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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dressing Up With Mickey & Friends

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you're all out being someone, or something, else while it's acceptable, getting your candy on. I know I am, for more than the first time this season. My first Halloween outing was earlier this month at Walt Disney World. There's nothing like a Disney party, because everyone's a kid, whether you're 2 or 102. As you know, barely a year goes by without us making some pilgrimage to some Disney park and this year, Orlando win out. It was 100% so we could check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Universal, but I'll get to that goodness in another post.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party

If you've never visited Disney on a holiday, drop everything you're doing and start planning, because it is everything. I prefer Halloween, because school is in, it's less crowded, you get to dress up, the weather normally doesn't suck and everyone gets to trick or treat. Yup, everyone! Here are some other reasons:

Characters Dress Up

Mickey and the gang get in on the Halloween fun, too. Your normal characters come out in full costume (more so than usual) for pictures, making then highly sought after opportunities

Villians and Other Rare Character Sightings
Ever wonder why you never see Jafar or the Evil Queen or those nasty stepsisters? They're reserved for precisely these events. You'll also see characters like Tarzan, the cast of The Country Bear, Brer Fox and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Lines to meet and greet these characters can be loooooong, so be prepared to wait and possibly pick and choose. This year, I saw much less than normal, but it was also the very start if the partying for the season. Sometimes you get lucky and you can swoop in, get some photos and be on to the next thing before the crowds start up again. That's happened to me with the Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet group.

Did I Mention Candy?
Everyone with a MNSSHP ticket gets a candy bag upon entry. There are treat stations set up all around the park. Your map will tell you where and cast members have special Mickey light-up signs to guide you. We don't necessarily even want to eat all the candy, but it's included and it's fun and then we don't have to buy candy for trick-or-treaters.

Awesome Seasonal Shows
I'll admit it. Sometimes just the shows are worth the price of admission. They always center around the villains and this year WDW had a Hocus Pocus theme. The Sanderson sisters were back and calling on their "friends" to help throw the biggest, baddest bash ever. From where I was standing, I would have sworn the real Winifred, Sarah and Mary were there. That's how good the costumes were.

Aside from the castle show (strategize ways to get around that don't involve the castle, because you aren't getting in there), there is a fantastic parade. The Boo To You Parade always starts off with the Headless Horseman. I see they've gotten him to slow down his horse, so people can actually see him and get pictures. Alas, I was still to slow. Everyone gets a spot in the parade: the villains, your face characters and even obscure ones like the traveling ghosts. It's not to be missed. Wait out the night and do the second parade later in the evening and stake out a spot near the start. You won't have to jostle as much for s place to stand or wait to get across the road. Plus, when others are just seeing the beginning, you can be riding rides, getting pics or collecting candy.

Shorter Lines
Because everyone's there for candy, dance parties and Rare Character photo opps, the lines for the rides that are open are usually super short. Sometimes they add a Halloween twist to rides, like Space Mountain.

Special Magic Photos
You can always get some pretty special photos throughout the year, including the ones where they magic in a Disney thing into your photo. During Halloween, these magic pics take on a fun and sinister feel.

The Decorations

I love Halloween and harvest season. Disney overhauls their park every night the party is on by putting out an obscene amount of jack-o-lanterns, Disney-fied scarecrows, orange bunting and so much more. There are quite a few funky Halloween projections throughout the park as well. The more you look, the more you see. Plus there's a fantastic score of Halloween music in the background.

The Halloween Fireworks Are (Ooh) AHHmazing
Okay, yes. The fireworks are always amazing, but the Halloween ones are particularly awesome. They revolve around those sinister villains you rarely see, giving them a ghoulish vibe. The castle is used as a backdrop, so you'll want to get front and center for them, because the castle projections are half the fun.

If you decide that Halloween at Disney is for you, and I think you should, find a costume that isn't super involved, but still creative (you'll have to pack it) and plan to spend the morning and afternoon doing something else, because staying there for 16 hours is super tiring. You can get in a few hours before the party starts with your ticket, so you can enjoy the park before some of the rides close and get in a quick dinner before the fun starts.

