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Friday, August 9, 2013

Super Useful Travel Posts

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It’s been a while since I did a round-up of links. I guess I just haven’t found too many interesting things to share that were fun and not depressing, like the travel alert from the U.S. government to international travelers. This week was big for travel things I found amusing, interesting and useful. I hope you find something in here for you as well, or share a link you found lately, too. Happy Friday! Enjoy.

It turns out that unhappy United Airlines customers have been tweeting @unitedairlines for months. Too bad their Twitter handle is @United. The owner of the parody account decided to answer all those angry tweets with tweets of their own. Pretty hilarious if you ask me, though it’s possible that the travelers didn’t think so until they realized they were tweeting to the wrong address. The Daily Telegraph shows you some of their favorites.

Photo credit: David Bussel
Would you like to find a hidden message in your hotel room? With a little sleuthing, and if David Bussel had been there, you could. Since 2006, he has been leaving (mostly) hidden messages on his travels in random places in hotel rooms, like behind pictures, the underside of drawers and the back of mirrors. Check out all his fun graffiti on his Tumblr.

Are you a diver? If I was, I would love to find awesome hidden and abandoned stuff, like the Nymphas Show Bar, an underwater strip club off the coast of Eliat, Israel. No one knows why it’s been abandoned, but the interior is totally pristine, like it’s just waiting for its clientele and staff to show up. What a cool thing to find on a dive, no?

Photo credit: Lysippos
Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to walk through a wave? You can do it in the Swiss Alps. The Rhone Glacier has a walk-through tunnel that feels like a wave about to crash. Who wouldn’t travel there just to experience this amazing work of nature?

Photos of Friet Museum, Bruges
This photo of Friet Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sometimes museums are just super-boring. Well, not these five! Not only are these great options for the girl traveler going through a break-up, but they are fun for anyone looking for something different. I love a unique attraction and what’s more unique than a museum dedicated to French fries or gelato?
There are so many awesome vacation destinations; however, there are some that are just downright unsafe. Do your research before you go and, if one of these destinations are on your list of places to visit, you might want to rethink plans of going there, because this is 15 travel destinations that could kill you. I’m not saying they will, just passing along the information in case you were really excited to go to Somalia or Burundi. Wait, is anyone?

Photo credit: Hotel Chatter and IHG 
Isn’t it cool to stay in a hotel that has something different than other hotels? Even Hotels is opening two new hotels in 2014 that offer exercise equipment in the rooms! If you’re like me, I always say I’ll make it to the gym, but even though it’s like 40 feet to the elevator and up two floors, I never make it there. I might if it were three feet from my bed though. How about you?
August 20th is Flight Attendant Celebration Day! San Francisco Airport has a celebration planned. If you can’t make it there, then you can check out the online museum that chronicles the history of the flight attendant uniform by a flight attendant and airline-admirer.

And if those two things aren’t enough to make you feel like you have done something to celebrate the people who clean up after us, tell us the safety procedures and bring us drinks, then check out this rad flight attendant on Southwest that made everyone’s flight a little better by rapping his instructions. How come nothing exciting ever happened when I flew on Southwest?

And since you’re smiling, I’ll close with five new travel scams that you’ll want to be on the look-out for. Who would have known that you may lose your entire bank account one and two dollars at a time? Another way to save yourself from getting your credit card information stolen is by using an RFID-blocking wallet or just card sleeves that have the same technology. Travelon has a large selection of wallets and bags with RFID-blocking card slots.

I hope you have a great Friday and are planning a trip someplace amazing!

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