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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Taking a Marrakech Staycation

It's that time again. We're on another Destination Date Night and this time we hit up Marrakech, Morocco. This has been on my list for a while, and it's giving me serious vacation longing. It's been almost a whole year since I've gotten on a plane to go anywhere and we've been talking about our first trip after we're both vaccinated. I can't wait, but these destination dates are some of the things really getting me through. So, let's talk about our date.

As you know, the setting is the most important part of my destination dates, so I had two backdrops made, since I couldn't find anything that wasn't a doorway. Much as I love doorways, I wanted to really capture the feel of the actual place. I chose a seaside scape and a market, because when I think of Morocco, I think of the souks and their many stalls and heaped, colorful spices. I adore a spice market, and Eric learned how much when we were at Borough Market in London and I spent a good hour in a particular stall choosing spices to bring home for myself and as gifts. In fact, he walked around and took pictures that I didn't even see until we got home. 

Because everything is so colorful, I tried to also make my table colorful, but not overly busy. I found these gorgeous plates in the clearance section of Cost Plus and snatched them up immediately. I already knew we would be "traveling" to Morocco at some point. I already had these starburst glasses, and I opted to use them instead of some other glasses I had my eye on. When I think on this destination, I also think of bright lanterns and Aladdin for some reason. For those reasons, I picked out this sweet little Moroccan style lantern and "genie lamp". All of this on top of a blue tablecloth to make everything pop.

As you know, we like to jazz up our looks on date night, so as an homage to the wonderful style and fashion, we did some fun headgear. Eric is sporting a little fez and I've got this pretty sweet hair jewelry. I said I was feeling Aladdin vibes, so I went a little bit that way with these looks.

Now, the main attraction: Food. I looked at several places that would deliver though UberEats* that had real, traditional Moroccan food, and not just random Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, like shawarma. In fact, I found a local Black-owned restaurant that was in my delivery range. We have been trying to support more small, woman-owned, and Black-owned businesses, so this made me really happy.

Now, I know from experience that I don't love cold couscous, so I looked for different dishes. For starters, I ordered Bakola, a salted spinach dip with Moroccan spices and preserved lemons. This was spicy, and served with big pita bread. 

For mains I ordered was Chicken Bastila, and sweet and savory pastry made with phyllo dough. It looks like a doughnut, so I wasn't really sure what we were getting ourselves into, but you know I'm always up for new and interesting foods, so we had to try it. It was pretty awesome...and a lot bigger than anticipated. Three people could have had this as a meal. We also got Moroccan couscous, which is steamed and served with beef and veggies. Traditional, yes, but different than almost all couscous dishes I've ever had. We ended up with chicken, which was fine. The veggies were all large pieces, making it really rustic.  We have a lot of leftovers.

I don't normally order drinks, because I make my own, but I wanted to really immerse myself this week. I added a mint Tangier lemonade for Eric and a rose water for me. These sounded like very refreshing beverages to complement our meal, and they totally were.

Onto dessert. We did baklava as part of our Egypt date, and being part of a large Greek family, most gatherings with Eric's parents or aunts include a large pan of baklava. For that reason alone, I ordered rice pudding, which I know is also pretty normal, but I also thought it would go well with the Turkish coffee I was making. I had it once and I was in love with it. Turkish coffee is strong and flavorful and can be very sweet. Unlike regular coffee, it's definitely for sipping and taking your time to enjoy it. I got the special pot (cezve) and cups that I've been looking for an excuse to buy. I realized at the fact that we also did a different rice pudding during that Egypt date, but it was a great end to a great meal. 

*If you haven't signed up for UberEats yet, use my code eats-shereenr208ue and get $20 off your first order of $25+)

While we ate, we took tours of several souks, because we both love to see weird foods and cool handmade goods. We also took a tour of the top 10 things to do in Marrakech and learned some basic words and phrases, so we're ahead of the game for when we plan our trip there in the future.

If you want to plan your own Moroccan staycation, it's pretty easy to pull one together, even in a short amount of time. There are so many great walking tours online, as well as books and websites to plan a trip. Here's a list to get your started:

You can make your staycation a romantic date or a fun learning escape for the family. No matter how you do it, a trip to Morocco is a great trip even at home. 

