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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finding the Perfect Seat on the Plane

See the best destinations for budget travel from the Top 20 Budget Travel Bloggers on TripAdvisor. (Look for a familiar name!) And if you need a little help with your summer travel bag, check the guest post I did on Krisztina Williams' blog.

When I fly and have the choice to sit in the very back row, I will pick it every time. I'm close to the bathroom and I can't get kicked in the back. I know I'm quite weird and most people don't like those seats. My second choice is the middle right behind the wing. Of course, if I check in and I can take an exit row, I'll get in on that extra leg room faster than you can say "yes". See where you fit in on where you like to sit on the plane.

perfect airplane seat
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Want to learn where some of the best seats on different planes are? Check out SeatGuru. Where's your favorite place to sit on the airplane?

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