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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Stylish Pieces for Fall Travel

Today's guest post comes from my blog friend Krisztina Williams. She runs a great lifestyle blog (links at the bottom) and is bringing her awesome style to us for some inspiration for your fall travel wardrobe.

When you need to pack for a fall trip, it’s about picking stylish pieces as well as pieces that can keep you warm and dry. You also have to account for the lingering summer weather - chilly mornings and potentially warmer afternoons. With a few key pieces, you can travel in style and be ready for the changing fall weather.

stylish fall travel pieces
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A shirtdress is a great transitional piece for early fall. A boho-chictunic dress, for example, looks great with either summer sandals or boots, and you can layer it with leggings or skinny jeans on a chilly day. For a more fall-inspired look, go with a long-sleeve denim or plaid shirt dress that you can pair with riding boots.

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A sleek pair of dark wash jeans is something I always travel with in the fall and winter. They’re great with a summer tank on warmer days, and of course look great with sweaters and winter coats. They’re also nice enough to pair with heels and a dressy blouse for a night out.
I can’t make it through the fall without my knee-high riding boots, so I wouldn’t dream of traveling without them. They go with everything and come in handy during yucky weather. When I lived near D.C., they were the perfect pair of shoes for walking around all day in comfort as well as in style. I know they can take up a lot of space in a suitcase, so just don’t pack them. Plan them into your travelling outfit to free up space in your luggage.
I won’t go anywhere without my blanket scarf. In the summer it comes in handy inside cold air-conditioned buildings; but in the fall, it adds a nice layer on a chilly evening or if I’m on a boat or near water where it can get extra chilly. The time I took a ferry boat out to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in NYC, my large blanket scarf came in quite handy. I try to find them in warm but light fabrics so they can easily fit into my satchel.

A sleeveless dress is another great piece specifically for travel if you know you might have some cold days and some warm days. You can wear a tank dress on its own with comfy flats, and you can also layer it with thick tights and a long-sleeve tee underneath.

About the Author: Krisztina Williams is the owner and editor at krisztinawilliams.com where she writes about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle for women. You can see her latest posts here, or follow her on Instagram.

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