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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Lay-n-Go Lite

Hotel rooms almost never have enough counter space in the bathroom. I don't know what it is about designing a vanity area that makes them think that a pedestal sink and no cabinets or shelves is a good idea. At home, I have the luxury of a medicine cabinet to hid all my cosmetics and other random stuff I need. When I travel I've often resorted to putting my stuff on the toilet tank, which is not a great place to keep things. It only takes someone knocking something over for everything to go rolling onto the floor or, worse, into the toilet bowl. If you're lucky enough to actually get some counter space, you might find all your things just clutter it up and you either have to stuff it all back in your toiletry bag each morning or leave it there and assume the maid can clean around it.

Lay-n-Go was awesome enough to send me one of their Lay-n-Go Lite bags to help me fix this problem. This drawstring bag is a great way to keep a handle on clutter and avoid losing your lipstick under the shower mat. Not only does it lay out flat, but you can use the drawstring to give it a lip and keep everything from rolling out while items out of it and be able to see everything inside.

Does your hotel sink look like this?
Or the back of your hotel toilet?
The Lay-n-Go Lite is reversible and made of lightweight, but tough water-repellent nylon material. This means you can easily wipe it off if anything spills on it. Pretty great, right? That long drawstring cord can be tucked away in the Velcro pocket on the outside, and small items you don't want to lose can be stashed in the Velcro pocket on the inside. 

There is a short nylon handle for holding or hanging on a doorknob to keep it out of the way in the bathroom. 

Traveling with a kid? Why not keep all the random things they like to have out all the time in a Lay-n-Go? It will spare you from digging around in your bag for that green crayon they want, or having to put away everything at the very last second when you have a connection to catch and they think they have to have snacks and games and cars and gum out at the same time to keep them from freaking out. Once the plane lands and you can round up your stuff and get off, you can pull that drawstring and either toss it in your carry-on or let your child tote around their own things. It's a perfect way to travel with all those little toys and other items they insist on bringing with them. 

The same goes for traveling with babies. While you may be carrying around a diaper bag, you can put those always necessary things in the Lay-n-Go for instant access. Pacifiers, crackers, teething rings, baby wipes. You know what you use all the time and your baby's going to want or need at a moment's notice.

There are so many uses for the Lay-n-Go, you may want more than one. They even come in different sizes for different things. The Lite is just right for travel, but you can also purchase one specifically for cosmetics and larger ones for life's bigger organized messes. 

More information:
What is the Lay-n-Go made of? Extra-tough, water-repellent nylon
How big is it? The Lay-n-Go Lite is 18" in diameter
Where can you buy it? The Lay-n-Go website or Amazon 
How much is it? $24.95 (or less)
Colors it comes in: blue (shown) | green | orange | pink | red

Want to win one of your own? Enter now! 

Disclosure: I was provided with a Lay-n-Go Lite bag for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I would fill it up with candy!

  2. I'd pack my toiletries in it while traveling.

  3. I would use it to carry my toiletries when I travel.


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