What's your favorite time of year to visit Disney?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Maryland On The Cheap: Inexpensive Events in Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is among the leading resort towns on the east coast. It features a busy boardwalk, a close to 10-mile long beach and loads of family-fun activities including an ice-skating rink and amusement parks. Whether you are out for a family getaway or a weekend with friends, Ocean City has you covered. And if you are traveling on a budget, here are some inexpensive or free fun activities that you can find exhilarating as well as gratifying.

Budget travel Maryland

Family Beach Olympics
Family beach Olympics take place on Tuesdays between 6.30 pm and 8:30 pm at the 27th street beach. There are a wide range of events including tug-of-war, sand castle contests, and relay games. Children must be in their parents’ company.
Free Family Programs
There are family programs each day at 10 a.m., offered free of charge courtesy of Ocean City Life-Saving Station. You can see fish feeding at museum’s aquarium as well as learn about sharks, knot-tying and beach safety.
Sundaes in the Park
A weekly event, Sundaes in The Park encompasses a free concert and an ice cream Sunday. It takes place at Northside Park, from 7 p.m. While adults enjoy music, children have their special entertainment. The event ends at 9 p.m. with a fireworks display.

Ocean City Beach and the Boardwalk
Ocean City Beach is credited with being among the cleanest beaches in the area, offering a wide selection of activities like sunning, swimming, kayaking, fishing, etc. The Boardwalk is the beach’s central feature. Also called the Atlantic Avenue, the Boardwalk is home to several eateries, amusement parks, retail stores and nightlife destinations.
Beach Volley Ball
You can grab a partner and go ball playing at Dorchester Beach Volleyball Park. There are about ten public courts where you can enjoy volleyball during the summer daytime hours. There are several other public nets scattered across the beach.
Kite Festival
You can also treat your family to a four-day long spectacular kite-flying festival. Thousands of fans travel to see refined kite flyers from across the globe displaying their aerial artistry. There are also kite-making workshops as well as kite battles.
Sunset Park Party Nights
Sunset Park provides the perfect view of the sun as it goes down over the Isle of Wight Bay. You can watch the sunset as you enjoy a free concert that runs between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. While entrance to the park is free, beverages are available for purchase. You are advised to bring your own seating.
Visit the Ocean City Centre for the Arts
The Ocean City Centre for the Arts is the destination for everything art in Ocean City. It houses the Non-profit Art League of Ocean City. Its newly constructed bayside facility comprises an expansive two storey gallery, classrooms, art library, a pottery studio, as well as five operational artist studios. There is usually a monthly display of new artworks, of both regional and local artists, at the gallery.
For the safety of everyone, cyclists must observe the set regulations and schedules. You can enjoy biking throughout Ocean City at any time of the year, but with restricted time periods on the Boardwalk over the summer season.

You will never run out of things to do in Maryland. The ocean is not the only place to have fun. There is a wide selection of parks, play fields, as well as sports venues providing everything from serene picnic areas to world-class tennis courts. Your dog can also enjoy at the dog’s park.

If you've ever been to Maryland, what were your favorite things to do there?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Real Halloweentown

If you watched Disney Channel in the late 90s, you may remember the cult movie Halloweentown. It starred Debbie Reynolds and spawned three, just as cheesy, sequels (Halloweentown II, Return to Halloweentown and Halloweentown High). It's recently come to my attention that this was filmed in a real town, one that isn't too far from where I live. St. Helens, Oregon is a little town about 45 minutes away and each October they go all out to decorate the town like the movie. What?? How did I not know about this before? I'm still not sure how this passed me by the entire time I've lived here, but I was determined to see this awesome display of Halloween.

St. Helen's Oregon

So, a few weeks ago, we got in the car and made our way to "Halloweentown" to check it out and get in on some of the activities they have to do. While it was not as amazing as it sounds, it was still worth the drive out. It could also be that we went in the evening, when they had different events happening in the afternoon.

Visitors are encouraged to dress in costume, either from the movies or your own choosing. The goal is to make the town as much like the monster-packed other dimensional town as possible. I didn't realize this until we got there, because they don't really have a website and their Facebook page is lacking. On the list of things to do was taking a pontoon boat ride to the nearby island. Unfortunately, there was no place to sign up and no info on where to do so and once we got there, I found a flyer that said one had to have made reservations online. I eventually found this website, which is less informative, that has a phone number to call.