Have you been taking any staycations during this pandemic?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I may be compensated should you choose to make any purchases through them. This allows me to keep this blog running for you. Thanks in advance!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Getting The Most Out Of Your Time Off

Time off is not something we get to enjoy very often, for numerous reasons. There are bills to cover, expenses to be paid, and you can’t be away from work all of the time for that to be possible. That’s why it’s important that you know how to get the most out of your time off and get yourself refreshed and ready to get back to things! There’s no limit on what you can do for enjoyment, whether you have a lot of funds to cover it, or are short and looking for something cheap to do!


Different accommodation

A holiday doesn’t have to be some overly expensive adventure, and there’s a lot you can do to cut those costs down! What’s important is how you plan things, and in this case, it’s your choice of accommodation. Hotels can be a great experience, and the more you pay, the more you’re going to get from your stay there. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday, paying for a fancy hotel is likely going to be your best bet. The only problem with hotels is, it’s far more expensive to stay for a longer duration there than anywhere else, and if you’re looking for a longer period of time away - a hotel is going to limit that!

If you’re the type that doesn’t mind what kind of accommodation they’re going to be going with, and the enjoyment comes from the adventure itself, you might want to consider trying out a hostel! In some cases, you get your own private room - though you’ll likely be sharing a kitchen and a bathroom with other people who are staying there, and you’ll be spending much less money on your stay than you would in a hotel. It’s the perfect option if you’re going to be on the move a lot and don’t mind where you’re staying here and there. Of course, you lack the privacy that you would get with a hotel, but the savings could be worth it!

Another expensive option that you might want to consider is property rental. If you’re traveling with a family and need more space with your stay, it might be cheaper to rent a holiday home than it would be to rent multiple hotel rooms, and you get the whole building to yourself. Depending on where you’re going, there may be many benefits to this! Some homes allow pets, some have their own pool, some are right on the beach! It’s a great option if you’re planning a pricey holiday with the family, but want to save some money.

What suits you

Accommodation aside, getting a holiday right means figuring out what you’re going to do while you’re away, and you need to plan everything else around that. For some people, the ideal holiday is getting out there to see and experience everything that you possibly can! That might sound expensive, but it can be cheaper than staying in one place if you know how to carry yourself! Picking out cheap accommodation, bringing only a few belongings with you, and knowing how to take care of your necessities means that you don’t have to rely so much on paid guides and shelter!

If you don’t want to have to figure everything out for yourself, and would rather be shown around to see what’s interesting, there are holiday packages that you can invest in, where you’ll have a place to stay organized, and your events planned out! It can be good if you’re not really sure what you want, and you would prefer to get an experience recommended by someone else - but these tend to be more expensive. If you have your own ideas of what you want to do, a guided holiday isn’t for you!

Sometimes going far away from home isn’t the only great way to spend your time off, sometimes it’s good to do things while you’re at home instead! You don’t have to spend so much money on having a good time, and there’s likely plenty for you to do not so far from your home! You can find plenty of staycation ideas online, and you’d be surprised how much you can enjoy what’s around you if you haven’t already considered it!

Try something different

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re having time off is pushing yourself to try out something new for yourself! People often feel safer in their comfort zone, and would prefer not to do things that they’re not familiar with - but you could be seriously limiting your enjoyment! You could set yourself a goal while you’re off of work to try out something different, you never know what you might learn about yourself!

Picking company

The company that you choose for your time off can make the world of difference, and it’s important that you pick it right! Consider if you’re going to another country, you’re going to be with that person the whole time you’re there! Your wants have to line up with theirs, else the holiday can become difficult. Some people prefer to take their vacations alone, and it can be easier to get around and save money like that. You only have to keep your plans, meals, and accommodation in mind - which means you’re free to spend or save whenever you want to!

