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Friday, February 12, 2016

Super Useful (Romantic) Travel Posts

So, Valentine's Day is just a few days away. Maybe you have already planned a trip or gift, but if you haven't here are some fun ideas...which you can probably use next year. Sorry. Set yourself a reminder after you read this and then go hit up the grocery store for flowers, and fancy tablecloth and provisions to cook the greatest meal ever (lobster is always good, but think about what would make your significant other happy). 

romantic travel posts
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Snuggle with your Valentine while flying in or out or watching the planes arrive and depart one of these most beautiful landing strips.
Don't have a big budget for the 14th? Check out my Staycation ideas posting tomorrow or check out Travel + Leisure's most scenic drives to take your sweetheart on. PureWow has also ranked the five best road trips, with tips on how to do them right. If you can't drive the whole thing, make a mini-vacay out of a portion of it.
Whether you're at home or traveling to one of these cities, here are 14 ways to spend Valentine's Day in 14 cities.

Not sure what to gift to your better half (or mom or BFF) on the 14th? Airfare Watchdog curated a list of their favorites from their Twitter talk, and if those don't do it for you, my holiday gift list still applies.
Give your sweetie the gift of travel or activities. Travelzoo has rounded up 500 deals around the U.S. that you can purchase to do, including B&B stays, Vegas shows, spa days and romantic dinners.

If you still think a trip is in the cards for you, then never fear. Yahoo has compiled 13 romantic trips you can book right now. Of course, if you find that your bank account doesn't support a real trip, even a budget-friendly one, then book a table at one of the 100 most romantic restaurants instead.
Don't limit yourself to the plane or car. Pack a bag and take a mini vacation by rail instead. Amtrak goes all over and they have list handy dandy list of places to take the train this year, maybe even for Valentine's Day!
Get international without leaving your house by telling your special someone you love them in different languages from around the world. Sure, you could woo them in French or Spanish, but why not something more unique, like Russian or Vietnamese?
Lots of people like to complain about the airport and traveling by plane, but think about flight attendants who never really reach their final destination, because flying is their job. It's nice to treat them nice, but one flight attendant is going above and beyond by leaving sweet little notes for passengers. 
Not part of a couple? That's okay. You can still get away from all those happy couples you know and go on a solo trip. If you don't know how to make them most by traveling with yourself, then check out these tips for going it alone. And here's a list of places to take yourself.

Here's to a great week. As always, if you have found a great link to something awesome in the travel world, link us up in the comment. Happy Love Day. What are your plans?

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