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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Holiday Travel Gift List 2018

Can you believe that it's almost Thanksgiving. While I hope you're all excited for your turkey feast, I know you're probably getting stressed about the holidays coming up, so the holiday travel gift list is here! Whether you have a little spend or a lot, there's something for everyone who travels on your list (and even for those who don't really). Here are some of the best things you can put under the tree (or in their stocking, or in a box to ship across the country).

There are a ton of cool things you can buy for someone for under $50. Here's your budget round-up:
  1. Belkin travel power strip - I got one of these for travel and now have 3. 2 of them are used at home. I love this because most hotel rooms don't have enough outlets and it's annoying. Even if they do, then you have to plug in all your stuff all around the room. No thanks. If there aren't any outlets, unplug a lamp, plug it back in to this strip and you'll still have 2 open outlets and 2 USB outlets. The plug itself swivels to fit in any space you have. I love it and you (and those you give it to) will too. $14.99 on Amazon.
  2. Travelon Anti-Theft Courier N/S Slim Bag - A smaller bag that doesn't get in the way when you're traveling, but still has room for the necessities is important. I love this bag so much. It has a great look, is anti-theft, and RFID-blocking. The small size will keep your back from hurting as you walk all over the city sightseeing, and the thicker strap won't cut into your shoulder. $52.50 on Travelon's website, but you can get 20% off if you use code SHEREENTRAVELS20%.
  3. Happyluxe Wayfarer Travel Wrap - I love this oversized wrap. It's so soft and comfortable, I can wear it as a shawl or a blanket or a big scarf, or it can be used as a picnic blanket. It packs up small, so I can stuff it in my purse with my snacks. Everyone needs one, in my opinion. $34+ on Amazon.
  4. Bajer mesh folding laundry basket - I never travel without my pop-up laundry basket. I use it as a hamper and the heavy duty handles make it easy to tote to the laundry room of my hotel and can easily handle a load or more of wet clothes if you'd rather hang to dry in your room. This is also a great gift for a college student. $12.95 on Amazon.
  5. Atlas of the Unexpected - This book has so much eye candy and travel inspiration that you can't help but want to plan a trip while reading it. From the discovery of the  Dead Sea Scrolls to the amazing Just Enough Room Island, this is going to become a new favorite for your bookshelf and coffee table. {review to come} $19.49 on Amazon.
  6. Face Cradle travel "pillow" - We have two of these. The regular version and the lite version. We traveled with both of them on our last trip across the country and were able to get a great night's sleep on the plane. It can also be used in the car, on the train and a tabletop, so those that travel a lot or travel at nighttime often. $49.99 on Amazon.
  7. Battery back-up charger - When you use your phone for directions, email, pictures, and texting, your phone battery drains fairly quickly during a travel day. I also blog and take notes and more when I travel, so I always find I'm in need of recharging. Don't hope you'll find an outlet or just give up on using your phone for the rest of the day. This battery can charge two devices at once, and charge them more than once before it's drained completely. It's not much bigger than your phone and we have two. $16.99 on Amazon.
  8. Travelon anti-theft packable backpack - The first and only of its kind, having a daybag that is theft-proof is very useful, especially if it's a backpack. This one packs itself away into a small pouch for when you need it and then turns into a good size backpack that is lightweight, holds quite a bit, and even has an RFID pocket, for extra security. Perfect for beach days, family vacations, day tours, and shopping excursions. $47.25 on Travelon's website, but get 20% off with code SHEREENTRAVELS20%.
  9. Travelon's anti-theft tailored crossbody phone pouch - If you know a person who hates to carry a purse, but needs to carry more than just their phone, having bulky pockets is not the answer, or super convenient while traveling. This mini purse is pretty, but goes with, literally, everything. Wear it as a crossbody bag, wear it as a waist bag, wear it with jeans, wear it with a dress. It's adorable and can fit your large phone and even a regular size digital camera (along with credit cards and cash). $42 on Travelon's website, plus get 20% off with code SHEREENTRAVELS20%.
  10. Coolmesh II Tab Sock from Wrightsock - I love a good pair of socks. Warm ones that don't make my feet sweat, short ones that don't slip down, cushy ones that help keep my feet from hurting. Coolmesh socks do all those things and more and come in other styles besides the tab sock, but these are my favorite. $8+ on Amazon.

