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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How Not to Get Sick On The Airplane

I've had my share of being sick on vacation, and it sucks hard. You wait for months to go on a fun trip and it's mostly ruined because you feel disgusting and want to sleep all the time, even though you want to do all the cool things. You want to start pumping up your immune system before you leave home, but you also need to be vigilant on the plane, where the stale recycled air can get you.

Here's how to amp yourself up and keep it going so you have an awesome trip while you're healthy.

Before you leave home

About a week before your trip, you're going to want to add a few things to your routine and pack some items in preparation.

Add some Vitamin C to your day

Whether you normally take vitamins or not, purchase some Vitamin C tabs, Emergen-C or immune-boosting chewables and take them each day the week before your trip. Pack some in your toiletry bag as well, because you might want to also take them while you're on vacation.

Drink extra water

You're body's mostly water, so water not only rebalances and refreshes, but it also helps flush out toxins, meaning your immune system can do its job instead of adding stresses to what it normally has to fight off.

Pack anti-bacterial wipes

Germs lurk in places where many people are and on surfaces that are touched a ton. I've seen the plane being cleaned in between flights and I'm almost positive they don't have enough time to wipe down all the tray tables, so not only can you use these wipes on your hands, but on all the hard surfaces around your seat, like the window ledge and arm rest.

Eat your fruits and vegetables

Start your routine of eating better, so you aren't fighting the grossness of fried foods when your immune system is trying to be 100%. The better you can eat, the better you'll feel and less tired you'll be during and after your flight.

On the plane

Stay hydrated

Pack a reusable water bottle or pick up a bottle of water at the airport, so you don't have to wait for drink services. Avoid soda and alcohol, as they can dehydrate you. Extra water will keep your skin from drying out as well, and saves you from drinking tea, coffee or water on the plane. Most planes don't clean their water tanks regularly and a good portion of them have been found to have bacteria in them, so if they don't give out closed bottles of water on your flight, just pass and drink your own.

Keep your hands clean

This is where your antibacterial wipes will come in handy. Bring them with you to the bathroom as well, because the water that comes from the tiny sink is also from those possibly-bacteria-laden water tanks. Better to be safe than sorry.

Bring along some mouthwash

You can pick up a tiny bottle at the airport. The mouthwash will keep your mouth from getting all dry and also coat your mouth against airborne germs.

Take some extra vitamins

On flight day, you may want to take a double dose of vitamins that you've been taking all week. At the very least, nothing will happen. At the most, it'll keep your immune system kicking a bit harder.

Eat healthfully

On travel day, you'll want to eat lighter than usual and avoid a bunch of carbs if possible. Eat a pre-flight meal that's rich in protein, which will keep you alert and not feeling all groggy and jetlaggy. Something like salmon and veggies or a salad with chicken on it is a perfect travel meal, because you also won't feel heavy once you get to 35,000 feet.

Tilt the overhead vent away from your face

Nothing is worse than having recycled air hitting your straight in the eyes. Not only is is cold (which I know a lot of people want, because the plane can be hot), but you're basically just spraying germs at your face, so if you must have it on, tilt it away from your face if you can. The first thing I do when I get on plane is to close that vent. I'm prone to eye problems, but even if I wasn't, I'd close it off to eliminate the chance of gross germs.

Now that you know how to get to your destination hale and hearty, you can get excited to enjoy everything it has to offer without slowing down before you even arrive.

How many trips have been ruined for you by sickness?

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