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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Easily Packable Costumes for Halloween Travel

This year is just flying by, isn't it? I'm in the midst of packing for my Orlando trip later this month and I am making space for our Halloween costumes with our other clothes. One of the fun parts of heading to Disney in September or October is that you can dress up for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halłween Party (other parks have something similar too), but you have to make sure your costume is travel-friendly. In my experience, finding something creative, but without a bunch of pieces is key. I try to pick something that will use items I'm already bringing (pants, shirts, a dress, etc.), so I'm not overloading my carry-on or am forced to check a bag. That means no extra shoes or hats if it can be avoided.

travel halloween costumes

In the past we have gone as people on safari, an ice cream man, a sports fan, a pilot and a burglar. This year we're keeping it fun by going as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. We're skipping the jeans, because Florida, and packing wigs instead. Their dress is pretty simple and easily recognizable, plus any chance I have to wear a wig is a win to me. I can wear the plaid shirt as a layer on the plane (and in the hotel room) and the shirt to sleep in. Score. Eric will just be donning a cap with hair attached and a black t-shirt. I might make him an Alice Cooper backstage pass, but otherwise, done! If you're traveling for the holiday and are looking for an easy, but fun costume, here are some ideas for you.
Wednesday Addams
Wherever you go, you're likely to bring a little black dress. Choose one that has a short sleeve, pack a white shirt with a collar (or one of those Peter Pan collar necklaces) and a pair of black tights, put your hair in braids and a scowl on your face and you're done!
This is my plan for our next trip to Halloween at Disney, but I'll let you use it. Purchase the ears and tail sets wear black and/or grey and add a black eye mask or heavy black eye makeup. If I'm feeling creative, I was thinking of adding an accessory that looks like a garbage can to complete this look.

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This is so simple, I'm surprised more people don't do this. Dress in head-to-toe black (or a black and white striped shirt) a black knit cap and/or a black mask (or heavy makeup) and make yourself a money bag and you're good to go and have a place to put your candy!
It's a classic! You can easily do this with your LBD (so versatile, right?) by adding some flats that you brought already, some ears and a fancy no-sew cape or a cheap one you have in your costume loser or you pick up at the Halloween store. Pop in some fake fangs for pics.
Another classic that can be done as above, without the ears, and a regular cape.
Mavis Dracula
I love this one, which also uses a LBD. You will also need some black or purple lipstick, a short black wig, black and red striped stockings and red shoes. If you aren't familiar with Mavis, she's the cutie pie daughter of Drac in Hotel Transylvania.
Rosie the Riveter
As popular as this costume is online, I never actually see anyone wearing it. Start with a pair or jeans or jean shorts, add a chambray top that everyone seems to have, roll up the sleeves, put your hair up, tie a red bandanna around your head and add some red lipstick. Flex your muscles every once in a while to show your girl power.
Where's Waldo
This one is pretty popular, but always fun. Pair a red and white striped shirt with jeans, a striped or red knit cap and some round black glasses (those cheap Harry Potter ones work). Carry a map if you really want to sell it. And if you're a girl, you can put your hair in pigtails and be Wanda.
Sports Fan
If you have a favorite team, this should be easy for you. Pick your favorite pieces, paint your face and you're set. I was an Angels fan one year as a last-minute change, because it was crazy hot in LA that fall, and I was a hit with all the Disney cast members. I wore a cap instead of painting my face.
Though I never remember that I want to dress up as a scarecrow, it's always on my list. Start with jeans or denim shorts, add a plaid shirt and a floppy hat. This requires a little bit of makeup art to pull off, but if you can do it, this is an easily packable outfit.
Big Bad Wolf
I saw a guy do this one year and was really impressed. All you need is a nightgown, wolf tail and nose (or makeup nose and whiskers) and a bonnet or scarf. Really clever.
Little Red Riding Hood
Perfect with the wolf who is masquerading as your grandmother. You can pretty much wear anything as long as you throw on a red cape. Get a little basket purse and you effort will be appreciated. 

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Identity Thief
I just stumbled across this clever costume, which uses any clothing you want and a package of stick-on name tags on which you've written a bunch of different names. Ha!

Be sure to check the weather for where you're traveling so you make the right decision on your costume. You don't want to wear something where you'll sweat or freeze, so planning is key. If you'll be riding rides, you'll want something that is still comfortable climbing in and out of cars and won't fly away when it starts to go (think bobby pins for head stuff). For more costume ideas, check out my other Halloween post. Wherever you'll be for Halloween, remember to "Party on, Wayne!"

Now that you've got your costume down, check out the other key pieces you'll want to pack to look stylish outside of the Halloween parties that Krizstina Williams wrote for us.

If you've traveled over the Halloween holiday before, what have been your winning costumes?

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