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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Snugg iPad Mini Case

So, what do you do when you go on a trip and want to take along your iPad mini? If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you get a new electronic gadget that seems fairly fragile is get a case for it. TheSnugg.com contacted me and asked if I would like to review their popular cases. How could I refuse? For a few minutes I contemplated calling everyone I knew to see if they had a more recently produced iPad that I could borrow for a day to review one of their awesome headrest cases for the car, but I decided instead that most people I know now are all into their minis, since they are more portable and easier to travel with, so I asked if I could review the Snugg mini in a fun color.

I think I’m becoming a case snob now and I’m excited to have several different ones to choose from. I like items that coordinate, too. My netbook that I travel with is royal blue and I asked Snugg to send me the baby blue case to go with it. I figured Eric would be none too thrilled if we got a pink case and it didn’t match with anything. I did like that it was an option though.

Snugg claims they have sold their leather cases all over the world and to many celebrities, so if you want to be like Justin Timberlake – and now me! – you can buy one after you read about how great these protective and stylish cases are. They are available for all generations of iPad, iPad mini and iPhone.

Snugg makes cases that are sleek and colorful. I love the variety of hues they come in and you can be sure that they are sturdy, since they are made of leather. The case has a magnetic closure that keeps it from flapping open if you have it stashed in your bag. Once open the mini is kept in place by a snug (ha!) frame and a convenient Velcro closure that is hidden behind your device. You tuck the tab in to stick it together. I tested its security by waving it all around me and my mini didn’t budge at all. That’s pretty great, especially if you are a one-hand-user or your kid(s) uses it.

The inside cover is soft and sueded to protect your screen, though you can buy special screen defending sheets from Snugg, too. You’ll also find a handle that you can slide your hand under to help you hold onto your mini even better. Slide the cover into the back slot to make it more ergonomic for book or email reading. The handle is soft underneath and is also elasticized to keep it comfortably tight to your hand, so it can’t accidentally slide off and onto the floor. Plus, it’s easy to use if you are right or left-handed.

You don’t have to just hold onto your mini. Once the back has been fit into the slot, it angles the case to be able to use it hands-free in two different positions. You have both a low angle and a steep angle, so it can be used in any way that is comfortable to you.

Another great feature of this case is that your mini does not need to be taken out of the Snugg to be able to use the camera/video function or FaceTime. You can happily snap away while out and about and still keep your mini safe. There are also convenient cutouts for all the iPad features: volume, power button, headphone jack, power jack and microphone. And if you like to use a stylus pen instead of your finger to work your screen, it has a handy little slot to stash it on top, which means you never have to fumble around in your bag for it, because it’s always right at your fingertips.

Even though the Snugg is sturdy and made of leather, it is still not as thick as many other cases are, which makes it easier to pack into any bag you carry, as it is lightweight and doesn’t take up much more room than your actual mini. Do you have a bag with a slot specifically for your iPad? This should fit perfectly in it.

All their cases are attractive, stylish and can be both fun and professional looking if you use your mini for business purposes. I chose the baby blue, but you can chose from anything from basic black to a pixelated camo print and every color in between. If you are looking for a gift for your gadget-loving dad for Father’s Day, there’s still time to pick up one of these nifty cases for his iPad/iPad mini. He’ll love that you were thoughtful enough to get him something to protect one of his most versatile electronic items.

More information
Where you can buy itSnugg online
How much it costs$24.99-29.99
Colors it comes inBlack, Baby Blue, Electric Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, White, Distressed Brown, Camouflage, Denim
Other specsSoft inside with PU leather outside. Automatic sleep/wake function: Open the case to wake your iPad mini, close it and Sleep mode is activated. Lifetime guarantee.

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Disclosure: I was provided a Snugg Mini for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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