Anyway, let's talk about what we did do and see on our visit:

The town square, which is right in front of the old City Hall building (now a museum) has a ton of decor and photo ops to help you commemorate and share your visit with your social networks. There are signs everywhere with the hashtag to use. Obviously, the giant jack-o-lantern in the square is the biggest draw, but we enjoyed everything on display. And check out City Hall! That's an eyeball keeping watch on the town.

All of the town's merchants get in on the fun by creating their own scarecrow which is displayed out front, so visitors can vote on which they think is the best. Many shop fronts also go a little further by making their windows Halloweeny. You'll see decor, props and even ghouls hanging out.

There are a ton of houses that go all out with their decorations. I was driving when we passed all of them, though, so I didn't get any pics. One house had a wraparound porch that was covered in life-size statues of horror icons, like Freddy, Beetlejuice and Michael Myers. 

We wandered the waterfront, where a lot of people were gathered to purchase a hot dog and cuddle up by the bonfire that was put on by the Fire Department. Halloween music was being piped into the area and it was a perfect way to check out the creative costumes on display.

After we had warmed up, we headed to The Klondike for dinner. When St. Helens was a port city on par with Portland, the Klondike was a hotel, with several floors full of awesome rooms, but as Portland began to take more and more of the business and fewer people stopped at St. Helens, the Klondike closed down rooms and eventually closed. After some time, a local decided this historic building was being wasted by sitting empty and they reopened it, using the old dining room as a new restaurant. 

The decor is warm and lovely, incorporating some of the old hotel doors. The building is said to be haunted, with employees seeing things move and hearing voices, which makes it the perfect Halloween dinner destination. Throughout October, you can book a reservation for a seance or a tarot reading to heighten the spooks.

Though we weren't there to see it, on weekend days, you may see things like a haunted car parade, a parade where the littles can show off their costumes, a fair, ghost stories, boat tours, haunted tours and pumpkin painting. 

Now, I wouldn't make a special trip across the country to check out Halloweentown, but if you're in Portland in October, the drive isn't that bad and it's fun to dress up, see where the movie was filmed and get a ton of pictures in the meantime. Everything takes place in the historic downtown area, which is very walkable. Pretty much parking is your only challenge.

Does your town do anything awesome for Halloween?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stay Overnight in a Real Ghost Town

With Halloween coming, it's hard not to have your mind on ghosts and goblins. I had the opportunity to meet with some reps from Montana's visitor board this week and learned about a fantastic little ghost town that is very unique. One, they let you stay when the sun goes down. Two, if you visit when there's snow, you can only reach it by skiing or snowmobiling in. That's pretty cool, right?

Ghost Town Garnet

Garnet, Montana used to be a thriving gold mining town and now it's the state's most intact ghost town that is said to come alive at night. Garnet, gold and quartz was found in the area, which is how the town got its name. It was a great place to live, especially for miners and their families, but once the gold started waning, so did its population. After the war, looters came in and stripped the town of anything that wasn't nailed down, and some things that were! The upkeep and preservation of this cute little historical town is now dependent on public donations/contributions and volunteers.

Stay in an off-the-grid cabin ,where you can really get the feeling of living in Garnet. You may hear a raucous party in the saloon or the Miners Union Hall, which was also used as a dance hall. Visitors have been said to hear footsteps. Entrance fees are just $3 per person and you can stay in a cabin overnight for a mere $19 per night, so it's really budget-friendly, potentially creepy, plus totally fun and educational.

When you aren't exploring the town's rich history, taking amazing pictures or listening for ghosts, you have the option of nearby fishing, including ice fishing in the winter, hiking, hunting and mountain biking. Make sure you have the proper permits for the recreation that requires it.

June brings with it warmer weather and Garnet Appreciation Day. The third Saturday of the month is reserved for visitors to come explore the town, enjoy live music and interact with Garnet's "inhabitants" who want you to understand what life was like a hundred years ago. In addition to the interpretative aspect, get lunch, try your hand at gold panning, cool off with homemade ice cream, get in on some games and more. Commemorate your visit with a trip to the Visitors Center and a purchase from their gift shop.

Garnet makes a great side trip to your visit to Glacier National Park and Missoula, which I'll be talking about more soon. It's even made it on the Travel + Leisure list of America's Coolest Ghost TownsHave you ever had a paranormal experience, in a ghost town or anywhere else? Tell us about it!

