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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Winter Long Weekends & Microcations

On average, Americans get two weeks of vacation time and most only take a portion of that, and some don’t take any at all. First of all, that time is owed to you, so you need to take it, especially if you don’t want to burn out. We all need time to recharge, but we don’t always have the time to take a full two weeks, or even one. I love a long vacation, but then knowing I spent all my vacation time in one go is a big bummer. No more recharging for me, right?

More and more people are taking long weekend trips (3-4 days) and microcations  in order to get away. It can be good for your health and sanity.

Well, more and more people are taking long weekend trips (3-4 days) and microcations (average 4 days) in order to get away. It’s known that getting away, even for this short amount of time can be good for your health and sanity. We all want that, don’t we? Even a short getaway is better than no getaway, and it really helps us feel better about ourselves and relax, plus it makes your vacation days last longer if you aren’t using them all at once, and you can look forward to more than one trip per year.

Imagine taking 3-4 mini vacations a year rather than one big one. The daunting idea of coming to a humongous pile of work waiting for you becomes a more manageable little pile of work that doesn’t make you long to go back on vacation and never come back. You don’t feel guilty taking 1 or 2 days off a work week and hotels are even cheaper Sunday-Thursday nights, so you’re saving money too!

So, where should you go?

Here are some perfect budget destinations for Winter, which gives you some time to plan, pack, and book:

Las Vegas: Three days is the perfect visit to Sin City, especially if you don’t leave The Strip. If you do, you can easily find lots of free and cheap ideas to fill your time. You don’t even need to gamble.

Catalina Island, CA: Maybe you don’t have time to fly to the Bahamas (which is also a great winter destination), but you can get a bit of that feel with lovely California weather.

Panama: Got time to get out of the country, but not that much time? Hit up Panama where you can swim, snorkel, see some historical sites, explore the rainforest, go sailing. You name it, you can find it there.

Puerto Rico: Technically, still in the U.S., plus there’s great weather and white beaches and it’s practically empty during this time of year.

Montego Bay, Jamaica: While the flights aren’t super cheap, the hotel rates are, so if you find a great rate on airfare, this is the perfect winter getaway.

Spain: Take yourself for a short trip to Europe, where the weather is awesome, the exchange rates are great, and you can spend your days sipping drinks on the beach, admiring historical buildings and eating your weight it delicious tapas.

So, now you know where you're going and since you won't be there that long, you don't have to take that much either. That means your budget trip just go more budget-friendly. Need help with your packing list? Check out my post here or see my IG post above. I'll be posting another packing post soon, with how I'm packing for 4 days in Arizona - for 2 people - in a small carry-on and a tote for the plane. 

You'll still want to check out the travel advisories and restrictions for trips out of the country and think about getting travel insurance or what you might do if you get sick while away from home. Or you can start planning for next winter when we'll undoubtedly be able to travel more freely. If you do plan to travel now, please consider getting vaccinated (if you haven't already) and boostered. I want everyone to be as safe as possible for themselves and everyone around them. 

What are your favorite winter destinations?

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