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Friday, May 13, 2011

Frugal Guatemalan Adventures 5.11.11

This installment of the Frugal Destination Series has us going to Guatemala, another fun Central American country where you can stay and eat for way cheap and also get a lot out of your trip. The great part about this is that there are so many things to see and do in Guatemala that it won’t hurt your budget to go back and everyone who goes will have a completely different kind of trip than others. I love places like that, as you well know. I love the Mayan ruins and culture, which Guatemala has in abundance. You can also find many free and inexpensive things to do on your visit, so even though I will list plenty to fill several itineraries, it’s by no means the final list or even the best things to do for everyone.

Antigua Guatemala is a real hotspot for tourists, because there are so many things to do and see in one area and it is way safer than Guatemala City. Brush up on your Spanish and pack your rain jacket, bug repellent and warm weather clothes and start looking for airfare deals!

Climb an active volcano! Pacaya Volcano is a continuously-erupting volcano near the city of Antigua. It is all hiking and much of it is not for the casual hiker, as you will have to hike a decent portion over lava rock. The hike to the "top" is around 1.5 miles, but if you're up to it, you will see amazing views and get to experience standing near an actual lava flow!

Shop, shop, shop in Chichicanstenango - On Thursdays and Sundays you can take advantage of the famous markets in K'iche. You can purchase just about anything: pottery, flowers, food, textiles, clothing and more. It's a fantastic place to get reasonably priced souvenirs and yummy food for lunches or dinners. Next to the market you will also find the Church of Santo Tomas. 400 years old and a major tourist draw.

This place is in RUINS - Ruinas Tikal are Guatemala's largest Mayan archeological site. You can reach Tikal National Park by a short flight and bus ride or you can go straight by bus. You can take a 1-2 day tour (or longer) here, as the drive from Guatemala City is 7 hours. If you choose to go it alone, you can get in on a guided tour once you get to the ruins. Here's some more info.

Visit “Central Park” - You must visit Parque Central in Antigua. It's the center of town where everyone passes through at one point or another. There is awesome people watching as well as historical buildings and a wonderful selection of restaurants. (It's FREE!)

Go jump in a lake - Lago Atitlan is said to be the deepest lake in Central America. 30 miles outside of Antigua, the lake is a volcanic formation and a great place to go swimming or go for a boat ride. It's surrounded by great little villages you may want to visit as well as volcanoes and farms producing corn, onions, squash, chile verde and other produce. Visitors have declared this lake one of the most beautiful places on earth. When you visit, you can decide if you agree. (It's FREE!)

Have a religious experience - There are many ancient churches to visit. You can enjoy the history they have to offer and also the amazing architecture. They generally have a tomb of someone notable and some offer a museum as well. See the tomb of Hermano Pedro in Iglesia de San Francisco, photograph the ornate facade of the Iglesia el Carnen and take a self-guided tour of Convento de Santa Clara. This is just a few of many churches (both standing and those not open to the public) that you can visit on your trip. (Some are FREE!)

Get cultured - It would be a shame to visit a place like Guatemala so steeped in culture and totally skipping any of there multitude of museums devoted to the Mayan people and other history.

Hit the bricks  - Does it seem weird to remind people to walk around the city and take in things around them? There's no better way to experience a city than to go by foot and see as much as you can. You'll have time to really be able to check out the colorful colonial home-fronts, walk the cobblestone streets and see the views of the water and volcanoes in the distance. (It's FREE!)

Do chickens take the bus? - If you're planning to travel anywhere outside of the city, you can save money by taking the Chicken Bus. You won't have any personal space and you'll really get to know your seatmate(s), but it can be a fun way to travel around and do it on a budget.

Are you nuts? - Take a trip to the Valhalla Experimental Station which is home to the organic Valhalla Macadamia Nut Plantation. Nuts fall to the ground when ripe and are harvested by hand. Stop by the farm and sample nuts, chocolates and beauty products and then stay for a meal of macadamia pancakes or other food from the menu (including sandwiches and breakfast dishes). (Tour is FREE!)

Mail call - Outside the servant's quarters of Casa Popenoe, a beautifully restored Colonial Mansion, you can see the pigeon loft, which provided the previous occupants with mail service. The house itself is a fantastic snapshot of what domestic life was like in Colonial times. The house was built in 1634, went into ruin and then was meticulously restored starting in 1932. (Super cheap!)

With all the free and cheap things to do in Guatemala, you will mostly just be paying for lodging and food, which will be pretty inexpensive as well. You will spend the most on airfare, but even so, it may be one of the most affordable vacations you've ever taken!

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