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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

11 Top Apps For Travelers

When you’re planning a traveling trip, there’s plenty to think about. From your itinerary to packing and maybe brushing up on your foreign language skills. Whether you need advice on hotels, guided tours, or hiking trails, these applications have got plenty to offer for the keen traveler.

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1 . Trip IT


The TripIt app is the ultimate itinerary to help travelers get organized. Once you’ve booked a hotel, car or flight, all you have to do is send the details to the app. With the Trip IT app, it’s easy to map your travel plans on your calendar or share them with your travel companions. With the help of the app, you’ll no longer need to trawl through your email inbox for the important details you need. Here you can save PDFs, passport QR codes, boarding passes, and more. 


TripIT also provides details about safety, including safety scores for many different neighborhoods, all across the globe. Each safety score covers different categories, including medical and health services, political matters, or women’s safety. Info such as this is particularly useful for solo travelers.


If you’re off on a road trip there are features to help you to get organized, and map out your trip. The navigator offers driving directions, and you can also search for the nearest cafes, parking, or ATMs.


2. Detour


The Detour app provides audio walks, guiding you as you visit some of the most exciting places across the globe. You can currently use Detour in 17 different cities including London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Marrakech. All of the tours offer an engaging and entertaining experience, and you can even sync with your travel buddies. 

A few of the narrators include Philip Petit, Ken Burns, and Errol Morris. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Detour is one of ‘The world’s coolest audio guides.’ With these guides, you’ll learn plenty about your chosen destinations, and enhance the experience of your trip.


3. Trip Advisor


Tripadvisor is one of the very best apps for traveling, here you’ll find millions of handy recommendations, whether you’re looking for restaurants, hotels, or activities. Using the app you can get organized and make the most of your trip. You can also get support with booking tables, comparing flight prices, and hotel amenities. With so many informative reviews, it’s easier to make well-informed decisions and have the best trip. The planning tool can help you to save your ideas, create an itinerary and view your route on the map. Here you can book or cancel your tours, it’s simple to pay with either PayPal or Apple Pay.


4. HeHA


HeHA is the ultimate, ‘holiday extras’ app. Whether you need to book a flight lounge, a hotel, or locate a parking spot. The HeHA app can recommend just about everything, whether it’s beach trips, skiing spots, or restaurants. A few of the key features include:


  • Alerts when there are price drops, helping you to save money.

  • Recommendations tailored to your tastes and preferences.

  • Get great travel advice and tips, including suggestions of the best things to do.

  • Support to book insurance, transfers, and activities, all from the app.


 5. Rome2RIO


First you enter your destination, whether it’s a city or a landmark, and then the Rome2RIO app will give you a breakdown of all your travel options. Whether you’re looking for the quickest route or the cheapest route, the app will offer up the best options. Here you can find info on sightseeing, activities, accommodation providers and more. Whether you’re looking for a bus, train, or flight, the app can provide you with plenty of options. Rome2RIO works with many different travel partners, including National Express, Trenitalia, FlixBus, and VIA Rail. The app offers booking details from thousands of companies in 160+ countries, making it one of the most popular apps for travelers. To plan your trip without a hitch you need the Rome2RIO app.

6. All Trails

Perhaps you’re keen to go hiking as part of a traveling trip? Then you need to check out the All Trails app. With All Trails, you can get access to plenty of different curated trails, including offline maps, topo maps, and GPS maps. Looking for a bike-friendly trail or a hike that’s suitable for kids? Using All Trails you can search for a hike to suit your needs. 

The app offers details of popular hiking trails, or adventures that are off the beaten track, in rural locations. If you are staying in a rural location as part of a longer trip, it’s important to pack carefully. You might find it difficult to get hold of certain items when you’re out in the sticks! Those who want TV access when they are away might like to check out the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas.

7. Duo Lingo 


When you’re embarking on a traveling trip brushing up on your language skills can help you to feel more at ease and confident. The Duolingo app allows you to choose from 35+ languages to learn, with the help of short lessons. The app is both highly effective and lots of fun. Each activity resembles a game, helping you to engage, and remember the skills you are learning. The app was designed by top language experts, based on a science-backed technique, proven to facilitate language retention. 

With the help of the app, you can monitor your progress, set learning goals, and join the Duolingo community. All of the language content is free and there is plenty to choose from including Greek, Polish, Swedish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Norwegian, and lots more. Even learning a few basic phrases can help you to improve your travelling experience.


8. Guides By Lonely Planet


The Guides app provides plenty of useful offline maps, phrasebooks, immersive experiences, and a currency converter. Using the app you can explore thousands of city guides and narratives, all curated by top travel experts. You can convert between any currency, with the help of the Magic FX currency converter. The Guides app can help you to find all of the top sights, access travel info, and more. The detailed neighborhood guides will help you to find the best places for you, and it’s simple to save guides with the bookmarks. You’ll be super impressed with the immersive experiences, allowing you a chance to look around the destination, before you arrive. There is also plenty of general info content whether it’s tips for solo travellers, or advice on safety.


 9. Travello


Travello is the largest travelers community in the world, here travelers connect across 180+ countries. Using the app you can arrange to meet fellow backpackers, find travel buddies, and meet-up activities nearby. Travello has plenty of different groups to get involved with, whether it’s groups for solo travelers, travel bloggers, or photographers. 

Using the social feed you can share your photographs, travel ideas, and get lots of cool traveling tips. As well as the social side, here you can also get some great discounts on activities and tours. There are over 30,000 experiences to book at the best prices. When you plan your trip, you’ll be able to make the most of your time.


10. Sitata Travel Safe

The Sitata Travel Safe app helps you to keep up with data on safety hazards, whether it’s natural disasters, violence, disease, or protests. The app offers a safety ranking on all of your travel locations, so you know which areas are risky, and where you should avoid. 

With up-to-date info like this, you can change your route accordingly, if you need to. The application also features a community of travelers, all sharing safety tips. The app allows you to log in health info, medical info, and get advice about vaccinations. The last thing you want while you’re traveling is to run into bother, and with the help of the Sitata Travel Safe app, you get that added peace of mind.


 11. Pack Point


PackPoint is an application to help travelers get organized and pack their bags! The app will offer suggestions about what you need to pack, based on the weather, activities, and the duration of your stay. Once you’ve got your packing list sorted you can save your list, or share it with fellow travelers if you need to. Simply put in the city you are heading to, the date you leave, and how long you are going to stay. Further features of Pack Point include:


  • A customized menu with a range of Premium features.

  • Integrate with TripIt to share data between the two apps.

  • Change the quantity of items with one click.

  • Smart packing tips, (meaning no unexpected luggage fees).

  • Make yourself a luggage checklist, and edit with ease.


Getting super organized before you go on a trip will help you to make the most of your travels and enjoy every moment. It can also be useful to create a travelling budget, to help you plan your spending and stay on top of things.

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