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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Getaways and Giveaways! 4.6.11

I often see such great deals on trips and travel accessories that I just can’t keep them to myself. While I would love to post them all on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure I’d soon find myself with less and less followers, so I save them to post here each week. I also have several giveaway announcements that I would like to tell you about, too. Let’s start with those and then we can talk about all the fun places you can go!

Let’s make it to 50 readers on this blog!
Shereen Travels Cheap has several fantastic and fun prizes to give away, but I’d like to make them goal-oriented. I know there are a lot of readers that come by each week to read the new content here, which is great! What would be even better is if you guys would also subscribe to the blog – either on Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs – so I know how many of you are repeat customers. Once the total between the two reaches 50 readers, I’ll be giving away some great wine-related travel products. Being able to ship back or bring back your favorite wines from your travels in your checked luggage make a nice souvenir for yourself and others that weren’t lucky enough to go on your trip with you. This giveaway will be a perfect solution to that! The faster we get to 50, the faster we can start giving away prizes! We will do another one at 100, 150 and so on.

iGo goes everywhere you go.
You all know how much I love my iGo. It even has accessories! I’ve done away with all my wall adapters when I travel. I take my iGo and all my corresponding tips in a small bag and leave all the others at home, except for my netbook charger. I have a splitter to charge two devices at once and a USB plug to charge something while playing on my computer.
You want to get your very own, don’t you? Free would be even better, too, so listen up. Go to my Facebook page to enter to win one of three sets. These sets will get you on your way to being a more space-saving and efficient traveler and packer. Each set includes a wall adapter, a car adapter (for road trips and rental cars) and 3 tips – mini USB, micro USB and Apple for your iPod, iPhone, etc. – to get you started. If you have other electronic devices that you take with you, like your Nintendo DS, Kindle and other mobile phone, you can purchase additional tips for those. You can purchase at your local Radio Shack or you can search Amazon for tips. I find they have many more available at sale prices on Amazon, and it’s the only place you can buy the tip for Kindle. This giveaway ends on April 14 and the winners will be chosen on April 15 and given 48 hours to respond before I pick someone else.

Knock! Knock! Cool travel items are here!

On April 15th, we’ll be starting a new giveaway sponsored by Knock Knock going through the end of the month, ending just in time to receive it for Mother’s Day. Of course, you don’t have to give it to your mother, but if she loves to travel, this will be another one to get in on and the easiest gift on your wallet that you’ve given her since you made homemade cards. Remember: if you sign up to follow Shereen Travels Cheap on Facebook, you will know about these giveaways as soon as they start. 

Enter to win one of thirteen trips from Expedia on Facebook. Choose 5 friends to enter with you to win a FriendTrip. Choose from a European cruise worth $100,000, a trip to South Korea worth $52,000, a trip to South Africa worth $85,000 and more! You can enter to win every day! If you don't win a trip, you could still win a $250 Expedia gift card every day you enter, Good luck!

Win 1 of 100 pairs of tickets on Qatar Airlines. Enter now and get more chances to win by referring friends and sharing on Facebook! Drawing takes place on April 18th. If you live in the U.S. you will have to choose New York as your preferred departure airport, but I think if you win 2 free airline tickets, flying to NYC is a small price to pay to go anywhere in the world.

And now, for ME! I am entered into a competition to win $500 for the most liked blog on the site BlogSynergy. If you could take a moment to go THERE and click the “like” button, I would be forever grateful. I’ll thank you in advance, because I know you guys are awesome! (You don’t have to be a member of the BlogSynergy site, but you do have to be a member of Facebook. If you don’t already like me there, too, just pop on over and do it now…then you can get back to reading.)

Did you know you can subscribe to the Shereen Travels Cheap blog on your Kindle? No? Well, you can! Take Shereen Travels Cheap everywhere you go, get real-time updates when new posts are published, so you can read and enjoy STC at home, at work, on the train, in FranceDon’t have a Kindle? You can still use that fancy Kindle reading app, which is FREE, by the way, to read on your other web-enabled devices (iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

It's been a while since I just posted some really good deals here instead of mostly tips, so today is the day. I found some great trips and other travel sales, which is hard to do right about now with Summer coming and the prices for all kinds of travel going up every day.

US Airways Vacations has Mexican & Caribbean all-inclusive packages including RT air and lodgings from $820 per person. Just bring money for your purchases and the spa, because your airfare, lodgings, meals and most entertainment/activities are paid for! Book by April 25th and travel through November 15th. Book a 5- or 6-night trip and save $100. Book 7+ nights and save $200 off your vacation. (This is a great way to save on your overall trip if you are traveling with your whole family.)

Book a flight on AirTran by April 14th and get in on the airfare sale from $43 each way. Travel through November 2nd. Check the fine print for blackout dates

Travel to Hawaii and stay for 5-nights from just $575 per person! With Pleasant Holidays' Hawaii Spring Sale your package includes round-trip airfare, hotel for 5 nights and car rental. 

Take a trip to Aruba (book by midnight on Friday) for over 60% off. Book a hotel on BookIt from $70/night. You can also add airfare to make a package deal.

Is Europe more to your liking? Find a deal on FareCompare for airfare. It'll be one of your best bets for finding the cheapest Summer airfare. If you aren't flying until Fall, wait to look for airfare near the end of July.

Need some extra help on planning your next vacation? FareCompare brings you 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Chance of Getting Cheap Airline Tickets This Summer.

I saw this travel bag the other day and I knew I had to have it. Not only does it look functional, it has fun pockets, spinner wheels and a funky pattern - though you can get it in two plain colors - that will compliment my current carry-on bag. Well, now this beautiful bag is on its way to my house and will be ready for me to pack away travel gear for my next vacation! It also comes as a set! Not only does it include a 21" spinner carry-on, which will fit down the airplane aisle super easy and can go right in the overhead, but it also comes with a matching 16" boarding bag that you can toss your snacks and entertainment in and put under the seat in front of you. Two bags at a great price! (Also comes in red and olive solids.)

Here's a bonus "gadget" for you. If you're going to be packing light and traveling all over in style, don't forget that you might need to do some laundry. Most places have laundry facilities or are close to a laundromat. For those lodgings, you can't go wrong with Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets. They take up almost no room in your bag and can be used as a detergent and fabric softener in both the washer and dryer. I've used these on vacation more than once with awesome results. They are super easy and you don't have to waste time buying detergent when you get to your destination or waste space in your 3-1-1 that could be used by other necessities. 

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