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Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Las Vegas Wish List

So, as you know, I've been to Vegas many times. It tends to be a yearly thing and sometimes it's twice yearly, like this year and probably next. We have family that lives there, we have 4 timeshares to choose from, the NBA Summer League plays there and the Travel Goods Show takes place there as well. The fun thing about Vegas, besides the obvious, is that things are always changing, so what was there last year may not be there the next. This can be annoying if you really liked something, but at least it's never boring. 

las vegas wish list

This year we're not meeting friends, so between basketball games and hanging with family, we're going to do some stuff we've never done before, and probably a few things we have. Here's my list of what I want to do, see and eat this summer while trying not to die of heat stroke:

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Las Vegas Spring Preserve
I've wanted to visit the Preserve since I aw it along the highway. I love plants and animals, plus this is a really interesting setting and a unique thing to do in the middle of a city where everything this bright lights and sounds of slots.

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Ethel M Chocolate Factory
I had big plans to check this place out when I was in town in March, but I had limited time, was trying to get work done and was too tired to drive out to Henderson (which I know is only like 20 minutes away). I've been to a few chocolate factories, but this one is kind of a landmark and I feel a little guilty for not having gone to check it out already.

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Ethel M Cactus Garden
Outside of the chocolate factory is an extensive cactus garden that's totally free. Now that I don't live in Arizona anymore, I have more of an appreciation of cactus, since I actually see trees and grass and flowers everywhere I go. 

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Bad Owl Coffee
Someone was kind enough to send me a link to this place that just opened earlier this year. It's also in Henderson (where our family lives), so I feel like I see a whole day there. Bad Owl Coffee is supposedly some good coffee, but it's also Harry Potter themed, which you know I'm not going to pass up if I get a chance, because those are two of my favorite things...plus they have a Butterbeer latte, which tends to sell out halfway through the day, so I know where my morning is going to start.

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Capo's Speakeasy
I just bought a daily deal for this place for brunch, because look at it. Look. At. It. It's looks like an old mob restaurant and my brunch comes with unlimited drinks. Who's going to turn down neverending mimosas? I'll tell you who. Nobody. Plus, I'm always looking for new and interesting places to eat. I could eat everyday at a buffet, but I try not to stick myself in that box.

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Mon Ami Gabi
I could spend most of my days inside the Paris Hotel. It's beautiful and it makes me happy. It's like being outside while being inside...and there's crepes. So many crepes. I've never eaten at this fancy eatery out front that's actually outside, but I've got it on good authority that this place is a must-eat, so I'm going to check it out and eat some French-inspired food while I people watch. Incidentally, that's what I do when we eat at Ile. St. Louis inside as well, since it's made to feel like a sidewalk cafe, even though it's inside. I love that place.

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Downtown Container Park
Yes, I've been here before. We went last year, but we only visited at night, so I didn't actually get to look in any of the stores or most of the restaurants. This trip I want to take some time to wander the park and check out everything they have in there...and maybe go down one of those playground slides!

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Madam Tussaud's 
This place always freaks me out, but I keep going to them in hopes that I'll get over my fear of wax people being real people. I probably won't, but this is an included option in my Explorer Pass, so I'm going to summon my bravery and go hang out with the "stars".

Bellagio Conservatory
I go here every time I'm in town, because it's always different. The master gardeners at the Bellagio change the conservatory theme every season and it's always fantastic and amazing, especially to people like me who can't really grow anything except for plants that don't need my help once they're planted.

Salt Room LV
We went here last time we were in town and it's a great way to get away fro the crowds and get some detox. Salt rooms are great for your skin, allergies and other ailments and I always feel awesome when I leave. The bonus here is that they have weekday Happy Hour prices, so you can detox for less.

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Gordon Ramsay Burgr
We tried to go here last time, but there were no reservations and the line was crazy long, so we gave up and went elsewhere. That'll teach us to try to eat somewhere on The Strip in the evening where all the people hang out. Of course, I heard that a new Gordon Ramsay restaurant is opening this summer in the Linq Promenade, so we may try that one instead...and then maybe get a cupcake from Sprinkles.

This is probably not a complete list, but there will be basketball and family goodness in here, and floating about in the lazy river, so we'll just fill in as we go and then I'll tell you all about it when I get back! 

What are your favorite things to do in and around Vegas that I should add to my list?

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