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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: ExOfficio Give-N-Go® Lacy Undergarments

If you’re a loyal reader or follower on Facebook, then you have heard me talk at length about my love of ExOfficio clothing and accessories. My husband and I could simply live in their dryflylite shirt series. With so many different styles and colors, you always look great and have something for any occasion. So, you can only guess how excited I was for the folks at ExOfficio to offer me a pair of their pretty new Give-N-Go® Lacy underwear to review. Seeing as how I also have a matching Give-N-Go Lacy Tank, I figured it would be a great pair to review together.

Give-N-Go Lacy Full Cut Brief
Often, I am not a fan of full-cut panties, simply because they can be unflattering and give you panty lines. Attractive! Instead of going for the low-rise bikini or even the thong options, I decided the true test of ExOfficio’s women’s line would be the full-cut brief version. I was actually really surprised by them when they arrived, because not only were they pretty (both of my pieces are the light grape color you see in the photos), but when on, they actually did give you full coverage and fit a bit more like a boy short, so they don’t roll down your stomach and no VPL! So far, so good! The other thing you have to know is how lovely the fabric feels against your skin. I have worn both pieces out during the day (under clothing, of course) and also have worn them to bed as pajamas. The pieces fit your curves in just the right way, have a bit of stretch, feel silky inside and out and always feel cool to the touch. I don’t know how that is, but I suspect that the moisture-wicking property of the fabric has something to do with it.
Give-N-Go Lacy Tank Top      
Not only does the Give-N-Go line keep you from sweating, but the fabric (94% Nylon and 6% Lycra Spandex) is thin and durable, quick-drying and odor-resistant. Who doesn’t want odorless panties? Because when you’re tromping through the heat, you still want to feel fresh and clean.

Now, when you’re on the road or even in a hotel room, you sometimes find that you need to do laundry where there are no facilities, so hand washing in the sink comes into play and you HOPE that everything will be dry in the morning, so you can either pack it to go home or wear it the next day. All ExOfficio undergarments come with the saying: “17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear. Okay, maybe two.” This is a big claim for the durability and quick-dry ability of one pair of underwear. Fortunately, they can back up their product, because after washing these by hand, wringing them out and hanging them up, they were dry and ready to go the next morning…and probably could have been put back on a few hours later. The same with the tank. I’ve had cotton thongs that were hung up to dry and still slightly damp eight hours later. You can seriously buy two pairs of ExOfficio underwear, throw them in your bag and alternate wearing and washing them as long as you travel. They make packing light even more simple!
Give-N-Go low-rise bikini, bikini cut and thong

I know I wasn’t asked to review the men’s underwear as well, but my husband has an entire drawer full of ExOfficio boxer briefs and he is not one to want to spend good money on many things. After trying out a pair I bought before a long trip we were taking, he immediately bought another three pairs. Each time there is a sale, he buys more to replace other underwear that aren’t ExOfficio and throws them out. In fact, he’s bought and thrown out underwear that have worn out in the time he’s been wearing the ExOfficio boxer briefs that still look brand new! We keep several pair in the travel bag at all times, too. On trips, they wash well and dry quickly, plus the moisture-wicking quality makes chafing a thing of the past! I think it really speaks to the quality of a product when a customer goes back to purchase more time and again. Below are just some of men's styles they carry.

Give-N-Go brief, boxer brief, boxers

So, the durability and pretty look of the lacy Give-N-Go undergarments for women get a big thumbs-up from me. The fact that they are comfortable, “Technically Sexy” and don’t ride up are also big pluses. I will definitely purchase several pair for travel and home and highly recommend them to you. We can also recommend the men’s line for male travelers, too, for comfort, look and endurance.

Where to buy ExOfficio Give-N-Go® Lacy Undergarments:
Your local ExOfficio or outdoor store (i.e., REI)

You can also find these other colors and styles:
            Lacy Bikini cut
            Lacy Low-rise bikini cut
            Lacy Thong
            Lacy Tank
            Lacy Shelf-bra cami
            (non-lace options also available)

            Available colors: agave, black, light grape, light turquoise, nude and wine
            $18-20 for panties, $30-38 for tanks and camisoles

(I was provided with a complimentary pair of Give-N-Go Lacy panties for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own.)

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