Want to know more? Check out Garnet, Montana online: website | Facebook | YouTube | Flickr

Photo credits: Garnet Ghost Town | Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I'm just excited about Montana's budget options.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Super Useful Travel Posts

Happy Friday, all! Apparently, it's a week of learning what not to do when you travel, as that seems to be the theme to today's SUTP (with the exception of a few). Sometimes knowing what not to do is more helpful than knowing the opposite. Be kind, courteous and enjoy your trips that you're properly prepared for. I hope you enjoy my round-up of links this week.

budget travel tips

Have you taken a look at your passport lately? If it is damaged, you may not be able to get on the plane. This woman on her honeymoon ended up paying thousands to replace her passport to actually go on her trip with her new husband. Huffington Post shows you what to look for before heading to the airport.

photo credit

And speaking of honeymoons, they can be expensive. After dropping all your savings on the ultimate wedding, it's unlikely you'll have money leftover for that trip of a lifetime (unless you register for your honeymoon like I did). If you're looking to take a memorable and luxurious-feeling trip after your nuptials, maybe head to one of these 7 destinations that feel more expensive than they are.

photo credit

Because they aren't at home, some people think it's okay to act like a-holes when they are traveling, especially when they're in a hotel and don't have any courtesy for others who want to relax, too. Please remember that you aren't the only one away from home and trying to cut loose. You still need to be aware that other people exist, and are pretty close to you and your screaming kids or loud music. Travel + Leisure takes a look at annoying hotel habits. {I've encountered some of these people in rentals as well.}

photo credit

I'm always looking for interesting places to eat, and there's no more interesting place than a commune living in what they hoped would be a future utopia. In the middle of the Arizona desert, you can find such a place with a homemade buffet spread and open arms to visitors. Trade work for food or put down cold hard cash. Both work for this community. Eater gives you more details.

I wrote something to help you all travel better for the fall and winter. I know you have issues with packing light, even in the summer, so my new partnership with Travel-Wise is allowing me to give even more travel tips to you and a whole new audience. Usually, I don't include my own posts in this segment, but I'm kind of excited about this new website and want to share.

photo credit

Do you love wine? Do you seek out some of the best regions for tasting when you travel? If so, check out this post on Gogobot that shines a light on six unexpected, but seriously good wine regions. You'll find a more budget-friendly trip and enjoy wines that you never heard of before.

photo credit

Now there's a new way for thieves to steal your identity. Boo, right? When you travel, you need a boarding pass. What do you do with them after you've gotten on the plane? Do you toss them out like many people do? I always keep mine, but only because I like souvenirs from my travel and use them for photo shoots for this blog. Techlicious looks at why we should really use e-tickets as much as possible. We used them this last trip and it was super easy. You just need to keep your phone charged enough to bring up the airline app at security and the gate.

photo credit
What are your travel pet peeves? I can't stand it when people are so busy texting or looking at their phone that they run right into you. What about those people who just stop in the middle of the walkway, like they have no idea where they are or how they got there? And am I the only one that wants to smack an iPad out of someone's hand that is using it to take pictures? I know it takes great pictures, but you're annoying iPadder. Use your phone. Travel + Leisure reveals the top 5 travel pet peeves of 2015. Do you have others? Tell us in the comments.

That's all I got for this week. If you found something cool, interesting or just plain entertaining that is travel-related, leave a link in the comments, so we can all check it out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Metromile: The Insurance Company That Fits Your Driving Style

In this world of high-priced everything, it can be hard to find ways to save for that awesome trip you want to take. Metromile wants to help you by giving you comprehensive pay-as-you-drive insurance. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month to insure a car you may not drive everyday, or one you only drive to and from work, why not pay only for the miles you actually drive? I work from home and probably drive 300 miles a month on average, because I only make trips to the grocery store, the hair salon and the movies. Of course, if we go out of town, we take my car, but that is only a few times a year. 

car insurance

Metromile starts you off with a base rate that can be as low as $30 per month and then your cost per mile depends on your driving record, car, age and the things you want your policy to include. Add those together and your car insurance can save you big over your current policy. If you drive less one month, you save more than months you drive more. Pretty awesome right? That money you're saving can go into your vacation fun.

