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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Travel Souvenirs 12.19.12

When traveling, I can't always justify spending money on random souvenirs that aren't useful, like t-shirts with the city written across the chest that I'll never wear or shot glasses or any number of other things sold in airport gift shops around the world. The one thing I always buy on my trips is an ornament for my Christmas tree. It make my holiday even more special and gives me a clear goal for shopping on my trip - plus I don't feel like I'm wasting money on something just to say I bought it from such and such city. Every time I pull out my ornaments, i remember what a great time I had on each trip I took. The other great thing about ornaments is they are small and generally are pretty affordable.

Purchased in St. George
Found at Disneyland
Santa delivers to the tropics, too
An ornament given to me by a friend when I visited her in San Francisco
An alpaca from Ecuador
A little tiki from Hawaii
Jack came from Disney World to grace my tree
Somehow I missed out on an ornament in Paris, so I bought this in lieu of that
What are your favorite souvenirs to bring back from vacations?

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