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Monday, October 5, 2015

Leave Your Credit Cards at Home with #WocketWallet

Wouldn't it be easy if all you had in your wallet was one credit card and your ID? Of course it would, but it's very rare that any of us have only a few things in our purses or pockets, because we all have several credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards and more. If you could leave it all at home with no consequences, would you? I know I sure would, because I hate sifting through cards when I get to the check out. With the Wocket Smart Wallet you can live the dream.
electronic wallet

Program this sweet little electronic wallet with all your important cards and rewards programs and you're good to go. You won't have to worry about a card falling out of your wallet somewhere and someone picking it up and going on a shopping spree. Wocket stores all your cards and allows you to use any card you've uploaded at the checkout with the fancy electronic Wocket card. It looks like a credit card, with your name on it and a magnetic strip like any other card you would use.

Seven or eight years ago, I had a card go missing and I noticed a $700 charge on it. Someone had tried (and mostly succeeded) to buy a computer with my debit card. I was lucky to have caught it and even luckier to be able to call both the bank and the online retailer and straighten out the situation. The order was cancelled, the money put back in my account and a new card was sent to me. It took a couple hours of my time, but it all turned out okay, however, it would have been nice for it to have never happened at all.

It would be almost impossible for the Wocket card to get lost, as it locks in place when put back into your Wocket Wallet, ready to be programmed anew the next time you need to use it to make a purchase. Five minutes after it's used, the card wipes itself, so even if it IS lost, it can't be used at all, since it only has your name on it, no numbers or credit card logos. Pretty cool, right? 

I feel like having this on my trips could really eliminate the worry of losing my credit card that I'm using for most of my purchases, or any of my others. Having just the one card to deal with would simplify things and help to pack lighter. Imagine having all your cards at your fingertips, while also leaving them at home in a safe place. 

Setting up your Wocket is easy. You charge it fully (which can last 6 months to a year on a single charge with regular use), choose a PIN (which can be any combination of four numbers or letters) and then verify your name by swiping one card that has your name attached to it. Once you've done this, you can start uploading all your credit cards, rewards cards and other cards onto the device. In fact, it holds up to 10,000 records for you. Obviously, you'll probably never even need even half of those, so basically it'll never run out of memory for you.

So, does it really work? I tested it on a few trips to the convenience store and had no problem choosing the card I wanted to use, waiting for the Wocket to program the deets onto my card and then swiping it through the machine. Nobody looked at me weird, but I didn't have to show anyone my card either. If you do, you can click on the card info on your Wocket, enter your PIN and show the clerk your whole card information, as well as show them your ID. Easy, right?

Does simplifying your wallet for home and travel sound like something you'd want to do? I'm guessing most of you are saying yes, especially if it comes at a more affordable price for you. While the Wocket doesn't come at a price you'd pay for a normal wallet, think of all the time and worry you'll save over the years by having all your cards in one spot, no matter where you go. If a card suddenly has a problem while you're in the middle of your vacation, you can easily pull up another card for backup that you may have wanted to leave at home had you cleaned out your regular wallet before leaving. Crisis averted. For this peace of mind, you're probably willing to pay more. You can save $30 off your Wocket with my special code: 30OFF-f2bsca36

The Wocket makes a fantastic gift as well. With the holidays coming up, imagine the joy you'll give someone who often has to rifle through all their cards to find the right one when they go shopping. You can purchase one now

Want to win your very own Wocket? Of course you do! Check out Wocket Wallet's social media sites and follow them to enter through the rafflecopter form below. One lucky winner will be chosen on October 20th.

How much is it? $179
Got more questions? Find out more about Wocket Wallet on their website.

Disclaimer: I have been sent the Wocket Wallet for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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