So, how does this effect you when you go on a road trip? It's not necessary to leave your vehicle at home and rent a car to save money anymore. There is no charge after 150 miles per day (or 250 miles per day if you live in Washington State), so you may be spending less on gas and insurance than paying for a rental. When I got a free quote, I did the math and 150 miles came to less than $9 per day (everyone's cost per mile will be different, but all should be pretty reasonable). Can you imagine going on a long distance trip and still paying less on insurance than you do with your traditional policy? Even budget travelers can stay on track. Those months you drive less can help pay for the times you drive long distances.

You're probably thinking that Metromile cuts corners somewhere to bring you such affordable service, but they don't. You can call them 24/7 and keep track of your mileage and more with their app that is available on both Apple and Android devices. Metromile sends you the fancy little Metromile Pulse that you plug into your car and simply calculates and transmits your miles to them. Unlike other insurance companies, they don't keep track of how you drive, because you only pay for how much you drive. They treat you like the responsible drive you are.

The Pulse works with your app to help you be a better and more responsible driver and car owner. Are you in a street sweeping zone? The app will alert you! Does your car need a check-up? The app will alert you! When do you need to stop to get gas to get the most from your tank? The app will tell you! Forgot where you parked your car? The app will direct you!

The only bummer to Metromile is that it isn't available everywhere yet, but they are growing and rolling out nationwide as quickly as possible. At present, if you live in California, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia or Washington, you can sign up right away. If you don't, you can put your email on a waiting list to be notified when you can sign up. Sounds pretty good, right? What if I also told you that you can win a fancy little swag bag from Metromile? Enter to win below and the go get a quote to see how much Metromile could save you!

Your Metromile swag bag includes this sweet t-shirt and sunglasses, plus: a reusable shopping bag, notebook with pen, mousepad, phone charger for your car, tire gauge, air freshener, a travel tumbler for hot or cold beverages and a $50 gas card! That'll get you started on that road trip you've been planning.

Love what Metromile is doing? Show them some love by visiting them all over the web:

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Metromile, but all opinions are 100% my own, Metromile comes highly recommended and, as always, I never blog about companies whose products/services I don't stand behind.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Ate and Drank My Way Around the World in One Day

Usually, when people take a trip, they do it at a leisurely pace. I love trying new foods when I go anywhere, as you well know by now, so the opportunity to eat foods from all over the world in one place is always appealing to me. Last month we hit up Epcot's Food and Wine Festival to taste some of the world's dishes. This is our third time to visit the festival, as it brings together all my favorite things: weird food, food carts and small bites. 

EPCOT Walt Disney World

I was super excited that Scotland had been added to the festival this year, as well as Patagonia and a few other places. Unfortunately, there were a lot of foods I could get at home, so I had a short list of what I had to try. The great thing about Epcot is that it's mostly for adults and has few rides. In fact, World Showcase now has only one and it's a boat ride like Small World. Eventually, Norway will have a ride that is Frozen themed to replace Maelstrom (another boat ride). It is really about bringing the best of countries to people and helping them learn what each destination is all about through shops, reproduction landmarks, food and entertainment. Even so, we have been there at least six times and still haven't seen everything. Being there on a Saturday when everyone else was trying to eat and drink themselves stupid really gave us a chance to explore.

Each country represented at World Showcase has it's own kiosk with foods from that destination. In between you'll find carts serving dishes from other countries of the world. Each one has entrees, desserts and drinks (basically alcoholic options that come from that region). 

Let's look at where we ate, shall we:


Berbere-style beef tenderloin tips with onions, jalapeños, tomato and pap 
Buttered chicken with micro cilantro and naan bread
Frozen Brown Elephant

I wasn't enamored by either of these, but Eric was hungry and these were his choices at the time. The best part of the beef was the pap and the best part of the chicken was the naan. I chose the drink as something that sounded interesting. It was a Coke slushie with Amarula, a liqueur like kahlua. It was not an $8 beverage, but it was refreshing and was interesting tasting. Kinda chocolatey.


Potato and leek waffle with beer-braised beef and smoked gouda cream

We had to wait a bit for them to get more potatoes to make these waffles, but man was it worth it! I'm hoping my box of souvenirs comes soon, so I can see if the recipe is included in the Epcot cookbook. I'd be willing to buy a waffle iron just for this. I'm almost sad that we only got one to split.