Pack for the occasion

If you’ve planned your vacation to be spent in another country, how you pack for it is very important, and you should be sure not to overpack. If you’re staying in a hotel, and you’re confident that you’ll be able to get your luggage there, you don’t have much of a problem. However, if you’re planning to be on the move a lot, it can be very difficult to bring a lot of bags and suitcases with you. Some people prefer to pack very light and fit all that they’re bringing into a backpack with them. A few changes of clothes travel documents, some money, and their electrical devices with charges - that’s all you need to bring with you, and other things can be bought while you’re there.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Pros of Vacation Rentals

Right now traveling isn't really that much of thing, because most things aren't open, so this is the time to super relax. Our road trip was a lot of driving around, stopping at viewpoints and parks, then chilling at our rental. If nothing else, this is the time to splurge on some extras. 

As a budget traveler, being able to save money on food and saving my sanity is very important. Here are my 6 reasons to choose a vacation rental.

Generally, we use out timeshare when we travel, unless there isn't one where we've chosen to go or we take the dog. When this happens, I check out Airbnb {<--use that link for $40 off!}. There's a time and a place to opt for a hotel, but as a budget traveler, being able to save money on food and saving my sanity by not being in everyone's pocket 24/7 is very important. Here are my 6 reasons to choose a vacation rental.

You get a kitchen

This means you can cook your own meals! Now, keep in mind, I don't go on vacation to cook, especially since cool new foods are the best part of traveling to me. I do, however, hate getting up super early, so I tend to load up on breakfast foods. This allows me to spend a little more time in bed, plus I save money on morning dining. We usually spend at least one dinner in, either making something easy or eating leftovers, which we were able to bring back, because we have a fridge and an oven.

In many rentals we've stayed in, they've also included grills, so we could BBQ if we wanted. This is great if you are traveling in the warmer months. If you travel with kids, having a place to prepare and store foods can be imperative for your sanity and saving money.

You (generally) have a separate bedroom

Listen, I don't need to have a different room with a bed, but it's nice. I'll settle for separate, defined spaces, just so I can get away from my travelmate(s) for a minute. I adore my husband, but we don't always want to be in each other's faces. A hotel room normally has a bed and one chair. If you're lucky, you get a tiny table or a desk. Even if you bring back leftovers, you can't really sit anywhere comfortable. If you have to do work or just want to play on your laptop, there's not a good place to do that either. 

I don't always go to bed at the same time as people I travel with. It's nice to have a table where I can type away, a couch to relax on, a bed for sleeping purposes that doesn't also double as a terrible chair, or a room where I can just hang out alone in that isn't the bathroom. 

You can choose your amenities

I have a small list of must-haves when I travel: WiFi, TV, a shower (if I'm traveling to Europe where not all places have one), and laundry facilities. I get these things in a timeshare property, but I can also choose these things specifically when searching for a vacation rental. For example, we're going to Edinburgh and London in the fall and I want to pack light. Because of this, it's especially helpful to have access to a washer and dryer. I've had to go to the laundromat in the past and while it wasn't the most annoying thing, it cost quite a bit in London. 

You can choose your price range

Sure, you can do this with hotels, but for the same price, you can search for a vacation rental that is in a location desirable to you, plus includes all the amenities you hope to get in a place to stay. If you can get all this for the same price or a little more, you're still saving money on baggage fees, food, laundry, and possibly entertainment, because you have room to spread out and play games and/or watch movies.

You can feel at home

This is the number one reason I enjoy a vacation rental over a hotel. Feeling weirdly displaced when you travel is hard. I like to feel like my space is a home. I don't need a maid to come in and clean up after me every day. I want my space to feel cozy and comfy and lived in. I can make a rental feel like my home until I leave. I can spread out my stuff, not worry about anyone coming in to clean (where I have to clear up things before I leave each morning). 

Having what equates to a small home or apartment makes me feel like I'm a traveler instead of a tourist. Like I'm living like a local. Some come with free parking, some are in buildings with extra security, some have pools or gyms. The best part is that if you don't want these things, you rent a different place and don't pay for them, unlike when you stay in a hotel that offers them for everyone.

