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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Independent Travel. Simplified. With Monograms

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I know how vacation planning can get complicated, especially when you are also trying to save every penny you can. What if you could purchase a package deal for a low price per person and have your entire vacation planned and all you had to do was show up? Sounds good, right? Monograms can do just that for you. Tailor your trip to meet your own comfort level with your choice of hotels for long or short trips. You’ll be given an itinerary, all your stops are planned out, with several blocks of free time for you to do as you choose, whether it’s to go back to see something on your tour, do some shopping or take a nap. Not only can Monograms offer you this, they can offer it to you at affordable prices. Since everything is included in the price, except some meals, you won’t have to plan much of a budget for while you’re away. Even your transportation between cities is included. 

It’s a great way to travel for novice-travelers or for those who just like to let others do the planning. You’ll see all the major attractions in each city you visit, get VIP access and have a local host at each destination, making your visit homier and more informative. Travel everywhere on the globe, from Boston to Kenya to Tokyo!

How can you personalize your own trip?
  • Monograms pre-screens hotels and gives you many options to choose from for your stay in each destination.
  • Choose which activities and excursions you want to go on when you book or even while you’re on your vacation. I don’t know of any other tour company that lets you do that!
  • Choose from a short getaway to a longer trip.
Follow your itinerary each day and leave all the planning to Monograms. You won’t be stressed out from figuring out scheduling, transportation and budgets before you even start your trip. Each day you’ll look at your schedule, meet your tour guide and let them take you to different points of the city.
Would you like to receive a brochure on Monograms current tours available to decide which vacation fits you and your family best? No problem! Choose from the Winter Vacations brochure of the 2011 Vacations brochure. They are free to receive and you can ask for a e-brochure you can keep on your computer, a paper brochure you and your family can flip through or both! Request a travel brochure.

Europe Vacation Packages 
And right now, if you book a vacation through Monograms by February 15th to select European destinations you could save $200 per traveler!

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Stay tuned for more regular blog posts, including one on a romantic budget getaway in Paris, ways to use your tax rebates for a family vacation, last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas and more!
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