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Monday, August 13, 2012

It’s Our Second Birthday! 8.13.12

Yes, it’s true: Shereen Travels Cheap is TWO today. I hope over this last year I’ve been able to help you travel better, more or cheaper. Bonus if I did all three! I’ve had some fun vacations this year and am planning more for this next year including a trip to Southern California, a possible trip to Vegas and a tentative trip for next fall either to London or New Orleans. Since we don’t really know what will be coming up for us in the next year, we have a back-up plan. Although, you never know how things will turn out and both of those trips might happen. I’ve also gotten several new travel writing gigs this year and hope to have even more in the near future.

I thought it would be fun, as always, to take a trip down memory lane and check out our top 5 most popular posts this year:
Creating Your Grab and Go Travel Bag – I’m always asked about packing and how to do it better or make it easier, and in some cases I’m asked how I am able to do it so well. The answer is in this post and practice, practice, practice. You can’t be afraid to leave something at home. Think back on trips you’ve taken in the past and what items were never used or worn. Those are the first to leave out of your bag.

Morocco For Less Cash-O – All puns aside, everyone dreams of taking exotic vacations to far-off lands. I know I do. Morocco just seems like a place of magic and wonder to me, and I see I’m not the only one!
Ack! I Missed My Flight! (JetBlue is Pretty Awesome) – I guess I’m not the only one who figures that random things happen and also happen on random airlines, so marking JetBlue down for something that may have been out of their control was not necessary. I mean, all their other flights turn out just fine and I had a fantastic experience my first time out and love, love, love their customer service. It rocks.

Frugal Guatemalan Adventures – South America is always a budget traveler’s paradise. You can do more, see more, eat more, stay longer and spend so much less! You’re also guaranteed a whole new travel experience from your traditional “let’s go to Disneyland” trip.
Following the Torpedo of Truth – Yes, Charlie Sheen was everywhere this past year, including Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus and New York City. Even you weren’t sick of hearing about his misadventures and figuring out how to get tickets to his shows and where to go to save money on the rest of your trip. With his new show Anger Management doing so well, it seems he doesn’t have too much to rant about these days. You know, except for how Twitter doesn’t help him and he’s quitting it – for now. That’s not so much a rant though...

I hope you all are as excited as I am for this next year and looking forward to more awesome travel tips, destination overviews, amazing travel products and my wins and losses whn it comes to my own vacations. What do YOU have in store for yourselves this year?

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