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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shereen Travels Cheap Turns Five!

Sometimes it feels like I just started blogging and other times it seems like I've always been doing it. I've come a lot way from writing posts for a few of my friends and now five years later I'm getting opportunities I only hoped would be a possibility and being called out on "best of" lists from some of my favorite companies, like Tripadvisor. There are still a lot of things I'd like to accomplish as a travel blogger, but I'm so thrilled with what I've done so far, including helping the lot of you find great deals and save money on your trips.

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As always, I want to take a look back at the five most popular posts over the last year. (I've left out reviews, because you guys adore those.) Maybe you missed them or maybe you'd like to read them again, but here they are:
  1. How Not to Kill Your Travel Partner
  2. 14 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Travel
  3. Where Not to Go On Spring Break
  4. 6 Steps to Carrying On Like a Boss
  5. Please Stop Wearing Your Pajamas On The Plane

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I always love to share my victories (no matter how small) with you guys. If you missed out on any of these, be sure to check them out, because there are some great bloggers listed that you might want to follow too:
  1. 20 Budget Travel Bloggers Share Their #1 Wallet-Friendly Vacation Spots (TripAdvisor)
  2. Top 50 Travel Blogs to Follow (Trekeffect)
  3. Top 25 Budget Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2014 (FlipKey)
  4. Top 50 Frugal Bloggers (Grocery Coupon Network)
  5. I have been named as a Travelocity Gnomad, because I'm a travel influencer and my very own "roaming gnome". #gnomads
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I'd love to hear about what sort of posts you'd like to read on here, aside from those on Las Vegas, because they are always a big hit. Would you like more on saving on car rentals, going to the beach or specific destinations? Comment here or on Facebook, so we can help each other.

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