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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hidden Gems In and Around Dallas

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Texas, then Dallas is a typical spot for people to choose. But knowing some of the best places to go, that are a little off the tourist-track, is a really good idea. The city itself is huge, and there are plenty of spaces and places on the outskirts of the city that have some hidden gems to offer. Even Texans can forget to visit some of these places, so they really do work for everyone. Here are some hidden gems to add to your list.


Winspear Opera House

The Winspear Opera House is a really stunning architectural building in Dallas, and it is quite surprising just how modern the building is. There are some reflective pools outside of it that make for a great place to take a photo, so perfect for any Instagrammers. If you want to add it to your list then it is a good idea to drop by during the day, or even wait until the evening to catch a show at night.  

Fort Worth Water Gardens

If you are visiting when there will be some good weather (which can happen quite a lot of the time in Texas), then a trip to the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a must. It includes some stunning water structures that really are breathtaking. It is like a hidden oasis, which is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

Oak Pointe Park

Another thing to do on the outskirts of Dallas, that will help your love of the outdoors, is going out on the lake at Oak Pointe Park in Plano, Texas. The reserve is over 800 acres, and things like canoeing is a must, as well as swimming, or running and biking on the trails. At the end of the day, heading out to one of the Mexican restaurants in Plano is a must, so that you can refuel after a busy day outdoors. Plano has some great shopping and leisure sites, so don’t forget about this suburb which is less than twenty miles from Dallas.

Prairie Creek Waterfalls

Another part of Plano, just outside of Dallas, that is a must is the Prairie Creek Waterfalls. They are quite hidden, so if you don’t know about them, then you wouldn’t know that they were there. The waterfalls are so stunning, though, and it is a great place to spend an afternoon, as well as take some great photographs. 

Fort Worth Modern Art Museum

If you love some modern art and modern architecture, then the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum is a must. If you are normally someone who isn’t that fussed about museums, then this one shouldn’t be classed as a ‘typical’ museum. While Dallas does have some pretty great museums, this one is unlike any of the others. There are beautiful views from the museum too, so it really is a hidden gem that you need to make the most of. 

Dallas is a great city with so much to offer, whether you have a few days or a few weeks. It's is the perfect budget-friendly winter travel destination. For more ideas on what to do and how to save while you're there, check out this post.

Have you ever visited Texas?

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