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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Make Your Gifts Mean More This Year with World Vision

What are you buying those people who already have everything on your list? When you grow up, the holidays mean something different for you than when you were a kid. You probably realize that you don't "need" a lot of things. You start thinking about things a little more and want your gifts to mean something. Often, we make gifts for the adults on our lists now, and in our house Eric and I forgo traditional gifts in order to give ourselves experiences instead. Now, you can give something wonderful, but also give back when you shop World Vision.

World Vision
We simply can't always travel during the holidays, though when we do, we make sure we do our part to put money into the economy where we're visiting, by shopping boutiques and small businesses. Even on our regular vacations throughout the year we try to do this and bring back locally-made gifts for our family. We try to donate where we can and volunteer when we have the time, but there's never a better time to do this than during the Christmas season. World Vision wants you to give you a gift when you give a gift. One of these is the beautiful bracelet you see me wearing in these pictures. Let me tell you how it works.

World Vision is a company that takes donations and turns them into fantastic gifts for those less fortunate around the world. You can choose the amount you can afford and then purchase life-altering gifts for children and families, including animals for their farm, career training and even lanterns for children to do their homework more easily. In the past, we have simply donated in the name of a family member and given them a card saying "For the holidays, we've gifted a family a goat in your name." along with info on the process and how the animal(s) will be used to make their life better. World Vision takes this a step further by giving you wider options for your gifting. I love that you can give a small business loan to a mom so they can feed and clothe their children, or gift a family clean water (because not all of us are fortunate to have running water), or seeds to help a community grown their own food. Whatever you can think of, you can probably gift it and make someone's life better.

Photo credit: Marc Wasserman
Now, when you make a gift, you can get one in return, so you don't just have that little card saying you made a donation. The bracelet I'm wearing is one you could receive if you make a donation of $45 or more, but there is something for everyone, including hand-carved serving spoons, coffee, coasters, scarves and more. All are handmade or harvested and give you a little taste of another culture while reminding you of the good you did. Keep the gift for yourself or give it with the card explaining the donation you made on the behalf of your recipient. 

photo credit: WorldVisionGifts.Org

Finally, you can give a gift that really matters to you and others. If you've ever traveled to a third world country, you can see the poverty with your own eyes and you've probably wondered what you can do to help. Well, World Vision gives you the answer and turns your money into something amazing for others who desperately need the help. Your gift doesn't just help those in other countries either. World Vision realizes that there is a huge poverty problem in the U.S. as well and don't leave them out. Clothing, food and more go to help those families in need, especially the children who need good nutrition to do well in school. 

photo credit: WorldVisionGifts.org
Now's the time to realize that we are fortunate enough to have enough to eat, have a safe place to live, have jobs and be able to provide for our children and even have money leftover to travel. Make your money and gifts mean more this year, so you can do good and feel good this holiday season with gifts that will be give back all year long. Plus, don't forget that all your gifts from World Vision Gifts are tax-deductible! 

How do you like to give back during the holidays?

Disclaimer: I was given the Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet for the purposes of this review; however, all opinions are my own and I highly recommend using WVG.

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