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Saturday, June 14, 2014

When to Buy Airfare for Your Destination

OMG! Did you know that there is a certain time frame for each section of the world to get the best deal? I sure didn't, which could be why it always seems like deals are totally random when you're traveling out of the country. I am the one who would love to plan and book an entire vacation as soon as I get back from the one I'm on. Unfortunately for me, that doesn't yield the cheapest rates for everything, especially airfare. This infographic from Buzzfeed gives you the best weeks or months out from a trip to book. 

The only things I don't agree with are at the bottom. You should almost never book your tickets on the weekend, because the deals show up on Monday or Tuesday and go through Thursday. New "deals" are posted on Saturdays, but 99.9% of the time they are much higher, because this is when people have the time to sit and browse travel sites. I've also never found a better deal for returning on a Monday, since that is one of the busiest days to fly. So, wrap up: book in the middle of the week, fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday and have fun! What's the best travel deal you've ever taken advantage of?

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