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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Portland Coffee Tour - Part 12

We have had a last-minute winter push here in Portland this month, complete with freezing winds and snow. It has not been fun and has made coffee consumption a lot more appealing, but walking to a shop much less, so I've been hunkering down mostly at home. 

I had a day off that I made a lunch date with a friend downtown and forced myself out of the house early to hit up a coffee shop...and boy was it needed by the time I walked the 4 blocks to get there. I only made it to two shops this month, as things were super busy all the way around, but I'll be back with a vengeance next month (I hope).

Groundwork Cofee

This shop was just a short walk from where I parked and was located inside an office building, so only open for limited hours on just Monday through Friday, but it was well worth the visit. Groundwork only serves organic coffees and teas. They bring ethically-sourced coffee to Portland from Colombia made by women entrepreneurs. How awesome is that? 

I also noticed that they use a organic chocolate syrup, so I had to order a mocha to try that out. I ordered the Groundwork Mocha ($5) made with Krakow single origin chocolate and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was, because so often I order a mocha and am disappointed by the grittiness of the drink. 

I'd go back and try their other drinks. Their menu is small, but has everything you need from a coffee place, plus they have a small selection of bagels and other pastries. It's very minimal, but in a lovely way, including seating, but what space there is is nice a light and open feeling. 

Revolucion Coffee House

When's the last time you had a cup of black coffee and declared it perfect? I will tell you the last time I did: never. I always put milk and sometimes sweetener in it. I've been hearing a lot of awesomeness about Revolucion and made the point of stopping in on my way home from a visit downtown. The furniture inside is mismatched, and the inside of Revolucion isn't that large, but it does feel inviting and a wonderful respite from the bitter cold.

I asked for a recommendation and was told the Mexican coffees were a bit sweeter, so I ordered a Cafe de Olla ($2.95) and a gluten-free Chocolate Mousse Cup ($4.25) because, yum. I declined room in my coffee and was a little worried about it when the barista handed it over, but was so happy with it from the first sip. It was indeed sweeter than regular coffee and had a fabulous cinnamon overtone. It might be the best coffee I've ever had that wasn't a latte or something else fancy. I tried it with milk in it after drinking about half and it made it even better. The mouse was brought in from a bakery in town. It was good, but not nearly worth $4, unless you're on a strict diet. I wouldn't turn it down if someone offered it to me though. I plan to return to Revolucion to try their actual food and some of their specialty coffees.

I wish I had more for you this month, but I feel as if I found some local gems that will definitely get my business in the near future. 

What's your favorite coffee shop from where you live or from your travels?

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