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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Around the World in Foodie Days (Part 1) 12.8.10

Yes, Foodie. If you’re like me, you often go out to eat or make something at home and think “Boy, I bet this _______ would sure taste better/different in _______.” Like, eating pasta in Italy is probably a totally different experience than, say, a trip to the Olive Garden or having a burrito at Taco Bell versus eating one in Mexico or Spain. Of course, I love to eat and can plan a whole vacation around dining venues. In fact, one of the first things I do when I find out I’m going somewhere new is see what kind of local food they have and which restaurants are available nearby…and then I make as many reservations as I can. Not that I’m not excited about the rest of the trip, but food really does create strong memories of places for me. Eric and I don’t sit around saying “Remember that church we went to that had the gold ceiling?” It’s more like “Remember the church with all the gold ceilings where we had that awesome tiramisu in the café before we left?” If that’s how conversations about your travels are, or you just love good food, this entry is for you.
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Where are some of your favorite food memories from? Are they from Michelin-starred restaurants in big cities or are they cheap plates you picked up on the street at a food cart? I’ve had good and bad food at both expensive restaurants and cheap food stalls. Of course, the good food will stick with you no matter what, even if you can’t remember the name of where you got it, but bad food can really ruin a trip, especially if you paid an arm and a leg for it. 
Four years ago we took our honeymoon in London and Paris. We had heard so much about how bad the food was in England and how awesome it was in France and we didn’t really make too many plans for food before we got there. We figured we would find something good no matter where we went. Unfortunately, the best thing we had to eat in France was a ham and cheese baguette we got at a kiosk near Notre Dame and everything we ate in London was delicious, except for one meal, which we pretty much knew was going to be less than stellar. So, now I always say “research and reserve”. If you can’t reserve, then do your research, that way you won’t spend a million dollars on food that sucks. Keep a list handy with you on your travels of the preferred dining venues near your sightseeing locations each day, just in case. You’ll be prepared; as we will be next time we visit.
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When you think of places that are famous for food, do you long to go there like I do?
For the love of Cod! Iceland is #1 in cod production in the world. They fish extensively for it and create amazing dishes with it, too. Not only that, some Icelandic restaurants use geothermal vents for power and cook exclusively with the steam produced by these natural wonders. Amazingly, the heat from the vents can start water boiling in about eight seconds. Way to use the earth for economical and eco-friendly energy! If you’re a lover of cod (and other seafood), Reykjavik is always a fantastic destination to visit. It may be cold and snowy, but the landscape is beautiful and the residents are super friendly. While the restaurants may be on the expensive side, you can find lodging for relatively cheap and you can walk all over the city. You can always rent an apartment or house and save on your food budget and just go out for lunch or dinner each day. That way, you’ll be able to do more things than expected and also try the local cuisine without breaking the bank.
  • Here’s a wonderful option: Luna Hotel Apartments offer the best of both worlds. Affordable accommodations and kitchenette facilities in each room. You can rent a studio for 80 Euros or less, depending on the season, and with this coupon from TripAdvisor, you can save 20% off your room rates with stays of 3 nights or more.The Luna Hotel Apartments are located in a quiet neighborhood, but still within walking distance of the city center and the main shopping district. It was rated 4.5 out of 5 by travelers on TripAdvisor and ranks #1 on their popularity index of all the B&Bs/Inns in Reykjavik. 20% off is good on bookings through March.

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Mamma Mia! Baklava, dolmas, spanikopita and oh so much more! If you love spinach, feta, lamb and all other things Greek, why not go straight to the source? It’s the only way to have authentic Grecian cuisine short of adopting a Greek family as your own and learning the kitchen secrets from YaYa (that’s the grandmother). If you can’t wait for the Greek festival to come back each year, start planning your vacation to Greece. You’re due.
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Chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate and…cheese? You’ll be anything but neutral when you touch down in the picturesque landscape of Switzerland. Spend your days on the slopes and your evenings drinking hot cocoa by the fire. Stay 7 nights and pay for only 6 with this deal from Switzerland’s Tourism board. With rates as low as $673 per person in the quaint town of Interlocken and other Swiss cities. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Switzerland and what it has to offer, as well as browse the many travel deals for the winter season.
To Be Continued…

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