, it's not always difficult or expensive to do it either.

summer staycation ideas

Keeping track of your ideas might sound like one of the biggest obstacles. How will you come up with enough things to keep your kids from complaining? I'll help, but make notes of things throughout the year that your children take an interest in. Flesh out your thoughts and either put them in a binder, a spreadsheet or write them out on slips of paper to put in a jar for when the "I'm bored"s are threatening to take over. Can you organize them and make them a surprise for the kids? Keeping things a secret is one way to make any activity more exciting. By springing something on them at the last moment, you've already made it twice as cool. Here are some ideas you can instantly put on your list:

Travel without leaving home
By not leaving home, I mean not leaving your hometown. In short, be a tourist in your own city. You may have lived 5, 10, 15 years in the same city and missed out on some of the coolest things there are to do there. Or maybe you did it when you first moved and have decided it's for travelers and haven't done it again. Some of those things are the best things to do again, especially with kids because they see things totally different. Is there a great attraction that you haven't ever visited? Do you see something everyday, but have never seen it up close? Is there a historical building nearby that you've never been inside? Now's the time to make that list and go do it. In fact, you can probably find a lot of free things that you've never done.

Plan a mini vacation
Maybe you're already headed on vacation in a few months or you're saving money to go at another time of the year, but that doesn't mean you can't make a fun trip out of an event. There are tons of things going on everywhere in the summer months, so pick one that everyone will find fun, make a day of it and book a hotel or airbnb for the night, just so it feels like you aren't home and you have a reason to pack a bag. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just sleeping in a different bed and not having to clean up after yourself for a night (or two) can really refresh you.
Go camping/glamping in the backyard
Ditch the digital devices, pitch a tent in the yard, make it ultra comfy with all your favorite blankets, pillows, throws, beanbags, light the firepit and get some bonding going on. Maybe you want to set up a little table with a lamp (or one of those fancy LED lanterns) and play board games. Make some fancy s'mores. Get delivery. Just being outside in nature can be enough of a change of pace and scenery. Leave the smartphones, tablets and TV inside for a bit of a digital detox. I will suggest you bring a radio (you still have one of those, right?) out to create some ambiance. Snuggle in for the night and listen to the sounds of outside. This is a fun way to spend evenings that don't revolve around texting or ignoring each other in different parts of the house. Get back to basics and enjoy one another.
Have a drive-in movie night
I don't know about you, but we used to go to the drive-in a lot I was a kid. It was so fun. I'm sad that so many drive-in theaters have gone by the wayside, so we have made out own at home. As you may remember, we have our own projector and screen to have outdoor movie nights in the spring and summer. You can do the same at home for cheap and either set it up in your driveway to watch from inside the car or put it up in the backyard where you can cuddle up in a blanket with some popcorn and snacks and pretend you're at a drive-in. Invite some friends, play a double-feature and set up a snack bar for intermission.

Make the most of the memberships you have
Do you have a membership to the zoo, aquarium, children's museum or science museum? Then find out the restrictions on them and learn what events are going on that you can use them for. Summer usually brings more special events and educational programs, so make the most of them for only a few dollars or just the price of gas. That'll stretch your budget and keep your kids entertained and learning.

Plan a travel party
So, maybe you can't afford to pack your bags and fly everyone to a cool destination, like Spain or London or France. That doesn't mean you can't still experience what it's like. Get everyone on board for a travel party and plan a meal (or potluck if you want to share your "trip" with friends) and get your family involved in decorating and learning about the country/city. Theme parties can be really fun and don't have to cost a lot. We've done Vegas parties, British parties, Italian parties and even Hogwarts' parties. Make traditional dishes, play music from the place you've chosen and find games you can play too. Make it even more exciting by giving guests a new identity of famous and past and present residents.

