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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do You Love Legos?

You don’t have to have kids to go to Legoland, but it helps. Or maybe not. When we visited the colorful, rectangular theme park we were probably one of only two couples there that didn’t have children under 6 with us. Eric and I are children at heart, so we thought this was hilarious and we enjoyed every minute we spent in the Southern Californian park.

Legoland is great at keeping rides short to capitalize on the just as short attention spans of small kids. If you like thrilling rides, you won’t find any here. No, scratch that. You’ll find one. The Bionicle Dragon ride will give you a run for your money. You (and a friend) climb into a roller coaster seat that is attached to a robotic arm. Crew members will ask you to choose your “intensity level”. Choose between one and five. They told us the difference was that level 5 “goes upside down more”. That sounded appealing to us at the time. If you ever wondered what it felt like to be a salt shaker, this ride allows you to answer that question.

Aside from The Dragon, all the other rides are family-friendly and are suitable for little kids. Of course, if you love those kinds of rides, Legoland will be a lot of fun for you, just like it was for us. Everything is Lego branded and you will find amazing, large sculptures made out thousands of the blocks. It makes you want to go home and make your own cool things with your old Legos – and if you don’t have any, you can buy as many as you want before you leave. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to test out your building skills throughout the park.

Here are some pictures of our visit to Legoland in Carlsbad, California. Remember, many of the older Lego statues look a lot better in pictures than in person, because they have been faded by the sun.

This is seriously the whole ride. And you get soaked! LOL!
A fun shooter game!

Yup, those faces are made of Legos!
There's a whole Vegas Strip. I just love these tourists.
Bionicle spinners, which is just like the teacups at Disneyland

And my favorite thing at Legoland is not the boat ride or the miniature Star Wars lands or the shorty roller coasters, but the signs for the bathrooms:

Funny, right? 
Your visit to Legoland could be included on your Los Angeles GoCard, which I also blogged about here. It's definitely a better deal if you plan to do other stuff on your trip. We found it fun and enjoyable and the middle of the week was a great time to go, because it was super slow and rides were incredibly short. After days of being in packed big-ride theme parks, it was a nice change of pace and pretty relaxing.                                        Have you ever been to Legoland?  

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