You have a true local on-call

One thing you usually don't think about is having someone you can contact for an inside look at your destination. Yes, there's the front desk or concierge at a hotel, but when you rent from a local, it's easy to pick their brain to find out where they like to go and what they'd recommend seeing to an out-of-towner. They probably aren't rich and they certainly don't get kick-backs for pointing you in the direction of an activity or restaurant. Some live steps away or welcome calls/texts or leave detailed folders with all the cool stuff for you to peruse. I always get awesome suggestions this way. Our most recent rental had a welcome website that included a whole list of all the restaurants and their hours and websites. 

Vacation rentals are a lot safer than a lot of hotels right now, too, because there aren't dozens of rooms that staff has to clean. There's just one place with several rooms. You're usually asked to do a bit of clean-up before you leave to make this easier. I know that Oregon and Washington has strict Covid rules for vacation rentals, meaning there's plenty of time for owners to get everything cleaned before another renter checks in. 

Before we left, we were asked to wash towels, any blankets used for the dog on furniture, and start the dishwasher. We put blankets in the washer before bed on our last night, then I got up, moved them to the dryer, tossed our towels in the wash, then finished loading the dishwasher, started it and turned off all the lights before we checked ourselves out. 

What are your favorite reasons to choose a rental over a hotel?

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Packing Light for a Large Wardrobe

I am a believer in packing light. I have packed all sorts of ways and I've decided that packing less leaves me less stressed, I have less to carry and fewer things to deal with. I almost never come home with items that were never worn, because I pack carefully and with intention, so everything goes with everything else and I can mix and match each piece I bring along.

Packing light can leave you less stressed, have less to carry, and fewer things to deal with. Here's how to do it.

If you are worried that not packing outfits per day and matching shoes for each one is going to be your downfall, think of how much happier you'll be when you aren't lugging that 58 lb bag that you also have to check and waste $25+ each way on. It's actually much easier to practice packing light when you're just doing socially-responsible road trips. I like making my life easier and only having a handful of items in my bag definitely makes it simple to find something to wear each morning and gets me out of the door faster. I make a list before I start packing of what I will need and then choose a few of my favorite pieces and go from there.

fall travel wardrobe

We live in Oregon, so we tend to own quite a bit of Columbia clothing. It's long-lasting, feels great and is perfect for packing, because it's lightweight and moisture-wicking. I have several key pieces that work for most climates. 

Columbia can be spendy, but I recommend buying on sale. You may also want to check out REI, Backcountry, ExOfficio, Lucy (for women) or Anatomie (also for women). Items made with soy or bamboo are great for warmer climates, because they are odor resistant. You might also like linen for the breathability. There are lots of great travel brands out there and many don't even look like they are, so you don't stick out as a tourist, but are still comfortable in the heat (or the cold, depending on when you travel).

I also am a layer-er. I always travel with a scarf/wrap a lightweight jacket and a cardigan or two. This way I'm covered if it gets cooler at our destination and for the chills on the plane. It may seem silly, but on the plane I wear a pair of stretchy jeans, comfortable slip-on shoes, a t-shirt, a cardigan and a scarf. If it gets warm, I can shed some layers, but if it's cold, I'm set. I have this awesome HappyLuxe wrap that I can also use as a blanket. In fact, I can wear it as a scarf while also covering my lap if my legs are cold.

Layering also gives you the ability to wear part of your travel outfit at your destination, so I always dress with that in mind. I work with three bottoms and four-five tops total. When they all go together, you have 12-15 different outfits. You can see how I've made different looks with each of these tops and bottom combinations.

I usually toss in an easy dress  that can work for day and night, then go with just two pair of shoes. Both should be great for walking and at least one of them should work for your dress. On our road trip, I packed my pair of Arcopedico booties and wore a pair of sneakers/walking shoes. Both pair went with everything I packed, so I mixed it up each day depending on the weather. 

summer travel wardrobe

I try not to pack shoes that might be too constrictive, because then if my feet swell, I'm SOL and uncomfortable. Of course, I bring a pair of compression socks to wear while I'm hanging out in my room, but that doesn't do me any good if it's hot and my shoes don't work with socks.