Pack a picnic and take a drive
We used to do this a lot when I was a kid. We didn't have a destination in mind, we just packed a cooler, maybe a change of clothes and got int he car and drove. Getting lost is the perfect way to find hidden gems around where you live. We didn't always go anywhere fun, but we were together. Often you find those random roadside attractions you've never seen or heard of. Stop at a park or rest stop and spread out your picnic on the ground or on a table and just enjoy being outside with your family.

Use Groupon
I promise you, no matter who you are or where you live, you've never done everything there is to do in your city. Let Groupon help you try new restaurants, do fun activities, learn new skills or find out more about where you live for up to 90% off. We save so much using daily deal sites, which means you can keep your family engaged fora  fraction of the price. Instead of just one activity, you can do 2-4 for the same price.

Go on a city tour
Do you know about the bridges in your city? What about the history of it? How did the food scene evolve? Who shaped and grew the city into what it is today? Every city has a backstory. What's yours? I'll be there are lots of things you don't know about where you live. A few years ago we took an amazing boat tour along the Willamette River. We've also taken a tour of the Portland underground known as the Shanghai Tunnels. We plan to take Portland walking tours and even the trolley tour we have here. I mean, we do this when we travel, why not at home? Keep your eye on the Groupon feed, too, because you'll find a lot of deals for such things.
Plan a scavenger hunt outing
I love this idea. If I had kids, I'd be planning these often, because it can make anything more fun. Come up with a list of things to find - a bridge, a phone booth, a police car - and make a copy for everyone in the family. Whether you're going to the zoo, running errands or heading to the farmers' market, anytime someone can cross off something on their list, it makes it pretty exciting.

There are lots of ways to have fun with your family on a budget. You can find more ideas on my Staycation Pinterest page. Also, don't forget to keep your camera handy to take photographic evidence of all your summer fun. What are your favorite ways to enjoy a staycation with your kids?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Travel on Any Budget

I know there are many of you dreading summer break, because it means that the little ones (and not so little ones) are anxious to get out of the house and have some fun and summer travel is not cheap. Well, I have your answer! For less than a buck, you can be in possession of tips that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Sounds good, right? While it’s just a taste of what is offered in my full book, this 24 page eBook will give you the secrets to unlocking discounts for summer vacationing.

budget summer travel

So, if you want to go on a real family (or couples or solo) trip when the temperatures start to rise, but don’t know where to start to fit one into your budget – or just need a help fitting more into your trip for less – this will be your handy guide to being the budget travel king/queen you always wanted to be. Your kids will applaud you for planning an awesome trip, your spouse will be thrilled there’s still some money in the bank when you get back, you won’t still be paying it off a decade from now and your friends will bow down to your greatness in frugality. Not that you have to tell them your “secrets” or anything.
Know more people who are having a hard time planning a summer getaway? Send them a link to this post or share it on your social media sites. A big thanks and happy (summer) travels!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where to Spend Memorial Day 2015

The coming long weekend is already predicted to be the most crowded on the road in the last decade. An estimated 33 million travelers will be hitting the highways to get to their destinations this year. On the bright side, we'll be facing some of the lowest gas prices in the past few years, but there will also be a lot of people who are facing break-downs and flat tires, so make sure you've gotten your car checked out and you have roadside assistance on-hand for your trip.

memorial day travel tips
photo credit
While a lot of people use the long weekend to get away and bond with family, there are some people that are hoping to travel child-free, and not just people like me who don't have children. Short trips can be a good way to reconnect with your partner and take a break from being a parent and get you excited for taking that longer vacation with your child(ren) and discovering new, fun things with them.

