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Friday, June 26, 2015

Preview of Travelon Items For Summer Travel

Happy Friday! Summer is out in full force here in Portland. It's supposed to hit triple digits this weekend, which we are not prepared for. We're heading to the beach instead, where the temps will be much cooler. I know many of you are still planning a trip to ether escape the heat or get more of it, which means you might be looking for some products to help your travels go smoother. Well, as always, Travelon has anticipated this and come out with some new stuff that I'll be reviewing on my trip to Vegas next month, but in case you need something before then, I wanted to give you a little preview.

travelon travel accessories
Whether you want to look cute when you're out to dinner, take only the necessities on your weekend getaway or keep your unmentionables away from prying eyes and from getting crushed, the new products run the gamut. 

Multi-Purpose Packing Cube

I know you all love a good packing cube. They can really keep all the goodness in your bag organized and allow you to just pull out what you need and leave the rest in your bag or in the dresser drawer. I have one totally devoted to swimsuits that holds a travel towel and waterproof pouch for my phone. Once we reach our destination, I toss a bottle of sunscreen in there and we have everything we need for a jaunt to the beach. This new cube from Travelon can keep all your undies, bras and other undergarments in one place, plus, it has a side that can be made rigid, so your fancy and expensive bras keep their shape. If you want to use it for other stuff, you can collapse that side and use it like a normal packing cube. It has a snap out zipper pocket and three mesh pockets on the inside top for keeping underwear or socks. I think this has now become my new favorite cube, since it has so many possibilities. I love that it comes in black, but three other bright colors for standing out in a black bag. With all it's configurations, $25 is a bargain.

Compact Hanging Toiletry Kit

Everyone loves a good toiletry kit. I have four or five in my arsenal, because different trips have different needs. I don't need to take as much on a weekend getaway as I do on a two-week international trip. I'll be in Vegas for a week, but it's going to be hot, hot, hot and I don't need my whole beauty regime, so I'm going to get my necessities in this lightweight little bag that won't take up much room in my bag and can hang right up in the bathroom for easy access. As you can see, it has room for three travel-size bottles and all the little extras you take to make you look pretty and put together. This is an especially great toiletry kit for the men out there. It comes in 5 eye-popping colors and is just $20.

Signature Embroidered Phone Clutch Wallet

I love a day bag, but when I'm going out to dinner or to see a show, I don't want to carry all my stuff with me. It's also nice to have a cute little wallet to throw in your travel bag, so you can keep all your important stuff in one place. Not only is this little clutch adorable, but it has RFID-blocking technology, so you know your credit card info is safe. There's room for change, because somehow on vacation you end up with a ton of coins, paper money, several cards and you can get your phone in there (even the big smartphones) with a lipstick and even a flat comb. If you are traveling with your passport, this is just big enough to hold it, too. All you need for getting out of the hotel room for a bit fits in here, plus you can clip the wrist loop to the little d-ring attached to the bag and keep the zipper securely closed (because thieves). It comes in three classic colors and runs just $25.

Stay tuned next month for my full-length reviews of these great items. In the meantime, good luck with your summer travel planning. 

Disclaimer: As always, I was provided with these Travelon products for the purposes of their reviews, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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