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Friday, October 9, 2015

Super Useful Travel Posts (Halloween Edition)

Happy Friday! Remember this series? If you don't, it's because it's been quite a while since you've seen it or you're a new reader. Every few weeks I like to celebrate it being the weekend with an awesome list of cool stuff I found on the web that's travel-related. This week, we're talking all Halloween stuff. Hopefully, you love something in here, or you found something in your own web wanderings that you'd like to share in the comments.
What's Underground? 
I enjoy a good tour of what you'll find underneath a city, but there's so many places I haven't seen and Travel + Leisure has rounded up The World's Coolest Underground Wonders. Thought they aren't all scary, they are awesome and worth putting on your travel list for the future. I'm really looking forward to checking out the Cabinet War Rooms in London on my next visit.
Go For a Haunted Walk
I don't know that I want to actually come face-to-face with a ghost, but I've never had to deal with it, so I will continue to go on walks and tours, because the stories are interesting and the anticipation can be fun. If you're looking for a great ghost walk, check out the top 10 as rounded up by HomeAway.
Party On Dude! 
Just like apps, there's a festival for everything, including Halloween. And who wouldn't want to celebrate in the place most famous for witches or with your favorite Lego characters or that cool mouse and all his friends? Check these 8 Halloween Festivals Worth Traveling For as listed by Budget Travel.
Visit Halloweentown
Okay, so I don't know if you knew this or not, but that kitschy movie Halloweentown was actually filmed partly in St. Helen's, Oregon. I've lived here for longer than that movie has been out and I've never heard of it until this year. Well, you can visit the real Halloweentown, because the whole month of October, St. Helen's dresses up the town like the movie and has cool activities. I'm going this year to check it out. I'll tell you if it's cool enough for me to make a trip back next year.
Decorate Your Home
Can't get away for Halloween? Then get some creepy cool stuff to scary up your place, or just make a fun and creative mantle-scape to celebrate the holiday. In fact, I found the coolest place to get your goodies from: Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in London. They ship worldwide and have the awesomest marketing team, selling things to "monsters" like earwax cubes, tinned fear and salt made from the tears of sorrow. Everything is candy, seasonings and the like, so it's stuff you want in clever packaging. 
Take a Spin Around the UK
It's no surprise that the United Kingdom is full of ancient buildings with long, sordid histories. If you find yourself across the pond over Halloween (or really any other time) then take a look at Budget Travel's list of 7 Most Haunted UK Landmarks.
Are You Insane?
Well, probably a lot of these people weren't either. If you aren't squeamish about creepy pictures of people who were often mistreated, Viral World has some amazing and rare photos taken inside a mental asylum
Nobody Lives Here Anymore
If you can't stomach the above pictures, you'll want to see these beautiful abandoned places that Afar has found and you'll want to visit immediately with your best camera. None of these are Chernobyl either, which is like the number one mentioned cool abandoned place. And then there's this awesome train station that has both been abandoned and also moved. It might be renovated, but it's not looking great so far. Thanks to MessyNessyChic for finding this gem.

photo credit

And here's a little something you can use to capture those Halloween moments, and all the others the whole rest of the year. A Night Owl blog shows you how to be a better phone photographer.

Have you come across anything cool and travel-related lately or a cool Halloween thing? Add a link in the comments, so we can all check it out. Have a great weekend and enjoy tomorrow's blog post. 

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