photo credit
A lot of us already have big plans for vacations later in the year, so splashing out a bunch of cash for a long weekend isn't always in our budget. Luckily, it looks like there will be a lot of deals this year, which can be found on Priceline. There are also a lot of ways to skip the flights and take an awesome road trip, but here are 12 destinations that are really budget-friendly, no matter how you choose to get there:
Learn about the country's history, with fantastic shopping and seafood dining options. Last-minute deals can take 45% off regular rates, allowing you to visit for much less than other times of the year.
Cancun (Mexico)
Not only do you get the benefit of cheap food and proximity to the ocean, Cancun hotel rates are halved this time of year, and there are so many things to do outside of laying on the beach and getting sunburned. (Seriously, apply and reapply or you'll never want to go back to Mexico.)
Catalina Island
When I was younger, I took several trips to Catalina Island off the coast of California. It's a great place to get a small town feel and oceanside accommodations. Hotel rates fall over 50% between May to October, when you can expect to pay under $100 per night, including the ferry ride to the island from Long Beach.
Airfare sales can be found to Hawaii right now and Memorial weekend kicks off summer sale rates for hotels, which can be found as low as $79 per night. Need tips on what to do or where to go? I've got tips for visiting Molokai, Maui or Honolulu.

Las Vegas
As long as you don't gamble away your savings in the casinos, you can totally make a trip to Sin City cheap. Rates at the MGM Grand can run you under $100 per night, and you can spend less at a less-luxurious hotel. Not sure how to keep your money in your pockets? Here are free and cheap ideas and what you can do if you have kids in tow.
New Orleans
The Big Easy has just gotten over the crowds from Mardi Gras and Spring Break. That means it's clamoring a bit for tourists. You can book a hotel for around $129 per night or fin an Airbnb deal for similar (or less). Worried you won't be able to find anything to do besides drink? You'll be treated to parades and here are some other inspiring ideas for how to spend your time there.
New York City
While you don't normally think of The Big Apple as a budget getaway, prices drop for Memorial weekend. It won't be super cheap, but $159 per night for a 3-star hotel is a deal that won't totally break the bank.
Theme parks are certainly going to be busy over the holiday weekend, but there are tons of things to do in Orlando that aren't Disney World, plus room rates can run you just $100 per night. If you want ideas for what to do in the area, check out my Orlando Pinterest page.
Phoenix (and Scottsdale)
Arizona isn't at the height of its hot temps in May, making it an ideal vacation destination. Get amazing hotel rates or spend a little extra for a luxury resort that may be offering up to 40% off. There are a lot of cool things to see and do there, and tons of delicious Mexican food, too.
Riviera Maya (Mexico)
It's heating up in Mexico, and maybe you're ready to get a little sun worshipping into your life. Between May and the end of October, you'll face smaller crowds and room rates. Look to spend an average of $80 per night and pack your sunscreen, bathing suit and sunglasses.
San Francisco
This may seem like a really expensive destination, but if you look for hotels in the Union Square area, you can find rates as low as $112. Find awesome, and affordable, things to do there using this 48 hours post.

Washington, DC
See our nation's capital for less. Once the cherry blossoms fall in April, tourism drops off, so lodging prices drop as well. You can find great deals in May for as low as $69 per night. There are so many free things to do in the city, that you could easily only pay for food each day. Need some ideas? Check out my post from our trip last year.

Where will you be spending Memorial Day? I'll be staying home this year and probably firing up the BBQ.

Stats from AAA, Travel-Ticker, Orbitz

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles by Laken

When I travel, I always have a water bottle with me. It’s important to keep hydrated, especially in the warmer months and in the drying air of plane travel. Summer brings road trips, theme park visits and tons of travel, which means you’re going to need to keep some water with you more often. You know what sucks? When you’ve carried that bottle for like an hour and it’s already warm and blah. Yuck! I know when I’m wandering around Disney, it’s usually in the hot sun, which means even if I freeze a bottle, by mid-morning, it’s pretty much melted again. Enter Laken insulated thermos bottles.

Laken bottle reviewLaken bottle review

I’d heard about these insulated bottles that promise long-lasting cooling and warming for your beverages, but seeing as how I have spent quite a bit of money on different containers (you probably have too), I was a little skeptical. I saw some reviews that confirmed that they were really great, so I wanted to see for myself. Not only do they keep stuff hot and cold, but they have screw-on tops, so no matter what you’re doing and how jostled your bottle gets, your beverage stays inside without spills, which is not something most travel mugs can claim.

