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Friday, June 24, 2016

Super Useful Travel Posts

Happy Friday, Everybody! It's been a while since we've had a post round-up, so I decided today was a good day to run a super useful post, with a bunch of travel contests at the end. I hope you're having a fantastic week, and if you've come across anything fun and travel-related, then please enlighten us with a link back in the comments so we can all enjoy!

super useful travel posts

So, even though "it's a free country", you can't just wear whatever you want everywhere you go. If you remember my post about not showing up to the airport in your pajamas (come on people!), this one goes a bit further, as this burlesque dancer thought wearing tiny shorts on her flight was also a good look. Jetblue disagreed.

National Parks are turning 100 this year and this summer is going to be really busy. If you can't hit up your local park or others on your travels this year, you can virtually visit Alaska's Katmai National Park by checking out their bear cam online, as well as some others, like Glacier and Yellowstone.

So, we probably all agree about this by now, but some people just have no common sense. More people are killed every year because they think they must capture every moment on film. You know, pics or it didn't happen. I love to take photos, but sometimes you just need to put your camera (or phone) away and either just enjoy the moment or get the hell out of there. Smarter Travel gives you 10 places not to take selfies.

I know most people aren't like me and don't research every airport they'll be going through. I like to know what I can do there if I get delayed, but also what food they have to offer, because generally you have enough time to grab a meal. You know how I like to try new places, but I also like to sty on a schedule when I travel, so eating meals at meal time are important to me. Eater made a list of what to eat at 30 airports, so you can make a note for your next trip.

So, I know that I can find something fun in every city I visit, even if it's tiny. You just have to look and also ask people. For those of you looking to take a staycation this summer, because maybe you're waiting to take your next trip when it's cheaper to do so, then you'll need some ideas. Of course, some cities are better for staying home than others. WalletHub has rounded up the best and worst cities for staycations this year.

If you're not into taking a staycation this year, that's okay, because there's plenty of affordable places to travel, even when travel is really expensive. BudgetTravel has put together a list of 29 Affordable Trips to Take This Summer. You might also be interested in a unique trip to Utah. Both the Heber Valley and the city of Logan are fantastic for those on a budget, family travelers, solo travelers, adventure travelers, history buffs. You name it, Utah has something. Plus, if you're on the West Coast, they can easily be driven to, so you save on airfare!

I'm a big lover of Disney and if I ever got sick and missed out on part of my trip, I'd be bummed. Not just because of a lost day at the parks, but tickets are expensive. This lady learned that if your tickets are old enough, you can totally get around today's rules. Lucky her!

Most Americans don't use all their vacation time, but there are some people like me who do (or I did when I had an 8-5 gig) and wish they had more time, so they could get the most R & R they can. Studies have shown that vacations are good for us and more travel makes us more productive at work, because (a) you have something to look forward to and (b) you have recharged your batteries for a week or two and are ready to get back to the daily grind. Wish you had more time away? Here are some tips on how to negotiate it with your boss.

And now for the contests!

Win a 3-night trip to Waikiki.

Enter to win an escape to The Hamptons

Want a fun-filled, adventurous escape to Boise, Idaho? Enter now!

Win a culinary tour of the rustic Amalfi Coast in Italy.

And there you go! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and something in this post helped you out in some way. Let me know what was your favorite or what you hated or what you found on the internet lately.

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