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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Travel Questions I'm Asked All the Time

I've been blogging for quite some time and I tend to get the same questions asked of me over and over when I tell people what I do. I was talking to a fellow blogger about traveling for work and getting excited when a trip is paid for, which basically rarely happens, and you're always starting any trip in the the negative. So, I want to address some of the questions I get all the time. 

What's it like to get paid to travel? 

I have no idea, but if you find out, let me know. I still pay for all my own travel and everything we do. Sometimes I get freebie tours or attractions, but unless I write about them, they aren't free, and even still I have to do a considerable amount of work to get and use them. I will sometimes go on press trips, but those aren't free either. I still have to get to the destination and pay for things that aren't included (some food, gas if I'm driving, attraction costs for the other people who might be with me).

Oh, so you travel all the time? 

Nope. Let's go back to the last question. I don't get paid to travel, so I can't just go wherever I want whenever I want. I still have to save to go where I want to go. Also, I have unlimited "vacation" time, but Eric still has a real person job and only gets 2-3 weeks if he wants to come with.

What's the easiest way to save on a trip? 

Packing light is the number one easiest way to save money on any trip, but second is to avoid summer altogether. Those are always going to be the first things out of my mouth, because they are easy and they can save a big chunk right off the bat. My next tip would be to skip taking a taxi and then get a vacation rental instead of a hotel so you can make your own breakfast and have a place to keep and reheat any leftovers you bring back.

Have you ever been to {insert city/country here}?

Probably not, but maybe. I have a travel list I work my way through, but it's long (same as yours, I suspect) and I can't get to everywhere all at once. I have a family and a job and I'm not a backpacker staying in a cheapo hostel going to 23 countries in 3 weeks. 

But again, even if I have been to wherever you are asking, I'm sure I haven't been all over to give you specific tips for what you want, but I'll try.

What's the one place you've written about that you want to go most? 

My top destination changes all the time, depending on what I've written about. At the moment it's Iceland, but tomorrow it might be Malta or Greece or Scotland.

So, you plan trips?

Yes. I plan my own trips. I'm not a travel agent and I'm not a travel planner, unless you want to pay me to create an itinerary for you.

How can I get a deal to {insert city/country here}?

Short answer: Sign up for travel alerts. Long answer: Unless I've been there, I can't tell you off the top of my head, because all destinations are different and travel is constantly evolving. I research every single place I go to and/or write about to learn these things, so please don't get annoyed that I'm not Google and don't have an immediate answer.

Also, please don't ask me for advice and then pull a face when I tell you my answer.

I'm sorry you don't want to save money enough to not bring 14 pairs of shoes or to fly on a Tuesday or not in the summer. You asked. These are the tips I have. It's like if you ask me if I like an outfit and I say no, but then you're mad at my answer. You're not going to be able to save hundreds of dollars by not changing anything. Sorry.

Don't assume I've been everywhere. I haven't. 

Again, I pay for my own travel, I have limited time to spare unless I want to travel everywhere alone, and I can't just put 4 day's worth.of food in a bowl and leave my dog home alone. I travel the same as you. Possibly a couple more times a year, but usually that is domestic and you aren't interested in how fun Vegas off the Strip is or how pretty it is driving through Montana. Not every destination is exotic, but every destination has something of value to make it awesome, which I'm all about. Not every trip is Paris or Hawaii or Mongolia. (Also, I've never been to Mongolia *but it's on my list*.)

These are the reasons I continue to blog and the reasons I don't travel more and why I don't have tons of money and I still have a part time job in addition to blogging and freelancing. Do you have other questions? Feel free to ask. And don't forget to follow my trips on Instagram.

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