Craft Beers

Funky Buddha Vanilla Espresso Porter, bottled in Oakland Park, FL

I'm not generally a big beer drinker, but I was waiting around and the name of this one jumped out at me, so I figured I was destined to try it. This was a thicker beer like Guinness with a delicious chocolate scent and I loved it. I may have indulged in a flight of beers that included this one, but we were right on the heels of dinner reservations, so I just stuck to the one.

Dominican Republic

Soufflé de yuca: Yuca soufflé topped with griddled cheese

This was on my must-eat list and I'm glad it was, because it was delicious. I'm not sure what I thought yuca would taste like, but it wasn't this pleasant mashed texture that was a little sweet and somewhat bland. I could see this being a staple in my house if I lived anywhere it was available. The grilled cheese on top was definitely different, but added a fantastic element and another layer of taste.


Pastel de elote con queso: sweet corn cheesecake

I think I wasn't sure what this would taste like at all, but I saw corn cheesecake and was all over trying it. I think I was expecting a sweet cornbread, but what I got was an awesome creamy dessert that was sweet, but not too sweet. It was a great afternoon treat and I was glad we ordered two so I didn't have to share.

Refreshment Port

Pineapple Dole Whip soft-serve ice cream

You can't take a trip to Disney and leave without having Dole Whip. It sweet and cold and basically the best thing ever. You can only get it a few places in the world: Disney, the Dole Plantation in Hawaii and maybe your local FroYo shop.


Haggis with neeps and tatties: Traditional Haggis with rutabaga and mashed potatoes 

Seared sea scallop with spinach-cheddar gratin and crispy bacon

I have been wanting to try haggis for a long time now. Unfortunately, I am not willing for my first taste to be from a can and I can't particularly afford a trip to Scotland right now. Having never seen it before, in my mind I figured it would be stringy and possibly chewy with some sort of weird tripe flavor. Well, I had to try it once just to say I had. I didn't expect it to be super tasty, but it totally was. Also, I think mashed rutabaga (turnips) needs to be in my repertoire now, because yum.

I had some of the spinach gratin on Eric's dish, which I thought was fab. He said his least favorite part of it was the actual scallop. So, I guess we know now that Scotland knows how to make red meat and veggies really well.

I didn't actually have the following things, but some nice people we shared our table with let me take pics of them and told me they enjoyed them.


Escondidinho de carne, “Little Hidden One”: layered meat pie with mashed yucca

Beer flight: Hoegaarden®, Palm Amber Ale, Leffe® Blonde and Stella Artois® Cidre

I didn't actually make it to everything I had hoped, as I wanted to try mead and Hungarian wine, but there's only so much time and so much you can eat and drink. We were able to take advantage of the Festival Chase Lounge that was only available to Chase credit card holders. This was found on the top floor of the American Adventure Pavilion (of which we still have yet to watch the show) and featured free drinks, some comfy places to sit, the chance to try out some of the newest Disney Infinity video games, outlets to charge your phone and a selfie booth to remember the fun you had at Epcot. If you were a Disney Chase card holder, you had the option to get some extra freebies and book exclusive experiences. Shockingly, they were happy to sign you up for one on the spot.

Here are some tips on how to do the festival better: 
  • Look at the menus ahead of time to see what's on offer and pick your "must try" dishes and drinks. That way you can make sure to hit those kiosks above all else.
  • Avoid the weekends. We were there on Saturday and the lines were crazy long. Of course, we didn't have to wait long for rides and other attractions.
  • If your only option is the weekend, go as soon as the open and get in line the second they let you into World Showcase. We did this on Monday and were the first ones at a few of the kiosks and only had to wait for the food to be put together.
  • Even if you can go on a weekday, get there as soon as World Showcase opens (which is usually 1-2 hours after Future World opens.
  • Go hungry. We had a light breakfast so we would be starting fresh when we hit the food. Bites may be smallish, but several can make a meal and can fill you up.
  • Be nice and share your table if you have free chairs. Tables fill up quickly and trying to balance food and drink and eat while standing up is not fun. We offered to share our table with people and they were immensely grateful, plus you meet new people. On the other hand, people are nice, so are probably into sharing their table with you if you ask.
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