Throw some accessories in your bag to give you some other options. A sunhat works for when I'm somewhere with a lot of sun and I'd like to keep my face from turning into a lobster (even with sunscreen this can happen pretty easily). A good piece of jewelry can literally turn a day dress into a nighttime one, especially if it's a cute little black dress, which is what I take with me everywhere. It's a wrap dress by Lucy Activewear, so it's breathable and sporty feeling, but can be dressed up a bit for a nice dinner. Easy! 

Now all your clothes fit in a carry-on. You know where all your things are. You don't have to wait at the carousel for your luggage. You don't have to pay baggage fees. You don't have to break your back trying to get your bag up stairs or out of the car or in the overhead (when we get back on planes). Now, you just need to get working on making your toiletries lighter.

What are your biggest issues with packing light?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Celebrating Mardi Gras at Home

This has been a very weird year. For the first time in I don't know how many years, all the bars in New Orleans are closed and they have asked people not to come to the city at all. For once, we aren't missing anything, and on top of that, we had a giant snow storm with freezing rain, so we were stuck inside our house with no way to go anywhere for 4 days. I had already planned to celebrate Mardi Gras at home, but couldn't order food to pick up, and instead had to cobble together my own foods.

Mostly, things just went sideways in a lot of ways for this celebration. My backdrops didn't come in time, so I had order back-ups that were too small and cheesy. I worked with what I had in my freezer and pantry, and made a king cake from a mix that I was unsure if it would even come out. It did, but they should call it king bread, because it's not soft on the outside at all and has the consistency of French bread. But, c'est la vie! Laissez le bon temps rouler! (let the good times roll!)

Luckily, Mardi Gras was virtual this year, and you can watch their 3-night celebration on YouTube: Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3. We enjoyed the hours we watched and even learned more about the celebration and the krewes than we already knew from visiting Mardi Gras World

That was our entertainment, along with talking about things from our previous trip, so let's talk about food and decor: 

Beads, beads, beads!

You can't have a Mardi Gras celebration without beads. It's just not possible. I got this adorable miniature street lamp (truthfully, I ordered one and ended up with two) that looks a lot like the gas lamps in The French Quarter and covered it with beads. Even outside of Mardi Gras, you'll find beads strewn in trees, on lamp posts, on fences, on signs. You name it. While there is a volunteer group that goes through and picks up and recycles beads that litter the city after the week is over, some are left because they can't be gotten or because it adds to the atmosphere. 


I mean, have you ever seen a photo of people in Nola without a drink - or five - in their hand? There are some. I didn't drink much while I was there, but I had a few. Eric and I had the same drink here - rhubarb shrub, carbonated water, frozen blackberries, and a sprig of rosemary. I added whiskey to mine. No crazy drink bill, I don't have to drink it out of a plastic cup, and I'm not surrounded by thousands of drunk people. I feel like this was a win all the way around.


What's a celebration without food? I mean, that's not a celebration I want to be part of. Since I had to rely on what I had on hand, I couldn't have jambalaya, po'boys, or etouffe. I don't love two of those three things anyway. I would have loved to have some fried catfish though. The closest I could have done to that was cod. 

Instead of those things, I went with standards that I've had and made before: red beans and rice - with cajun-seasoned chicken and sausage - and shrimp and grits. Both are really easy to make, can be seasoned to taste and changed up to suit what you like. I added cheese to my grits and used coconut cream instead of milk (because I didn't have any) and simmered it with some fresh sage and rosemary to give it depth. I used little smokies for sausage, as that was what was in my freezer. It was all very delicious and filling. Here are some easy recipes you can try if you want to make your own creole feast. 

King Cake!

I was going to make cheater beignets out of Pillsbury biscuit dough, but then I got lazy, because I already made cake and thinking about mountains of powdered sugar hurt my teeth. You can have Mardi Gras without beignets though, so we only had King Cake. I bought a mix some weeks ago, because it had everything I needed in the box. Because it's technically a yeast bread, you have to let it rise twice and then let it cool before you ice and sugar it. Contrary to popular belief, the baby isn't actually baked inside, it's just set under the cake normally. Well, mine was very crusty and that wasn't going to work, so short of shoving it into it, it wasn't going to be hidden. I just set it on top and now he looks like he's on a slide. LOL!

