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Saturday, March 3, 2012

American Food Around the World 3.3.12

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When my husband and I visit the UK or Europe, we find that we miss some of the things we take for granted here in America. One of these things is unlimited drink refills. Another is having enough ice in a beverage to make it cold. Having the ice melt from the warmth of your drink before it even hits the table can be frustrating, especially when you pay up to $4 for a soda or ice tea. When we need a bit of home, we hit up the place we know will be the same everywhere we go, whether it’s in San Diego, London, Paris or Rio de Janeiro. The setting may be different and the restaurant may be a different size with different décor, but Hard Rock Café is always on our list of dining venues.

As much as I love trying new cuisines and unique foods, there’s something to be said for having the opportunity at hand to enjoy something familiar. It’s not just the giant icy soft drinks that can be had a the Hard Rock, but the music videos, the cheeseburgers, the wait staff. Everything about it spells comfort for us and we know it can give us a bit of home. The food isn’t haute cuisine, but it is delicious and flavorful, as well as budget-friendly. No matter where in the world you visit Hard Rock, the prices are pretty similar, as is the menu. There are some of the same items on every Hard Rock menu and then their twist on local favorites. Americanized, if you will.

Eric is SO happy with his gigantic icy soda
In Hawaii, we were treated to one of the locally caught fish as a yummy sandwich and you can get local specials at ever café from South America to Asia, making it a great stop for travelers and locals alike. Get something you are accustomed to or try something you’ve never heard of before. The portions are hearty, too, so if you aren’t starving when you get there, split an entrée. It’s certainly not uncommon to see diners sharing dinner and a dessert.

Everywhere we travel that a Hard Rock is available. We make a point to visit for lunch or dinner. In fact, in our travels, we've dined in the smallest Hard Rock - Cozumel - and the world's largest - Orlando. I’ve even joined the All-Access Pass membership. It enables us to earn points on dining and Rock Shop purchases, as well as priority seating with your membership card. You pay to join, but you also receive a credit on your card of almost the same value that you can use in the rock shop, the café or the online store. Many locations have live music as well. Find out everything you need to know, including the address and menu options on Hard Rock Café online.

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