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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Timeshares are Worth the Price

Why Timeshares are Worth the Price
Some people want to enjoy a vacation that doesn't involve a traditional hotel experience. Instead of making hotel reservations for a short term, tourists can participate in timeshare programs throughout the United States. A timeshare is simply a property that can host individuals for a period of time that's much longer than a traditional hotel stay. For example, people may reserve an entire month within an exclusive resort complex anywhere in the United States. There are companies that offer private vacation experiences that can only be enjoyed by individuals that hold memberships in the companies. The Bluegreen resorts wikipedia page is an example of a resource that offers information about an American timeshare company.

Timeshare properties are usually resort complexes that may feature several types of housing options. Some resorts have private villas, mansions, bungalows and other residential types of dwellings. Such properties allow guests to enjoy private amenities for months without having to share anything with other guests of the resorts. For example, some villas may have their own swimming pools and decks. Other upscale resorts include high rising hotel style buildings with individual guest rooms and suites.

People that are part of timeshare companies can essentially buy the right to stay at various properties that are managed by the brands. For example, a couple may want to enjoy a tropical vacation and purchase timeshare credits for a resort in southeastern Florida. Similarly, that couple may purchase the right to stay in a ski resort in Colorado that is managed by the same company.

Buying timeshares does not come with any strict commitments. Customers or share holders can always sell their holdings and lose the right to enjoy any of the properties that are managed by the resort companies. A lot of private vacation companies also have partnerships with major cruise lines. Therefore, people can stay in a timeshare oceanfront home while having access to a brief cruise along the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Additionally, timeshare properties have deals with local recreational facilities. For example, timeshare holders can have seasonal memberships to local country clubs that feature swimming pools, championship 18 hole golf courses, illuminated tennis courts with various surfaces and club houses. Otherwise, such country clubs may be exclusively available to annual members only.

Timeshare companies typically manage properties that are located near other major resorts and tourist destinations. For example, some private villa complexes can be located a short drive away from major amusement parks and water parks. Families living in timeshare properties can enjoy great amusement rides and other fun without having to return back home right away like most other tourists do.

While living in private timeshare properties, guests can also have access to common amenities that offer entertainment and pampering. For example, a complex full of private villas can have a central spa that is open to all timeshare holders. Similarly, an onsite theater can host daily entertainment such as music concerts and stand up comedy for all residents living in timeshare properties. To find out about the latest deals within private vacation companies, share holders can follow social media and networking websites. These popular sources often post the latest new additions to timeshare properties nationwide.

We have often stayed in a timeshare property and enjoyed the freedom that came along with it. The above photos show a property we stayed in when we visited St. George, Utah. We met up with our friends and their four kids, so having three bedrooms and a pull-out (that we didn't actually use) was a blessing. It gave everyone the privacy they needed and a place to getaway from everyone if they wanted. It was also nice, because the kids could go to bed and the adults could stay up and not keep them awake. 

The property had all the amenities one could want: a swimming pool, jacuzzi, game room, playgrounds, gym and arcade. Further on we found there was also a basketball court and tennis courts. Though there were quite a lot of guests staying in the surrounding units, we barely heard most of them. We also utilized the kitchen a fair amount the four days we stayed and saved money by eating our breakfasts, some lunches and a dinner in. 

Timeshares ensure you nearly always have a place to stay at your destination and can save you money overall in the future on your vacations. Have you ever stayed in a timeshare?

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