So, whether you’re roller coaster-bound, hiking, or just wandering the streets of a new city, you’ll want to get one of these bottles. I received two of Laken’s bottles: A wide-mouth version and a narrow mouth version. With a two-week trip to Orlando coming up and a shorter trip to Las Vegas in July, I definitely have the need to keep some cool water on my person. There’s nothing worse than trying to hydrate in 90+ degree weather with water that isn’t much cooler than that, and buying multiple drinks throughout the day can totally break your budget. Theme parks are known to sell water bottles at $5 or more a pop. Ouch. We’ve even gone the refill-the-bottle-you-brought method, which can be gross, because it ends up being lukewarm right off the bat.

So, what makes Laken bottles better than any other bottle you might have at home? The promise to keep liquids cool for 24 hours and keep them hot for up to 8. It is a reusable bottle that has food-grade stainless steel inside, so you aren’t subjected to plastic leaching or the heat making your water taste funky. I tested this out once they arrived. I’ve had other “double-walled” containers that didn’t work much better than a plastic water bottle, so it’s hard to wrap your head around such long warming and cooling times.

I grabbed lunch from a fast food place last week and somehow ended up with two large drinks. Since I couldn’t drink two, I put the one in my Laken thermos, ice and all, and left it out on my kitchen counter. 8 hours later, it looked and tasted just like it did when I put it in the thermos. I checked it every few hours and then left it overnight. At 24 hours, there was one sad little ice cube still floating around, but it was still there…and the soda still had fizz in it. What???? The soda was cold and not flat…after a whole day!

The next day I picked up a coffee and transferred it to the Laken bottle, went off to do some stuff and drank out of it for several hours without it ever cooling off, even with me opening and closing it quite a few times. That’s really one of the worst things about taking a coffee out with you anywhere. Sometimes it gets cold before you can finish drinking it. Well, we did another test with a hot coffee to see if the 8 hours was even close. My husband put a steaming hot coffee into the thermos, left it in his car while he was visiting his parents, then brought it home and put it on the counter. 8 hours after it was put in it, it was still hot. Not warm, but hot. After 12 hours, it was still warm. Can you imagine keeping this full of hot chocolate for outings with kids? Awesome!

With two, I can have my morning coffee and then have my cold water, tea or soda later in the afternoon if I want. It’s like having a little fridge with you wherever you go. Plus, the 25oz size (the largest) will fit into the water bottle pocket of most bags. The small travel bag I’ve been carrying around lately has a zip-out mesh pocket (for those sweating bottles) and both of these fit perfect in there and they were really stable. If you don’t have a day bag with a bottle holder, these have handles on the lids, so you can attach to a caribiner on your backpack or belt loop or even add a strap to them. Convenient, right?

I could easily take this everywhere with me, even on theme park rides all day long, because it’s airtight and won’t spill all over everywhere. If you fill it with ice, refilling it even with room temperature liquid will help cool it down and actually refresh you in the hot weather. I can promise you, I won’t be going anywhere without one or both of these bottles from now on.

Other specs:
Where can I buy it? On the Laken Website, On Amazon: Wide Mouth | Narrow Mouth
How much is it? Wide mouth: $13-64 | Narrow mouth: $12-65
What sizes do they come in? Depending on the style: 12, 17, 25 and 34 oz.
What colors does it come in? You name it, they got it. Mine are fuchsia and red, but you can also get them in black, yellow, blue, green, orange, silver and fun prints.
Other info: 18/8 food grade stainless steel, BPA free with no leeching effect, no powder coating, extremely durable and easy to clean. You can also purchase different lids for your Laken thermos.

Want to connect with Laken? Find them on their website | Facebook | Twitter

Where would one of these insulated thermoses come in most handy for you?

Disclosure: I was provided with two Laken bottles for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.
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