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Here’s the part where you think I’m going to tell you I got a master’s in Travel Planning, I traveled around the world on 17 cents a day or I fly twice a week to rack up frequent flyer miles. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m just a normal traveler like you. I’ve put in tons of hours of research and personal trip planning to learn everything I know about how to save money on my trips – and I actually use those tips when I travel to be able to do everything I want. I can’t afford to fly to Australia or South Africa without saving money and I don’t have the luxury of being able to drop everything and travel just because I find a good deal.

I love, love, love to do research on destinations and find deals. I have been budget traveling since I started traveling, so I am always adding ideas to my repertoire. Friends and family were always jealous of the trips I was taking, and then totally surprised when I would tell them how much I saved. Soon, they were asking me for tips on how they could save money to go where they had always dreamed of going. When they started asking for their own family and friends, I knew I could help everyone at once (and strangers) by starting this blog and writing a book. In my circle, I was considered an expert. Now my circle is much bigger, and growing, and I’m still giving expert advice.

I travel much like everyone else. I take a big vacation once a year and several smaller trips to break up the long months in between. I feel like if I was lucky enough to win the lottery, I wouldn’t change much of my travel style – though I would love to fly first-class or on a private jet just once – except I would travel more. I’d still want to get a great deal, because there’s no sense in wasting money if you don’t have to.

My goal is to show that you can travel and you can go further and do more, while spending less, than you probably thought possible. Because I don’t save money by staying in hostels, sleeping on couches of strangers, going camping or sleeping on buses (planned, anyway), I don’t expect you to either. I eat out, sleep in comfy beds and see all the sights. I compromise by packing less, doing laundry, making a few meals and using coupons/promo codes.

When I’m not traveling, blogging, freelance writing* or searching the internet for deals, you can find me hanging out at home with my husband and puppy in Portland watching great (and sometimes really bad) movies, planning theme parties and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I struggle to exercise as much as I should (or at all), eat better and stop procrastinating things that aren’t my favorites. There never seem to be enough hours in the day for everything I want to do, but I find that is true no matter what you have going on and where you are.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and learning more about me. Don’t forget that you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and can get my posts sent directly to your inbox by email.

*need a guest poster, ghostwriter or blogger? Email me at srayle (at) comcast (dot) net to find out how to hire or collaborate with me. 

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