Maybe you have a bit more to spend or only have one or two people to buy for (lucky you!). If that's the case, here are ideas for more than $50, but less than $100:
  1. Lewis N. Clark WEA Carry-On Tote - This bag is pretty much the perfect size, whether you want to use it as a carry-on, a weekender or a commuter bag. It's big enough for all your necessities, but small enough that you can't overpack it and want to cry that it's ridiculously heavy. It fits your giant laptop and all the other necessities and looks great in the meantime. $59 on Amazon.
  2. Airline gift cards - Buy a gift card that can be used for their favorite airline or hotel chain (or Airbnb) or rental car company. It's nice because you can customize it and make it a bit more personal than a normal gift card. whatever you want to spend.
  3. eBags Motherlode Weekender backpack - This bag will come in handy on a weekend trip to Vegas, a week-long trip to visit Grandma or months in Europe. It fits under the seat on the plane, too, so that's pretty awesome. The bag expands for extra purchases along the way and has a ton of pockets to keep stuff organized. $120 on Amazon.
  4. Uber gift cards - Sometimes renting a car isn't worth the money and sometimes public transportation isn't an option (like late at night). Make sure they get there safely and easily with gift cards they can add to their Uber account for a cheaper trip. You can buy these at Target or other big box stores. Any denomination on Uber website.
  5. Butterfly Twists rain boots - If you've bought any sort of rain boots, you'll know most of them are terrible, because you can't walk more than a block in them, and they don't keep your feet warm. Butterfly Twists are pretty, warm, and also comfortable to walk around in. I have them in Windsor, but they come in a bunch of styles. ~$50 on Amazon.
  6. City cards - I'm sure the traveler on your list already has their next trip planned. Why not help them make it more affordable by giving them most or all of their activities for free? You'll be able to find a lot of participating cities between Smart Destinations and CityPASS. $50+ on SmartDestinations website and CityPASS website.
  7. Lewis N Clark Secura Destinations Messenger - The Secura Destinations messenger converts into a backpack and I'm loving it! Use it as a messenger on the plane and around town and then convert it to backpack when you're out and have purchased a little more than you want to carry or on your way back home. $69.99 on Lewis N Clark's website
  8. Kameleon Rose Travel Dress: Okay, so I have rarely spent $65+ on a dress, but I have done it and have been happy every single time. What if you could spend that same money and get over 20 pieces of clothing? Because that's just what the Kameleon Rose dress is. It can be a dress, a skirt, pants, a top, a poncho and more! I'm loving mine that I picked up at the show and can't wait to show you with an upcoming review. $65-80 on Kameleon Rose's website.
  9. Lewis N Clark Onboard Underseat Duffle -  I love the Underseat Duffle, because of its profile and how handy all the pockets are to get to all your things even with it under the seat. It's also manageable to carry, even for a smaller person.  You can carry it with the handles or the included removable, adjustable shoulder strap. You can use it as a personal item size or your main carry-on, and you'll never feel overburdened by your bag. $69.99 on Lewis N Clark website.

Do you want to go all out for the traveler on your list? Well, there are plenty of things out there to choose from, but what are some of the best? Of course I've got a list for things that cost $100 or more that will make them happy and think of you on every trip they take.

  1. Walter + Ray InTransit bag - This is the ultimate carry-on bag, because it fits your large laptop, all your clothes, electronics, snacks, toiletries and more, plus you can carry it 3 different ways. I packed everything for a 5-day trip to Disney in this and it made traveling easy, and also looked great$119 on Walter + Ray's website.
  2. Kindle (waterproof) Paperwhite - If you have a traveler who loves to read on your list, then a Kindle is kind of a no-brainer. It saves room in a bag and the battery lasts forever on one charge, so even a long travel day will still have reading material available. $129.99 on Amazon.
  3. Anatomie travel clothing - Anatomie sells luxury travel clothing for women, that look awesome and feel just as good. They are perfect for finding what can be considered resort wear, but they have lightweight pieces that work for all sorts of travel situations and help you blend in as a local. $100+ on the Anatomie website.
  4. Bluffworks pants - It's nice to have clothing that does double duty. Bluffworks pants are specifically for travel, because they are odor-resistant, stain-resistant, wrinkle-proof and almost indestructible. They look like dress pants, but they're sturdy enough to wear hiking, camping or rock climbing. One pair can work for everything you do on vacation or a business trip. $98 or $125, depending on the style, on Bluffworks' website.
  5. Lojel carry-on - Lojel has a great list of carry-on bags. They have hardside and flexible hardside luggage that always fits in the overhead of the plane and looks great. I take mine on the majority of my trips, knowing that my stuff is always safe and that my bag is always regulation size, no matter how much I figure out how to stuff into it on the way home. Your recipient will love theirs, too. $110+ on Amazon.
  6. Scottevest Chloe Hoodie - This hoodie has so many functions...and pockets! So many pockets! It's stylish, cozy and lets you walk around without a purse if you want. It isn't cheap, but the construction is rugged, it's flattering and they are going to wear it all the time. If you don't have a girl on your list, SCOTTeVEST has similar ones for men, including the 10-pocket cotton hoodie, the 10-pocket microfleece hoodie and the 13-pocket Knowmadic hoodie$90 on Scottevest website.
  7. Baubax travel jacket - BauBax has created the ultimate travel jacket for travelers and it comes in several different styles. Their most popular is a hoodie and it may very well become a favorite. The bomber, just like the hoodie, comes with 15 different functions that are unique and all very useful when traveling, whether you're on a plane, train, bus, or even just heading to a festival in your hometown. The jacket features 9 pockets, all of which have a function. $149-179 on the Baubax website or Amazon.
Want to save even more on your travel gifts? You totally can. Sign up for Ebates, if you haven't already, to get cash back and promo codes. You can also use Swagbucks the same way. New members can get a bonus of $10 with their first purchase with Ebates and get $3 free for signing up at Swagbucks. Make the most of your dollars, so you can buy more, or save more for that next trip you're planning! 

And hey! Don't feel bad buying any of these for yourself or putting them on your own holiday wish list!

Where are you most looking forward to traveling this year?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that result in monetary compensation, which helps me bring you even better content. Thanks for purchasing through them!

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