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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Statement Pieces Can Lighten Your Travel Bag

Travel planning is not always a fun part of trips, but it is something that needs to be done in order to go on your trip. Many people hate to organize their travel and, even worse, pack. What to take, what not to take, what if it rains or you are invited to a fancy dinner? Nobody wants to look like a tourist on their trips and they certainly don’t want to look back at their vacation photos and wonder what they were thinking when they put an outfit together. There are ways you can look great and still pack light if you know how, and that’s with accessories.

At home you may use accessories as finishing touches, but on vacation, statement pieces can make a whole outfit take on a different look. Jewelry doesn’t take up that much space, so you can bring several key items that will give your plain and neutral clothing a big boost and pop of color. When you pack light, you have to make some necessary choices in what you take and what you don’t. Will you need that sparkly cocktail dress if you are planning on sightseeing all day? Probably not. Should you bring those stilettos that only work with one outfit and kill your feet after five minutes? Definitely not.

If you have a little black dress that is versatile – you can wear it to both a soccer game and high tea – then that is what you should pack. When wearing it for everyday jaunting around town, you can throw on a pair of sandals and go. If you find yourself suddenly going to a fancy dinner, change your purse, add some jewelry and you’re set. Statement jewelry is a great way to turn any boring outfit into something more fabulous. Do you tend to wear a lot of tank tops when you travel? Imagine how blah a plain black tank and jeans are. It works for sightseeing and staying comfortable. With a chunky necklace and a blazer or cardigan, you’ve immediately turned it into a date outfit.

Don’t go overboard with your jewelry choices, as you’re still trying to pack light. Two or three wow pieces are really all you need. The question you need to ask yourself is “When will I have occasion to dress up on my trip?” If it’s a business trip and you need to impress clients, you can definitely bring a few more items to look put-together and fresh every day. They won’t notice you’re wearing the same skirt suit if you wear a different top and necklace each meeting. In fact, with ballet flats being as popular as they are, you can definitely find a great pair that are comfortable for walking and also work for more formal occasions. You can wear them with everything, from shorts to dresses. They pack well, but are also perfect for wearing on the plane.

So, next time you’re packing and get a case of the “what ifs”, remember that you can stick to a neutral color palette and still look like a million bucks. Pack items you know you will need – four bottoms and five tops is the magic formula – and then choose a pair of shoes, a small clutch and your best statement jewelry to dress it up when the need arises. Just make sure you aren’t taking your most valuable jewels, because you don’t want your vacation ruined if anything happens to them. The goal is to look great, without making yourself a target for thieves. You can easily find beautiful pieces that are also budget-friendly. Who knew that you could look like a fashionista without checking any bags?

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