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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fixes for Common Travel Problems Part 2

There are many things that can go wrong when you travel. In this series of posts, I help you to find solutions to common travel problems, because it's less stressful to travel when you can eliminate some of the things that have easy fixes. One of the most irritating issues when traveling, especially for me, is dryness. Air travel is just drying. the recycled air doesn't have any oxygen pumped into it, so basically you are sitting in stale air the whole time you are on the plane. Gross, right? 

Here are some of the best ways to combat dryness when you fly and even when you visit arid climates:

Hydrate! It's an answer to most everything: staying healthy, staying alert, keeping up your energy, being able to sleep. Say away from beverages that don't help you stay hydrated, like coffee, juice, alcohol and sodas. Water is the best choice. Buy a big bottle or two after you get through security to take with you on the plane, because waiting for the drink cart to come around is not always a good option. If plain water just sounds boring, bring along ice tea or other drink packets you can add to it for flavor.

Moisturize - Use a heavy-duty moisturizer or just double-up on it on the days you travel. You may also want to keep a travel-size lotion or lotion bar/stick with you to keep your hands and arms and any other exposed skin from getting all dry and cracky.

Don't pile on the products - Travel days are good for going minimal. The least amount of beauty products you can get away with is the best way to go. Wear a tinted moisturizer if you need some coverage, mascara and tinted lip balm can complete you look and help keep as much moisture in your skin.

Moisturize - Yes, it's important. Do it! Lip balm is your friend. Keep it in your pocket and reapply, reapply, reapply. Nothing sucks worse than feeling like you've been out in the desert for 5 days after getting to your destination.

Turn off that vent - That vent above your head only blows stale, germy air on you and will dry you out even faster and possibly give you the cold that that guy in 12B has. You don't want that. Stay healthy and feel less like you rolled around in dust on your trip.

Eat your veggies - You're probably not going to buy food on the plane, because it's ridiculously expensive, has little nutritional value and doesn't really fill you up, so bring your own healthy, non-salty snacks including fresh fruits and veggies that will not only make you glad you have them, but will keep up your energy-level and give you more hydration as well. For more ideas for fun make-ahead snacks for your trips, check out my Yummy Takealongs Pinterest board.

Gum! This should always be part of your carry-on and easily accessible. Not only can it help you deal with air pressure, but chewing gum can get the saliva flowing in your mouth, so you aren't feeling like someone stuffed cotton around your tongue after hours of being on the plane.

Moisturize! See above. This is one of the most important ways to keep your body from quickly drying out.

Do you have other ways to keep the dryness away while traveling?

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