Hot Sauce!

There are literal stores that only sell hot sauce in Lousiana. They call them hot sauce bars, because you can buy from hundreds of different kinds, but you can also sample them beforehand. We bought a ton to ship home as gifts. We also visited the Tabasco factory on our trip. While I'm a green Tabasco fan, Eric likes anything that's super vinegar-y. For a gift, they had a fancy, limited-edition, anniversary blend that I purchased. This bottle - the 150th Anniversary Diamond Reserve Red Sauce - cost $45 after shipping, but it will never be made again, and also why we still have it to use for things like this. A few drops is all you need. It's very spicy and also has some really bright flavor. Yes, it's meant to look like a champagne bottle, but also the dark glass keeps UV light out that can damage the blend and change the taste of the sauce.

And that's a look at our laid back, snowed-in, DIY Mardi Gras celebration. Because most of this was stuff I had at home, it cost us less than $60 to put this on. Since I'm still waiting on my good backdrops, you can rest assured that there will be a follow-up Nola staycation post, where I can actually get food someone else made, including beignets. Until then Sante! (Cheers!)

If you're hoping to get to New Orleans when we can get back to traveling and they've started welcoming tourists again, here's a great post I did on spending 48 hours there

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? Or even celebrated at home/in your city?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

11 Top Apps For Travelers

When you’re planning a traveling trip, there’s plenty to think about. From your itinerary to packing and maybe brushing up on your foreign language skills. Whether you need advice on hotels, guided tours, or hiking trails, these applications have got plenty to offer for the keen traveler.

photo credit

1 . Trip IT


The TripIt app is the ultimate itinerary to help travelers get organized. Once you’ve booked a hotel, car or flight, all you have to do is send the details to the app. With the Trip IT app, it’s easy to map your travel plans on your calendar or share them with your travel companions. With the help of the app, you’ll no longer need to trawl through your email inbox for the important details you need. Here you can save PDFs, passport QR codes, boarding passes, and more. 


TripIT also provides details about safety, including safety scores for many different neighborhoods, all across the globe. Each safety score covers different categories, including medical and health services, political matters, or women’s safety. Info such as this is particularly useful for solo travelers.


If you’re off on a road trip there are features to help you to get organized, and map out your trip. The navigator offers driving directions, and you can also search for the nearest cafes, parking, or ATMs.


2. Detour


The Detour app provides audio walks, guiding you as you visit some of the most exciting places across the globe. You can currently use Detour in 17 different cities including London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Marrakech. All of the tours offer an engaging and entertaining experience, and you can even sync with your travel buddies. 

A few of the narrators include Philip Petit, Ken Burns, and Errol Morris. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Detour is one of ‘The world’s coolest audio guides.’ With these guides, you’ll learn plenty about your chosen destinations, and enhance the experience of your trip.


3. Trip Advisor


Tripadvisor is one of the very best apps for traveling, here you’ll find millions of handy recommendations, whether you’re looking for restaurants, hotels, or activities. Using the app you can get organized and make the most of your trip. You can also get support with booking tables, comparing flight prices, and hotel amenities. With so many informative reviews, it’s easier to make well-informed decisions and have the best trip. The planning tool can help you to save your ideas, create an itinerary and view your route on the map. Here you can book or cancel your tours, it’s simple to pay with either PayPal or Apple Pay.


4. HeHA


HeHA is the ultimate, ‘holiday extras’ app. Whether you need to book a flight lounge, a hotel, or locate a parking spot. The HeHA app can recommend just about everything, whether it’s beach trips, skiing spots, or restaurants. A few of the key features include:


  • Alerts when there are price drops, helping you to save money.

  • Recommendations tailored to your tastes and preferences.

  • Get great travel advice and tips, including suggestions of the best things to do.

  • Support to book insurance, transfers, and activities, all from the app.


