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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Street Food for Frugal Travelers

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It’s the time again: Farmer’s markets are open everywhere and the weather is starting to get nice enough to want to hang around outside for long periods of time. It’s the season for affordable eating. Between food carts full of delectable local cuisine and fresh veggies and homemade foods, like cheese and jam, you can definitely eat very well and for just a percentage of what you would pay if you ate every meal at a sit-down restaurant. Enjoy your food (and everyone could have something completely different if they wanted) while browsing stalls, sitting in a nearby park or as you’re walking to your next sightseeing destination. It’s the best way to meet locals, try foods from the region and also get some fresh air.

Homemade goods make perfect souvenirs, too.
So fresh!
Amazing prices, because they are locally grown.
Some delicious finds from our food truck festival visit.
Ice Cream!
Gourmet "dumplings".
Do you look forward to warmer weather and "street" food? 

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