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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How Far Can Your Dollar Go?

Being a budget traveler can be hard, since saving money is not always that easy or convenient. Of course, if you are flexible, you can easily find a destination that fits the amount of money you can spend. I try to intersperse my vacations so that we go somewhere moderately-priced or budget-friendly several years in a row in order to save for larger and more expensive trips, like those to London or Disney World. Even though we had a lot of trouble in Ecuador, it was super affordable, educational and still one of the best trips we've ever taken. In fact, aside from the airfare, the two weeks we spent there were cheaper than the week we spent in Los Angeles going to Disneyland and other Southern California attractions. So, where should you go if you don't have a giant budget? Check out what a dollar can buy you in other parts of the world. I think Columbia and the Philippines might be added to my list after seeing this.

Pretty eye-opening, wouldn't you say? After seeing this, where would you think about spending your next dollar and vacation?

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