 5. Rome2RIO


First you enter your destination, whether it’s a city or a landmark, and then the Rome2RIO app will give you a breakdown of all your travel options. Whether you’re looking for the quickest route or the cheapest route, the app will offer up the best options. Here you can find info on sightseeing, activities, accommodation providers and more. Whether you’re looking for a bus, train, or flight, the app can provide you with plenty of options. Rome2RIO works with many different travel partners, including National Express, Trenitalia, FlixBus, and VIA Rail. The app offers booking details from thousands of companies in 160+ countries, making it one of the most popular apps for travelers. To plan your trip without a hitch you need the Rome2RIO app.

6. All Trails

Perhaps you’re keen to go hiking as part of a traveling trip? Then you need to check out the All Trails app. With All Trails, you can get access to plenty of different curated trails, including offline maps, topo maps, and GPS maps. Looking for a bike-friendly trail or a hike that’s suitable for kids? Using All Trails you can search for a hike to suit your needs. 

The app offers details of popular hiking trails, or adventures that are off the beaten track, in rural locations. If you are staying in a rural location as part of a longer trip, it’s important to pack carefully. You might find it difficult to get hold of certain items when you’re out in the sticks! Those who want TV access when they are away might like to check out the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas.

7. Duo Lingo 


When you’re embarking on a traveling trip brushing up on your language skills can help you to feel more at ease and confident. The Duolingo app allows you to choose from 35+ languages to learn, with the help of short lessons. The app is both highly effective and lots of fun. Each activity resembles a game, helping you to engage, and remember the skills you are learning. The app was designed by top language experts, based on a science-backed technique, proven to facilitate language retention. 

With the help of the app, you can monitor your progress, set learning goals, and join the Duolingo community. All of the language content is free and there is plenty to choose from including Greek, Polish, Swedish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Norwegian, and lots more. Even learning a few basic phrases can help you to improve your travelling experience.


8. Guides By Lonely Planet


The Guides app provides plenty of useful offline maps, phrasebooks, immersive experiences, and a currency converter. Using the app you can explore thousands of city guides and narratives, all curated by top travel experts. You can convert between any currency, with the help of the Magic FX currency converter. The Guides app can help you to find all of the top sights, access travel info, and more. The detailed neighborhood guides will help you to find the best places for you, and it’s simple to save guides with the bookmarks. You’ll be super impressed with the immersive experiences, allowing you a chance to look around the destination, before you arrive. There is also plenty of general info content whether it’s tips for solo travellers, or advice on safety.


 9. Travello


Travello is the largest travelers community in the world, here travelers connect across 180+ countries. Using the app you can arrange to meet fellow backpackers, find travel buddies, and meet-up activities nearby. Travello has plenty of different groups to get involved with, whether it’s groups for solo travelers, travel bloggers, or photographers. 

Using the social feed you can share your photographs, travel ideas, and get lots of cool traveling tips. As well as the social side, here you can also get some great discounts on activities and tours. There are over 30,000 experiences to book at the best prices. When you plan your trip, you’ll be able to make the most of your time.


10. Sitata Travel Safe

The Sitata Travel Safe app helps you to keep up with data on safety hazards, whether it’s natural disasters, violence, disease, or protests. The app offers a safety ranking on all of your travel locations, so you know which areas are risky, and where you should avoid. 

With up-to-date info like this, you can change your route accordingly, if you need to. The application also features a community of travelers, all sharing safety tips. The app allows you to log in health info, medical info, and get advice about vaccinations. The last thing you want while you’re traveling is to run into bother, and with the help of the Sitata Travel Safe app, you get that added peace of mind.


 11. Pack Point


PackPoint is an application to help travelers get organized and pack their bags! The app will offer suggestions about what you need to pack, based on the weather, activities, and the duration of your stay. Once you’ve got your packing list sorted you can save your list, or share it with fellow travelers if you need to. Simply put in the city you are heading to, the date you leave, and how long you are going to stay. Further features of Pack Point include:


  • A customized menu with a range of Premium features.

  • Integrate with TripIt to share data between the two apps.

  • Change the quantity of items with one click.

  • Smart packing tips, (meaning no unexpected luggage fees).

  • Make yourself a luggage checklist, and edit with ease.


Getting super organized before you go on a trip will help you to make the most of your travels and enjoy every moment. It can also be useful to create a travelling budget, to help you plan your spending and stay on top of things.

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