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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get the Book and Travel For Less! 11.2.11

After countless months of me telling you my book is being written and then revised and then edited and then edited again, it’s finally a tangible thing! It’s true! Shereen Travels Cheap is now available online for you to purchase and use as your go-to guide for all types of travel anywhere you want to go. It’s over 200 pages packed full of money-saving information, my favorite websites, packing tips and more! Why not learn how to go wherever you want on the budget you have? There’s no reason not to! Anyone can go on fabulous vacations for less, if they know how to do it!

What specific things will you find in the book?
  • Choosing a destination
  • How you can get discounted theme park tickets 
  • Get the best deal on a rental car
  • Pick the perfect carry-on bag
  • Making your packing list
  • Finding non-traditional vacation activities
  • How to pack light and what to take with you
  • How to do more and spend less
  • Tips to get a cheaper hotel room 
  • Tips to get cheaper airfare
  • And a LOT more!

Aside from giving you budget travel tips, you will also see the reasoning behind them, how I learned some of them the hard way and also tips to help make your traveling easier. Most of these are tips I use myself (obviously I don’t travel with children) and many I have discovered in my own trip-planning. You already know I’m not a travel professional, so I’m not going to suggest things I wouldn’t do myself. I don’t get paid to fly first-class or stay in fancy hotels I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. We have a limited amount of disposal income, much like all my readers, which makes it imperative that we find ways to save money in order to go to all the places we have on our wish list.

 Visit cool places like this!

We strategically plan our trips based on our budget. We know that we can’t afford to go to Europe every year, but we can save and go to a more affordable destination for a few years in between Europe trips, making it easier to plan the bigger journeys and giving us more time to save up and find more cool stuff to do.

 And be happy like this!

You can purchase the book now on Amazon or my eStore as the hard copy or Kindle version. You can also purchase for other ereaders, like Nook, Pantech and Sony through Smashwords! (Don't forget that this blog is continually adding tips and giving destination overviews are more that wouldn't fit in the book. You can also subscribe to it on your Kindle!) And it's no accident that we have published near the end of the year. The holidays are coming up and I'm sure your family and friends would love to learn how to travel more for less, too. Why not buy multiple copies as gifts? Look at me helping you finish your holiday shopping early! 

*          *          *

If you are a blogger or member of the media and would like to review Shereen Travels Cheap, please let me know! We are still working on a media kit, but can put something together for you if you're interested. I am also available for interviews. 

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