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Monday, December 16, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Bluff Works (New) Travel Pants for Men

As you may remember, my husband reviewed Bluff Works pants in the past and liked them so much that we ordered a second pair and they were two of the three pants he packed to go to Europe for two weeks. He was not disappointed. The pants fit great, were comfortable and could go many wears between washes (though, we did laundry often enough that they only got worn twice before they were clean again). Bluff Works has been working on a new cut to these awesome pants and asked if Eric would review them with the new features. Of course, he said yes!

The last time we tested these pants, summer was right around the corner and Eric wore them to brunch, the movies and to do some gardening. Unfortunately, this time of year, we aren’t quite that active, so I had him wear them to work one day and another day where we ran some errands and he had to carry some heavy bags of litter from the trunk into the garage.

So, how do these pants compare to the original Bluffs? Eric gives them two thumbs up! The originals had straight pockets and this new cut has traditional slash pockets, so they look more like dress pants and it’s easier to get things out of them. On vacation, Eric is always afraid of putting his wallet in his pants pockets as he normally does. With the new Bluffs, there are two zippered security pockets that are large enough for your passport – one in the front and one in the back. Eric loved that the front zippered pocket was large enough to fit his wallet and also keeps it from settling at the bottom of the pocket and making his leg all lumpy looking. So, if you are a guy who likes to keep his wallet in your back pocket, feel more secure putting it in the zipper pocket.

These new slash pockets are large and even when you keep keys, a wallet and phone in one, they don’t gap out, even when sitting down. If you’re like me, this is really a pet peeve of mine. Pockets that don’t sit flat are really unattractive and ruin your whole look, especially when you’re just standing there. The cut of these pants is perfect. The pockets sit exactly how they’re supposed to.

Hate digging through your pockets for your keys? The bottom of your pockets should be for spare change, not everything you carry with you. Keep your keys handy with the soft cloth loop that you can clip them onto. And if you don’t want to use it for your keys, it lays flat against the inside of your pocket and out of the way.

Everyone has a smartphone now and those things can be pretty bulky. Putting it in your pocket is okay, but between getting scratched up by your other items and the worry of sitting down and breaking the screen, you start to wonder if maybe you need to be that guy who keeps it in his front shirt pocket – where it may fall out a thousand times a day – or that has it clipped to their belt. Bluff Works has eliminated the issue altogether by putting in a fancy little slip pocket above your back pockets where you can keep your phone. It’s not in danger of falling out, getting picked or being sat on. The fabric and cut also make it easy to get out when you’re getting a call. It’s awesome!

The other great thing about these pants is the fit. The same size as the original has more room and Eric said it felt like they were cut on a slight angle instead of straight as the originals fit. They still look great for business needs, but they have more room and are more comfortable, making them pretty much the perfect pant for every occasion. You need these in your closet and travel bag.

And hey! If you forget how to care for your Bluffs (which is super easy), just turn them inside out and look at the instructions on your pocket!

Buy some now – they make amazing gifts! – or scroll down to win a pair of your own:

Eric's size: Eric is 5' 10" and is wearing Khaki Bluffs in 42/32.
More information
Where you can buy them: BluffWorks online
Other colors they come invelvet brown, charcoal, classic grey
How much they cost$88
Fabricspecially-woven polyester 

Follow Bluff Works: Facebook | Twitter

Disclaimer: We were provided with a pair of Bluffs for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own and Eric's.


  1. i would keep this for myself --i like them a lot..

  2. Gift for my boyfriend

  3. I would by them for my fiance`. He doesn't like a tight fit and these look like they have a comfortable fit for him. thanks

  4. I will give them to my husband!!!

  5. I would keep them to give to my husband!

  6. I would give them to my husband.

  7. My husband could use these. Thank you

  8. My bf would keep them. He always needs pants.


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