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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Healthy Travels 11.30.11

It wasn’t long ago that going on vacation also meant getting some kind of hideous sickness. I would either get the flu or a sinus infection, which is no way to have a fun time on a trip. Nobody wants something inconvenient to interrupt their travel goodness, especially something that can be prevented. So, how can you make sure you don’t end up all bedridden and stuffy?

Healthy travelers are happy travelers
Antibacterial wipes – These are the best. They don’t take up space in your 3-1-1 bag like hand sanitizer and they can be used on hands faces, seats, tray tables and more! Anything that you think might be coated in germs, you can wipe down with them. These are even more useful if you travel with children, since they also seem to have sticky hands or a dirty face.

Emergen-C and Airborne – Both of these pack a wallop of vitamin C and can prevent you from getting sick or can help you get over your sickness so much faster. I tend to go with Emergen-C, because they come in a lot more flavors, you can carry many packets in less space and they easily dissolve in a bottle of water (which you probably have with you anyway). Make sure you take a sip of water from it first, otherwise you will end up with it all over your pants when the powder starts to bubble up in the water. Believe me, that it is not cool. Airborne is easier used when you have a glass available, unless you want to crush it up to put in your bottle, which can be almost impossible.

Charcoal tablets – Keep from getting food poisoning or other food-related nasties with these. Charcoal helps to neutralize bacteria that your body can’t handle from new foods. These are really helpful when going out of the country and eating ethnic foods you aren’t used to or when dining at food carts in foreign countries. While they may be perfectly safe – and usually are – but your body may not be accustomed to some of the ingredients or products used to cook them.

Wash your hands – This is such a given, but people probably don’t do it enough when they travel. If you must touch your face, it’s much better to do it with clean hands than dirty hands. If you aren’t near a place where you can wash them, employ those antibacterial wipes you packed.

Olive leaf – I started taking olive leaf capsules years ago and get sick very infrequently. It boosts your immune system naturally. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to find. Your local GMC store or natural food store probably has them. You can also purchase them online. If you can’t find them, Acai works, too. It’s a super antioxidant. These are both great to take every day, not just while on vacation.

Even puppies need to catch up on their sleep
Get enough sleep – A lot of people tend to forget that vacation is also a time to get in some relaxation. Sure, you may be like me and want to pack as much stuff into your time away, but make sure you make time to do nothing and recharge. If you travel in the fall and winter it’s so much easier to do, because hours for shops and attractions are often shorter and force you to take some downtime. If you are traveling the summer and times when stuff is open longer, make sure to build some ‘do nothing’ time into your schedule.

Papaya enzyme – These chewable tablets are a must in my travel bag. If you find that something you ate doesn’t sit well with you or you have a habit of overindulging in the local cuisine, papaya aids digestion, so you won’t feel like you have a rock in your stomach and it also helps to stave off heartburn if you’re prone to it. You can find papaya in pretty much any drugstore with vitamins. Of course, eating fresh fruits and veggies is also a good choice, and trying not to stuff yourself at each meal.

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Ibuprofen or other pain reliever – Walking around all day can be stressful on your feet and back. Keep a stash of pain relievers with you, just in case. If nothing else, they can also be used to shoo away a headache.

Drink water – Water is good for flushing out toxins and keeping you hydrated. Drink as much as possible to keep healthy, just like you would at home. Bring along a reusable water bottle to make sure you have some with you everywhere you go. Getting sick from dehydration can land you in the hospital, so don’t forget your liquids.

Don’t be a drunk – As fun as it can be to hit the bars and try some new brews and exotic cocktails, drinking too much can also take a toll on your body. Try to limit yourself to just a few drinks and not every day. You’ll definitely feel the difference in how much better you feel when you aren’t hungover. Staying sober has gotten less people in trouble on vacation than getting rip-roaring drunk, too. Being arrested in a foreign country is scary…and having a cap on how much you can drink can save you money, too. It’s a lot easier to stick to a budget when you can still remember your name and count.

Stay healthy, so you can keep having fun like this!
Many a vacation has been ruined by illness that could have been prevented. I have had more than my fair share, too. Hopefully this will help you travel healthier and keep you prepared for whatever may happen. Do you have tips that have helped you travel without sickness? Share!

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