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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: Foldable Flats from Butterfly Twists

Spring is in the air! Well, for some of us. Portland is bouncing between warm, sunny days and cold, rainy days. I know a lot of people are still waiting for the weather to warm up where they live, too, but it's coming. Spring and Summer bring all kinds of outdoor activities, including great vacations that might involve the beach and definitely a lot of walking. You're going to want to look cute, but still be comfortable as well. Butterfly Twists, which have those awesome packable wellies I reviewed last week, has your vacation feet covered, literally. These perforated Julia flats are adorable and perfect for your travels, as well as everywhere you go around home. 

Now, I know you probably have a few pairs of foldable flats in your closet and you're thinking they won't possibly be helpful on a vacation, unless you just plan to wear them on the plane and that's it. It's because you haven't tried Butterfly Twists yet. I, too, have several pair of flats that won't ever go with me on a trip longer than 6 hours, because they may be cute, but they also feel like you're walking barefoot on the pavement. Ouch. Butterfly Twists set out to change this, because they're made in London, a city where most women walk everywhere they can. 

They were created to be your back-up shoes when your heels cause you to hate your life and you aren't going to walk down the dirty streets without shoes on. Butterfly Twists are adorable flats that replace those sexy stilettos and still look fab with your going out clothes. They are so cute and come in so many styles that you can wear these all the time and skip those torture-inducing heels you have when your feet already hurt. Personally, I think this makes them perfect travel companions: 

They pack small, so you could throw in a few extra pairs if you want. I'm totally in favor of wearing easy slip-on, slip-off shoes to the airport and on the plane. My feet tend to swell in flight, so I need footwear that isn't constricting. when going to warm weather destinations, it's nice to have shoes that will go with everything I bring and allow my feet to breathe. Sneakers aren't always the best choice. 

They are a great alternative to flip flops and actually offer more support. They have memory foam insoles, so your feet are going to be happier longer. I'll bring flip flops for the pool or wandering around the hotel (or when I just can't bear to wear real shoes anymore), but with Butterfly Twists' flats, I can leave them at home. They look great on the beach, on a boat, at the theme park and at dinner. Love that!


They look great with everything from jeans to your swimsuit. I put these on with a variety of outfits and, lo and behold, they looked like they were meant to go with it. Why bring a bunch of extra shoes when you can bring a few that go with all the clothes in your travel wardrobe? 

They liven up your LBD day dress. A sparkly pair of flats are a great addition to your travel bag, because it can add a bit of flash to that dress you've been wearing out sightseeing. Put on some fun jewelry and you're ready to go out dancing or to a nice dinner. 

They allow your feet to breathe. OMG. There's nothing worse than walking all over in shoes that don't breathe and make your feet feel like they're all hot and gross. Even the non-perforated flats have a breathable lining, but I loved the look of the Julia flats, because they also have an open toe to show off your pretty pedicure.

They have structure. This might seem like a weird thing to care about, but If ind it really important in a flat. You'll take these shoes out of their carrying bag and notice when you unfold them that they curl a bit. They'll do that even after you've worn them a bunch. This means they'll be stretchy enough to stay on your foot, but they won't rub on your foot and give you blisters, even right out of the box. I cannot stress how important this is, because you want your shoes to have enough structure to conform to your foot, but you don't want them to be loose and flop around or rub your heels raw. Boo to that.

They come in their own travel bag. Like the Windsor Wellies, all BT flats have their own drawstring bag. This means you can bag them up, toss them in your day bag or your carry-on and not have to worry about them getting dirt on everything else inside. 

They easily fit inside your purse. When you're at home and find yourself on a night out, eventually your feet are going to start complaining while you're wearing those tall heels. After you leave the club or your party, taken them off, pull out your BT foldable flats and breathe a sigh of relief. I often keep a pair of flats in my car, because you can't drive barefoot. Well, you can, but the law frowns on that. There have been some times when my feet have hurt so bad I couldn't even wait to get my shoes off before I've made it to the car. If you're the same, you need a pair of these. Of course, you could also wear these instead of those other fancy shoes you planned. 

With the nice weather lately, I've been wearing the Julia flats all over the place. They're so comfortable, even when doing a lot of walking, that I can't wait to take them on vacation with me. They're totally going to complete my outfits in Las Vegas and Orlando and I'll bet you anything that many ladies are going to be jealous of my comfort. 

These flats only come in whole sizes, so if you need a half size, choose the larger size. I usually wear a 6.5, and my feet are a bit wide, so I asked for a 7 and they are perfect. If my feet swell on the plane or after miles of walking, I'll still have some wiggle room. {Don't the moms in your life deserve a little comfortable elegance? Mother's Day is coming up and I bet the ones you know would looooovve a pair of these for trips and around home.}

Other Information
Colors they come inDusty pink (shown) | Black
How much are they? $49
Where can I buy themOn the Butterfly Twists website
Other specsfaux leather, flexible rubber outsole, lightweigh

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of Butterfly Twists Julia flats for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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